YouTube SEO 2021 Best Tips For New YouTubers

YouTube SEO: Hello guys how are you all? I have talked many times about blogging & SEO, and I have written different posts for it but suddenly I found a Keyword, the name is YouTube SEO.

I found this Keyword while researching another SEO keyword, and I was surprised that people search about YouTube SEO as well, so in today’s post let’s know all the things about YouTube SEO.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a video hosting platform that works for free, people share their talent in it, and Youtube Show Adsense ads, and from that ad’s creators earn money, it’s very simple, right?

Apart from this, today YouTube has become one of the biggest entertainment platforms, where film stars also promote their upcoming film.

YouTube is also an Education Video sharing platform, where all kinds of information exist, although some information is also wrong, but you can also use YouTube for education.

You can also use YouTube for a business, you can also sell your product via YouTube, but it will take some time, if you have Subscribers, then your business will grow faster.

What is SEO for YouTube? What is YouTube SEO?

In a small word, there is no SEO for YouTube, but there are some things to keep in mind.

If there are so many things that can be done on YouTube, then the question comes, how to use this platform, and how to reach your talent to as many people as possible?

Because thousands of people create their channel on YouTube every day, most of the people join YouTube just because they have to earn money.

But it is true that if you do not have Subscribers then you cannot earn money. And people leave YouTube after working for a few days, because they feel that there is no money to be made from YouTube.

YouTube SEO 2021 Best Tips For New YouTubers
YouTube SEO 2021 Best Tips For New YouTubers


And most people get Demotivated just because they don’t get Adsense approval, and it is necessary to have 1000 Subscriber and 4000Hur watch time for AdSense approval.

Normally YoTube does not have any kind of SEO, but some things like video quality, manner of speaking, Uniqueness, and updates are important.

You must have seen many such channels that only provide YouTube tips, and their videos also have millions of views, and every video of them has the same thing.

If all those videos are viewed one by one, then you will get the same information. But in spite of this people’s confusion remains how to SEO their YouTube channel.

How do you do SEO on YouTube?

As such, there is no need to do any special SEO setup in YouTube, you just have to pay attention to your content.

Whether your content will rank YouTube or not, if your content is good, then YouTube will show your video at the top results.

YouTube always supports the new Creator, so you don’t have to worry about it.

But still you should take care of some things like Thumbnail, Description, Tags etc. For this you can use Tubebody Tool. No type of keyword research is done in YouTube, you just have to show your Talant, that is to say that you do not sell yourself.

The better you are able to present yourself, the better success you will gain.

Must Read:

Thumbnail. for YouTube SEO.

Thumbnail is most important in YouTube videos, people click on your video only after watching your Thumbnail.

But you do not have to create a clickbait thumbnail at all, this will make your video down. Any kind of mistake can pose a big problem in front of you.

Your Thumbnail should contain the things that are present in your video, if you use the wrong Thumbnail then your video is removed from YouTube result.

Try to make a better Thumbnail, do not download from anywhere. You can use software like Canva or picsart to create Thumbnail.

Does YouTube help with SEO?

Yes YouTube takes special care of it, and it also optimizes all the content itself, YouTube algorithm also decides where to show ads in your video.

And YouTube also updates its server from time to time, so that your video never gets down.

But if you have a website of your own, then you will have to manage it all by yourself.

Things needed for youtube.

YouTube SEO 2021 Best Tips For New YouTubers
YouTube SEO 2021 Best Tips For New YouTubers

A lot of people think that it is necessary to have a good camera, a good computer, a good mic to set up a YouTube channel.

But in reality, this is not the truth. There are many channels on YouTube that make videos from their mobile phones, and their channel gets Millions of Views.

Talent can never remain silent, if you have talent, then no one can stop you from being successful.

Although online earning takes time, and you have to keep working with patience, one day you will definitely get success, but if you are a student and you want to join YouTube only to earn money, then you should leave it.

Making money on YouTube is not easy, and no matter how long it takes you to succeed, it took me 1 year to 1000 1000bsbsriber Gain.

But I did not give up and suddenly one day millions of views were coming in my video in a day. Seeing those views, I was happy at that time, it cannot be told in an article.


Most students leave their studies and spend all their time on Youtube, and this is why they face problems in their studies.

You are obliged that if you are a student, or do a job, then give the most time to it, let YouTube have a part-time job value, if your video performs well, if your channel becomes famous then you Youtube can be considered a full-time job.

And i hope you get all the information about YouTube SEO settings, if yes then Share this post.

YouTube SEO 2021 Best Tips For New YouTubers
YouTube SEO 2021 Best Tips For New YouTubers 3

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