Write 2 popular blog hosting companies name 2021

Friends, I have talked a lot about Web Hosting, but still, people have problems when they think to create a website, although Blogging is such a jungle where every person wants to enter. Write 2 popular blog hosting companies name.

Because so many online videos say that it is very easy to earn money from the website, and it does not have to work hard, this thinking brings people into the world of blogging.

But the problem is, people fail to choose the right hosting, some people spend more money for this, and some people want to get it for free. And some people just keep thinking about which hosting is right, and which one should buy.

Write 2 popular blog hosting companies name.

Write 2 popular blog hosting companies name
Write 2 popular blog hosting companies name

So today I will Write 2 popular blog hosting companies name which are the best to start, after this, I will also tell you about 2 such hostings, which should be used when more than 3 lakh traffic will start coming to your website.

Hello, friends, my name is Viswanath and I am a full-time blogger, I have been blogging for the last 5 years, and in these 5 years, I have used a lot of hosting companies, and am going to share my personal experience with you.

➡️ Important things:

Hosting is the heritage of your website, and if your hosting is safe and powerful more the website is performing much better on the internet, there are many hosting companies that provide free Web Hosting, but before choosing them, you must read their policy, and for more information, you can read my free Hosting article.

➡️ Affiliate Disclosure:

Friends, all the hosting links in this article are linked to My Affiliate account, which means if you click and buy via these links, then I will get some% of commission. So let’s tell you about 2 popular blog hosting companies’ names.

First hosting company. ➡️ Namecheap.

Namecheap is the best hosting company I think because their support is very strong, the Namecheap hosting price is quite cheap, which any user can buy easily, I think the best thing about Namecheap Blog Hosting is SSD storage.

In Namecheap, you get to see SSD storage in every hosting package, which proves to be very helpful for a website.

Write 2 popular blog hosting companies name
Write 2 popular blog hosting companies name

If I compare with another big blog hosting provider, then I get to see some extra features in Namecheap, for which the other hosting provider charges extra money.

Namecheap is also very easy to manage, and its security is also very good. I have been using Namecheap for the last 2 years and so far I have not seen any kind of problem with Namecheap.

If there is any problem, then you can fix it within 1 minute by talking to their support team. they do not divide you category-wise, as other Blog hosting providers do.

Whether you buy Shared hosting or buy a VPS server, or you just buy a domain, Support is the same for everyone, and I like it very much.

Apart from this, in Namecheap you do not need the different plugins to speed up the website nor do you need to customize your website more.

Even in simple customization, your website runs in Rocket speed, I installed a variety of plugins to test it in my website, and also installed many Havey Themes, and when the result came I was shocked.

This type of performance I do not see in any other hosting, whether your website is an E-commerce Store or just a simple blog, Shared hosting of Namecheap is right for you.

SSL is available for free in every Namecheap hosting package, as well as Softaculous is available to manage your website. Sometimes Namecheap provides internal offers for its existing users, which will make your day happy, Namecheap inspires you to work, sometimes Namecheap also honors you, which is very motivating for a Creator.

Namecheap hosting details. Write 2 popular blog hosting companies name


Stellar Plus

Stellar Business

Disk Space 20 GB SSD Unmetered SSD 50 GB SSD
File (Inode) Limit 300.000 300.000 600.000
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Uptime 100% 100% 100%
Subdomains 30 Unlimited Unlimited
Backups Twice a Week Twice a Week + Auto backup Twice a Week + Auto backup
cPanel (Control Panel) YES YES YES
Refund 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days


Namecheap is the only hosting whose simple Shared hosting can handle up to 3 lakh traffic per month, but for that, your website should be customized properly.

Buy Hosting from Namecheap.

Second is ➡️ Resellerclub Blog Hosting.

You can say here that Hostinger is also a good cheapest blog hosting company, about which many YouTubers talk more, and also they promote it.

So let me tell you that we are talking about Cheap and Best Blog Hosting, and Hostinger is not Cheap, their price is very big Confusion.

Hostinger’s hosting price is cheap only in the 3-year package, and if you buy a 3-year package from another company, then it will be much cheaper than it.

If you buy a 3-year package from Namecheap, you will get a better price.

Write 2 popular blog hosting companies name
Write 2 popular blog hosting companies name

That’s why I consider the Reseller club as the second best and cheap web hosting. Because I have used it, so I can say with confidence that you will get a good experience from here.

Most people do not use Resellerclub, as it does not do much promotion, but Resellerclub Blog Hosting offers 100% downtime.

If you install the default WordPress in any other hosting, then there will be 90 or 99% downtime, but in ResellerClub it is not so, you will get 100% downtime here.

Just as SSD storage and SSL are available free in another hosting, similarly all this is also available free in the Reseller club. Write 2 popular blog hosting companies name.

But the problem is that Resellerclub is slightly more expensive than Namecheap. So I put it in number two.

But if both Resellerclub and Hostinger are compared, then Resellerclub is the winner.

I continued testing for 1 year of Resellerclub Blog Hosting and I did not see any problem with it, even though I have not taken any support till date.

Their hosting is so well managed that you will not need support, you can migrate your hosting anytime, change its main domain. And anytime you can cancel your hosting too.

If you do not like their hosting, then you can also get the refund in 30 days. You do not need to talk to anyone for all these tasks, you can manage them by yourself.

In Resellerclub’s hosting, you get pure SSD, which helps a lot in the ranking of the website.

Buy ResellerClub Blog Hosting

Why should we choose Namecheap and ResellerClub?

I hosted a website in a cheap company hosting, and the cost of that hosting was 4000rs per year, the name of the hosting company is Mewnix which is a rubbish and wasteful company.

This company is run by 2 Indians and I feel that there is no staff available in their company, for 2 months this hosting work well after that I faced a lot of problems. Write 2 popular blog hosting companies name.

My website crashed 45 times in 6 months, and every time it used to take 4 to 5 days to fix the problem, and when I called their support team, they did not even receive the call.

Later, he suspended my account with more complaints and calls. Then after 4 days activated the account, they said that we are updating. Write 2 popular blog hosting companies name.

Then I sifted the website in another hosting, and then I had a full day to abuse them, and then I started calling this hosting company, and I start To abuse them 24hur.

I had proof of 250 Tickets in which I had asked for help and 45 Tickets in which I had said that my website had crashed. Write 2 popular blog hosting companies name.

And still, when I remember it, I call and abuse them, because my 4000rs will be wasted, and you all know how difficult it is to earn money. Write 2 popular blog hosting companies name.

This kind of cheap and fake company can rob you, and you cannot do anything, so choose a company that has a name in the market, even though the money will be a bit more, but your money will be invested in the right place.

What to do if we have unlimited traffic?

Apart from this, when more than 3 lakh traffic starts coming to your website, then you have to buy VPS or Dedicated server, for that I will suggest Namecheap VPS server and Reseller club Dedicated Server, you can also buy Cloud hosting of Resellerclub. Write 2 popular blog hosting companies name.

To know more about cloud hosting, you can read my article about Cloud servers.

Note: These things should happen in Cloud Hosting.

  • Free SSL For all domains
  • Connect all data centers, like the USA, Canada, Singapur, UK, London etc.
  • Auto backup
  • Viruses scanner
  • Business card.
  • Premium CDN. like Cloudflare.
  • Unlimited SSD
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Cpanel (Softaculous)
  • Increase limit accessible

Contact number of website builders:

There are thousands of WordPress developers on the Internet, and you can contact anyone. via visiting their websites.

But Scam has increased online, and so I can only tell you about me if you want to make a website, you can contact me. Write 2 popular blog hosting companies name.

Note: Write 2 popular blog hosting companies name

Hosting and Domain, you will have to buy by yourself, you will have to give its Detail, (Password and Username) After creating the website, you can change your Password.

Contact Number: 9653230179

Conclusion: of Write 2 popular blog hosting companies name.

Friends, Hosting is the home of your website, where your website is safe, if that house is weak, then anyone can hack your website, and your website will not work properly, so you should choose it carefully, you can buy Domain in Cheap Rates, but for Hosting you should spend more money.

If you want, then you can go with other Hosting Providers like Godaddy, Siteground, Bigrock, Digitalocean, Bluehost, and many more. You can buy hosting from these companies, it can also be a better option for you.

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