YouTube SEO 2021 | Advance Key Word Research | What is YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO | Advance Key Word Research | What is YouTube SEO – Hello and Welcome Friends, your friend Bhavesh and I have brought a great information for you today. Friends, if you are also a Youtuber or you have just created your new new YouTube channel and you are not getting much views on your video, then there is nothing to be disappointed because friends will tell you about such a topic today. So that you can get a lot of help. Friends, in this topic of today I am going to tell you about YouTube SEO and Keyword Research.

YouTube SEO | Advance Key Word Research | What is YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO

Friends SEO’s Full Form is Search Engine Optimization. Friends Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. People come to YouTube to find a solution to their problem, most people do the same search about which they have to learn a few things, that is, most people search for videos with knowledge. Friends, in this way, which is searched on YouTube and Youtube shows us that what comes in front of us after searching is due to SEO.

How Does a Video Go Viral ?

Friends, whenever you make a video and upload it on YouTube, then you may have so many Subscribers but YouTube will not send Impression to everyone, first only that little logo will send Impression, after that the CTR in the video will increase CTR mines “Click- Through Rate “. CTR is of two types, the second is in Adsense. We are talking here on YouTube Search CTR Friends, if YouTube puts your Impression in front of 100 people then 100 people will see Thumbnail of your video and 10 people out of that 100 people Click on your video then your video There will be a 10 percent CTR. Friends, like YouTube like your dislike Comment or Watch Time on your video in the same way, in the same way, YouTube shows the impression of your video and more people and thus the video is viral.

YouTube SEO 2021 Best Tips For New YouTubers

Friends, what YouTube does first is that if you have created your new channel and you do not have Subscribers then someone does a search with the name by which you uploaded the video, then if you see your Thumbnail and click on it Watch your video and if you get good engagement on that video then your video may become viral. For this, it is important to keep Thumbnail also good.

Video Recommended

Friends talk about how any video goes into recommendation. If any people search for a video of their work on YouTube and watch the video of another channel, then the video like that is uploaded on their channel and the video has got good views, that video is very well played. So YouTube is watching the video that people are watching and Thumbnail of your video is seen and it recommences people to watch the video.

Browse Feature

Friends, this browse feature is a very useful thing. What is the browse feature that is for example, if you have made a video of a mobile and have tested it in this video and this video has been viewed by 1 lakh locos, then it is rich 1 lakh. Now when you make a video of this mobile-related second video For Example Camera Test, then this video will definitely be shown in front of these 1 lakh people, whether they have subscribed to your channel or not, yet this video is in their browse feature. Will go

Video Viral Factors

Friends, you have to take care of all these things to get YouTube and videos viral. First of all, you have to take care of Thumbnail. Your Thumbnail should be such that it attracts the people. After seeing Thumbnail, it should feel like clicking on the video. After this your Tital, Hashtag, and Audio should also be good. Apart from this, like Comman  and Watch Time, all these things are the most Important for your SEO.

Upload Trending Video

Friends, the second thing that you have to keep in mind especially is that you have to Upload Trending Video immediately. You have to be up to date and you will have to make and upload a video of whatever is going on in Trending. Because the chances of the video being viral are more.

Advance Key Word Research

Friends, you will not need an app like Advance Key Word Research for Tubebudy or VidIQ. For this I have to use what I tell you to be a trick. Friends, you made a video for this For example, if you made a video to reset Samsung J7 mobile, then you have to search on YouTube itself to write the title of that video, how to Reset Samsung J7 even more Key Word Search is happening. You will see them. Out of this, you have to suck whatever is the key word related to your video and put it in the title of your video. Apart from this, #Mebi you have to use such hashtag by this #Samsung J7, # J7, #Reset or # and the name of your channel. Apart from this, you have to put a tag in the video by inserting the related Key Word Search of your video on YouTube.

Final Word

So friends, you can grow this channel with the help of YouTube SEO and Advance Key Word Research in this way. I hope you have come to this information society, if you have any question in your mind, then you can definitely ask in the comments. If you like this information, then do lion with your friends and family.

Friends, if you find any mistake, then please inform in the comment and thank you for bookmarking the website for getting such good information.

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