www dot extension Why People Use it ?

05/05/2020 – Viswanath – www.extension

www dot extension (World wide web) The question comes in the minds of many people is, should we use www.extension on the URL of our website? And if the answer is yes, then why should we
use it? and what is this www.extension? Why is it used by everyone?

Today on this post I am going to tell you some things about www.extension that you should know. Friends, my name is Viswanath, and I am a blogger. I am sharing my 5 years experience information about blogging with you. read this post carefully.

www dot extension Why People Use it ?

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What is www.extension?

www.extension is a name that is put on the URL of your website, it is a kind of name that we
believe more after the URL, it does not make sense of www.extension, only used it for a formality
It is known that most of your websites use this www.extension.

When you install WordPress in a domain, you get both options, Https://WWW. And only Https:// you can use both.

Why do people use www.extension? As you know we are all humans, and once that enters our
mind, we follow them more, and believe that thing to be true, that is why we use www.extension.

www dot extension Why People Use it ?

www.extension Why People Use it

This www.extension has been going on for a long time, and everyone trusts it, the second reason
is that by using this www.extension, the URL looks good, for example if you use Https the URL
of a website: If you write Https://name.com, it looks a little strange, and if you use www.extension, then it looks good, and is also easy to read, and this will help people on your website Are attracted.

Should we use www.extension?

If you ask me, I will say that yes you must use www.extension, it increases the chance of traffic coming to your website, people are able to remember the name of your website quickly.

But in today’s time, Google or any search engine has hidden www.extension, if you visit a website, you will not get to see www.extension, and that is the reason, the website on which www.extension is not installed, they are also ranking the first page.

But there are many people, who are very strict about the security, and it is ingrained in their mind that the website which does not have www.extension, then that website is dangerous, and they leave the website quickly. Now you will not be able to convince people, so you must use www.extension on your website. It is absolutely free.

www dot extension Why People Use it ?

If you use WordPress, you can redirect your website to www.extension, and if you use Blogger, you have nothing to worry about. Www.extension add on blogger automatically.


Friends www.extension does not affect the ranking of a website, it is just a name that people use, and it does not matter if you use www.extension on your website or not.

If your website is outdated, then my suggestion is that you do not use www.extension, it can down your website to be ranked.

Hope you have got all the information, share this article with your friends.

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