What is SEO in 2021? 100% Top Complete Guide About SEO

What is SEO: Hello and welcome again to another amazing article, and this article is going to be totally different, among other articles, today I will try to teach you how to do proper SEO on your website, by through this post.

What is SEO in 2021?

Then friends, read this post carefully, try to understand it because I know, you visit the article but leave only by looking at the heading, Therefore friends, you are requested to read this article carefully.


First of all, let me tell you some important things, people are not able to be patient, I have talked to a lot of people, and there are 99% of people who do not know anything about blogging, and that is why They think blogging is like A robot, they think that everything is happening instantly.

But this is not true at all, if you want to do proper SEO of your website, and want to get the right result, then you have to work hard, and be patient because Google or any search engine can index any website. It takes 45 days to index, and until then you have to keep working.

A lot of people are worried about the indexing of their website, People get more attention to unnecessary things, especially I feel angry when people buy my course, and I teach them everything, and even after learning, people do not give up the pursuit of such useless things, and I tell you one thing, this type of people are never going to be successful in any work in their life.

Anyways Leave these things I just want to say, that whatever you are doing or going to do, do it in the right way. And to do the right thing you have to follow some steps, which I have provided below.

Chose a batter Platform: What is SEO

Whether you do blogging or any other work, you have to choose the right platform, if you are working on a platform where your own things are not under your control, then there is no benefit by working in such a place.

People always like free things, so the results of the free things get the same as free type, if I talk only about blogging, then most of the website remains on Blogger.com because it is free.

People think that first, we will experiment here and then use the same experiment in a good platform, but you tell me, have you learned everything by becoming a website in blogger.com?

Blogger is an Html platform, and WordPress is a CSS platform, so does everything learned in blogger.com apply to Worpress?

Hahaha, you have to start from 0 again, And this is the biggest mistake that people are too afraid to do their own work, they are afraid that our 1000rs or 2000rs will be wasted.

Although they spend their half-life in studies, and it is worth millions, but still it is not guaranteed that you get a job, 90% of the people are sitting idle in the house, but when it comes to investing a little to start a genuine work, Then the value of money can be seen here.


If you want to make your career in blogging, then forget the things you get for free, go with WordPress or any other platform, where you are good to start.

Do proper research: What is SEO

Now research does not mean that you watched a video from Youtube, where a Youtuber showed his full month’s earnings and you will get inspired by just looking there earning, and think you will also be blogging, it is not called research, it is called greed.

Research is called that in which there is only the matter of blogging, not to see anyone’s earnings, and not to see how much money Adsense pays in one click.

And research has no end, even after so many years even today when I think of making a website, it takes me 10 to 15 days just only for research, and after that, if I feel I can work on it, then I start that website.

You have to research your topic, how much competition is there, how many people are working in it, what kind of work they already do, and will you be able to do better than them? What is it that you did not know, and now you have known this, when you understand all these things, then your research will be complete. What is SEO

Now it is not necessary that your research will be completed, and you have learned blogging, it is not so, it is both different things, And learning can never be research, you need good experience with good research, so you will have to learn from someone, If your friend is already do blogging, and he/she has good knowledge about blogging, then you can learn from him/her, but it would be better that you buy someone’s course, and learn from it. What is SEO

There is a lot of courses on the internet, you can buy anyone, you can also take my course if you want to buy my course, then message in WhatsApp to take the course of thedailywebsite >> 9653230179


Now suppose you have a course, Also has good information, and there is also a good topic to start, so what do you have to do now, because despite all these information you have to pay attention to some other things, because right now You do not have any experience, and you are completely new.

So now I am going to share some tips with you, which you have to use in your article on your website.

Include Your Keyword In Your URL: What is SEO

You have a good topic but as long as you do not use that topic in your article, then there is no value of your article, you have to use your keyword in your article in the right way.

Now a lot of people do this too, that the topic is something else and the article is written about something else. for example: What is SEO

Post for you:

A few days ago I saw an article, that article was about to download an app, and when I visited that article, I just got a youtube video and in that video, I found tips that how to download the app, and the interesting thing was that the video on youtube was not from that website’s owner.

And because of this, I did not visit that website again, so the bounce rate of that website was increased.

So you have to write the article about your topics which is your keyword, it may take you some time to write, but do not fool a visitor in any wrong way. What is SEO

Use Short URLs: What is SEO

People have a big problem that they want more and more of everything, quick ranking quickly, Adsense quickly Earning, etc, and with this, they get entangled in greed, which causes them to cheat.

People feel that if we put too many keywords in the URL of our article, then our article will rank. Friends, it is not like that at all. Try to keep your URL short, and be related to the Url keyword. So that any search engine can know what your article is.

Your Keyword in Your Title Tag: What is SEO

If you have seen any article that ranks at the top, then you will pay attention to the title of that article, then you will see that its title will be more attractive than other articles, such as the top 10 or 100% free or similar word. What is SEO

So you should keep a similar title, now it is also an art that you can write your title so well, try to make your title attractive. Only then people will click your article. What is SEO

If you have used Rank myth, then you would know that rank myth has an SEO checklist, titled & Title Numbering, and this is the same thing.

Use Your Keyword Once In The First 150 Words:

Apart from this, as I have said, that you have to use your keyword properly in your article, then here comes the same thing, whatever your main keyword is, you should use it in your title, also You must use that keyword in the first paragraph of your article.

If you use an SEO tool, then you get all these things in its SEO checklist.

Use Your Keyword in H1, H2, or H3 Tags:

Many people write the article correctly, the title is also written correctly, even the image can be made very good, but there is always a problem in one thing, that they do not use the headings correctly in their articles.

In this way, the structure of the article completely deteriorates. It is also very important to use the heading properly, such as your main keyword will be Heading 2 then Instructions will be Heading 3, and inside instruction will be Heading 4. What is SEO

for example:

If I have written about SEO tips, then I have already used a Heading which I have kept Heading 2, then I have kept Heading 3 for different instructions, and you will notice that I wrote NOTE: word, one in the middle. Which I have kept Heading 4. To understand it even better, I have added an image below, you can see it. What is SEO


What is SEO in 2021? 100% Top Complete Guide About SEO

Optimise Images: What is SEO

Although not everyone can create images, and new bloggers download and use images from the Internet, but if the images are created and used on their own, it will be better.

But just by downloading the image or using it yourself, the SEO of the image is not complete. You have to optimise those images, which means you have to compress the size of the image, make sure that the maximum image size is 22kbps. What is SEO

You can use any photo editing software, otherwise, there are many tools available in Google, which you can use, although I cannot promote any website here, but you can search in Google.

Apart from this, if you ask me how I create an image, my answer is paint-3D yes, I use only Paint-3D for all my websites. What is SEO

But Paint-3D only supports windows10, if your laptop is not windows 10 then you can use your smartphone. You can also download software called Pixellab from the play store, and you Can create an image much better.

Use the internal link: What is SEO

You all will know about backlinks because everybody keeps running for this, so it is very difficult to make backlinks, for new peoples, and you should not pay attention to the useless things in the early days. What is SEO

But do the things that you can do in a better way, you cannot create backlinks but you must use internal linking and outbound links in your article. What is SEO

Internal link promotes other posts on your website, and if any post rank on your website, then it can reach other posts through the internal links, and your other article can also increase views. What is SEO

Similarly, outbound link also works, if you have another website too, then you can add the link of that website to your article, or you can also use the link of websites like Wikipedia, from this Google or any search engine will understand your article in a good way, as well as your visitors, will also understand the article much easier. What is SEO

To be continued ………

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