Who owns the Internet? 2021 Know Best Knowledge

Who owns the Internet: This question will probably come to everyone’s mind, who runs the Internet? who owns it, because in today’s time everyone has some owner, And for that, he has to do work hard. 

But the Internet is such a thing which is used by every human being, And millions of businesses are also done through the internet. So in this case the question comes to the mind that the who run the internet, and how much money they would have made.

Who owns the Internet? 2021

Who owns the Internet
Who owns the Internet(Image credit by – The Daily Website)

So today’s in this article, you got your answer to this question. To understand this, I will give you a simple example, so let’s get started.


I have a car, And I am driving it on the road. I have worked hard for that car, and I always pay tax for the road on which I am driving the car.

But suddenly one day some thieves come in front of me and take away my car from me. Can you tell me now who is the owner of that car?

Answer: Even if that car was taken away from me, and now someone else is driving that car, but now also I am the owner of that car, if I complain to the police, maybe I can get my car back.

Because I have bought and paid for that car, I have also applied for Auto Insurance, and the number of that car is registered with my name.

If any person drives or sells that car without my permission, then I can claim that the car is mine, but if I sell that car myself, if I allow someone else to use it, then that person also has to pay me some money. After that he/she can use that car without any problems.

It completely depends on me how I sell that car. The Internet also works in a similar way.

A few years ago, in 1998, the world’s richest person Bill Gates tried to buy the Internet. But he failed because he could not get the import to whom to pay. In whose name is the check made.

And the truth is there is no owner of the internet, it is public, it means that there is no owner of the internet, or every internet user owns it.

It is a 100% truth that nobody owns the Internet, nor is it controlled by one person, the Internet relies on a physical infrastructure that connects networks around the world.

This means if one person wants to stop the Internet, or even if the government of a country wants to stop the internet, then he cannot shut down the Internet.

How does the Internet work?

The Internet relies on a physical infrastructure that can be used even if it is closed, for example, if you want to watch a video on the Internet, you must issue a request using the name or URL of that video.

After that, the request will be sent to that server and The server will check your request is present or not. If it is present on the server database then you will be able to see it.

Who owns the Internet
Who owns the Internet(Image credit by – The Daily Website)

And this server is connected to the Internet, which is a Wireless network connected to the satellite. If you do not have the internet, you will need a cable to watch that video, which will have to connect to that server.

By adopting the same system, India’s largest Cellular network Jio connected the Internet via Wire in the sea, and after the arrival of Jio, the internet became so cheap and due to this other Cellular networks could not stand in front of Jio.

And proudly I can say that today in India you have to pay 199rs per month for 50GB 4g network, Due to which children in India are also able to use the internet.

Another example of this is YouTube. We use its official website or mobile app to watch any video on YouTube, And for this, we need to take Internet support.

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But if we connect a cable from our home to YouTube central, then we will be able to watch videos on YouTube even without the internet connection. And you own that cable connection, and if you want, you can share it with others too.

So in this theory, the owner of the Internet is the one who uses it. Nevertheless, in reality, there are some institutions that have more influence on the “mechanics” and rules of the Internet.

There are organizations that look after what happens on the Internet, they watch over Internet mistakes or scams.

And track IP addresses and websites, assigned to the National Science Foundation, Internet Engineering Task Force, ICANN, InterNIC, and Internet Architecture Board.

There are many organizations, corporations, governments, schools, private citizens, and service providers who manage the Internet, but not one person who owns the Internet.

Apart from this, organizations like National Science Foundation, Internet Engineering Task Force, ICANN, InterNIC, and Internet Architecture Board are organizations that are largely created and managed by the US.

What is internet DNS for the internet?

Who owns the Internet
Who owns the Internet – (Image credit by – The Daily Website)

Suppose you want to visit www.thedailywebsite.com. So for this, you will have to search the name “The Daily Website” on Google, but this is not the real address of our site, in fact, it is a name that is easy to remember by people. but the real name of your Website is made some numbers.

Computers and other online things around the world work the same way, such as a smartphone.

In the earlier times, the Smartphone was not so advanced, and people are using various types of Chinese phones at that time, which had no specific address.

Therefore, due to this illegal work was greatly increased that time, But then the government made the IMEI number necessary for every online device.

We will know about the IMEI number in another article, but for now, you only know that the IMEI number is that which helps to detect any device & Gadgets.

And you will find this number in the bill and box of that device.

But just think how difficult it would have been for us if we had to remember the number to access every device or website.

To solve this problem, an American invention, called DNS, is the path of a server where a domain can be connected via an IP address.

Meaning a server has an IP address that exists with the number, that number is connected via DNS, and DNS is connected to the domain.

When you type in a web address, such as The Daily Website, a DNS machine searches for the correct numeric address (IP) and hooks you to that address with that server. Due to this you can see the website.

However, DNS is a network of thousands of computers, layered on top of the Internet. But all DNS machines eventually report to minimum 13 root servers, and these 13 servers are run by a wide variety of organizations, including the US military, private server providers, etc, means if you are building a website Everybody keeps checking your website time to time, and if you are doing something wrong in your website, then you may have to pay a fine for it.

What is a US internet connection?

To understand this, I will give you a simple example, although no one owns the Internet, but whenever you buy a server, you are asked the server location.

And people do not understand what is the server location, Server location (Hosting location) This is asked so that your content can work better.

Suppose you created a website and the hosting of that website is located in the USA, but your website is being viewed in Canada.

So in this case your website loading time will be very high. But if your hosting is present in Canada then it will work better.

This is exactly the way a speaker works, if the speaker is close to you, then your sound output is well, and if its wire is too long, then the sound quality will get spoiled.

So if your website is in Hindi, then you have to choose the server location of India, and if your user is from the USA then you have to choose the server location USA.

Meaning there is nothing like a USA connection, its connection will be considered where the server is present.

Is wrong work done on the internet?

As I told you that nobody owns the Internet, but it is managed by the government/some other people.

But despite this, there are some developers who are successful in fooling the Internet, there are some software that keep changing their IP on the Internet, such as Nord VPN.

And this way makes it possible to do wrong things on the internet, but it is possible only for a few days, one day you will be caught.

Most of the legal things cannot be done on the white web, for this people resort to the dark web. And this dark web is also a part of the internet.


Friends, the Internet is a computer brain where you can find all kinds of information, whether good or bad, that are present on the Internet, but it depends on you that you what you choose. My advice would be that you use the Internet only to help you, wrong work will be caught one day, and then you will have to pay a heavy price for it.

So Let’s end this article today, I’ll meet you in another new article.

Who owns the Internet? 2021 Know Best Knowledge
Who owns the Internet 2021 Know Best Knowledge The Daily Website 4

Who owns the Internet, If you think who is the owner of the Internet, then no one owns it. There are organizations, Full information is inside this post.

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