Affiliate Marketing – Was ist Affiliate Marketing und wie funktioniert es?

Affiliate Marketing: Hello and welcome to your second part of affiliate marketing, in this article I will tell you how you can prepare your website for affiliate marketing, what things you need, and where to get the right things.

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Was ist Affiliate Marketing undwie funktioniert es?

Affiliate Marketing - Was ist Affiliate Marketing und wie funktioniert es (4)
Affiliate Marketing – Was ist Affiliate Marketing und wie funktioniert es? Affiliate marketing, marketing là gì.

So first of all, if you have thought that you have to do affiliate marketing, if you have talent, if you have the knowledge, if you can explain things properly, then you are right for affiliate marketing, and Start without losing time.

And to get started, you have to take special care of some things, such as Hosting, Domain, SSL, Theme, Plugin, web design, and Topic.

You always have to choose these things right, if there is a compromise in any of these things, then you may face a lot of problems in the future.


So the first is the Theme: Affiliate marketing, marketing là gì

First of all, you have to think about the layout of your website, that How your website will look, for this, you can see the different websites on the internet, you can take an idea from them.

But a lot of people cheat here, that they look at websites and publish their website by copying a design similar website, and by doing this google does not index that new website properly.

Google or any search engine is always looking for new things, and if the layout of your website is different from others, then this is the biggest plus point that your website will rank well.

So first you have to think about the layout of your website and choose the theme accordingly to your website layout.

Although you can use these themes for your affiliate website > RT-19, Genesis framework, Affiliate Booster, Ocean WP(Free)Affiliate marketing, marketing là gì.

And you always have to use a premium theme, you can use a free theme too, but it can cause trouble in your website because we do not get all the customization features in a free theme.

But the problem becomes when people download the crack theme and plugin from the internet, and use them, and by doing so their website does not belong to them if you use a crack theme or nulled theme or plugin, then maybe you provide full access to Hackers, and thus Other human beings can damage your website.

If you want to buy a premium theme, you can message me >>> 9653230179


Buy all Domain name Extention: Affiliate marketing, marketing là gì

After thinking about the layout of the website, after designing the theme, you have to think of the name of your website, and keep a name that no one has heard before, nor does anyone already have that name.

And the domain should always be taken only .com, plus you will also have to buy another Extension, because you are going to do affiliate marketing, and for this, you will have to work differently for different countries.

Affiliate Marketing Was ist Affiliate Marketing und wie funktioniert es 2

It can happen that the product you are associating in the US does not go to Germany. And if some other company is famous there, then you will have to buy every Extention, like .xyz .id .de .pu .online .tech .org etc.

Do not think that you will be working in XYZ domain in starting days and will buy another domain after getting benefit from that XYZ website, the competition is too much high here, and everyone wants to succeed, and if your any domain gt ranks, then another person can buy your other domain name extensions, and they can get competition very quickly by working on other extensions.

Meaning you will work hard and on the basis of that hard work another person will get success.

So you have to buy domain thinking carefully and keep in mind, it would be better if you use a keyword research tool, like Semrush and Rf & MOZ. Affiliate marketing, marketing là gì.

And the keyword in which you want to work, Which keyword is searched in which countries? you can know it easily by using a keyword research tool, and you can buy the domain country-wise, like .DE .ID .ONLINE .CN .EU etc.

Click HERE to buy the domain.


Choose a Cloud Hosting: Affiliate marketing, marketing là gì:

If you read my old article, in every article I have always told that hosting should be taken well for websites because it is the main part of our website. Other things we can compromise, but once you use wrong hosting, no matter how you do hard work, there is no benefit.

Poor hosting spoils the website, there are thousands of companies on the internet, who give you free or .50 $ hosting for a year or months, and those who are new here, they get tempted and buy those hosting.

But the problem comes when their website gets crash, hake, or slow down.

Affiliate Marketing Was ist Affiliate Marketing und wie funktioniert es 3

Every day someone messages me, sir, my website is not getting traffic and needs your suggestion, so when I visit their website, then either that website crashes or their loading time is so much, even I get upset myself.

And Google or any search engine never supports such a website, And once your website has a bad impression of Google, it takes a lot of hard work to correct it again.

But I also feel angry, because even people don’t understand, they don’t understand, they talk about how that company is providing for a low price, and they started speaking that I am a fraud, such people only come to timepass, they don’t Meaning for some work and neither do they know how to do it properly.

Then when nothing happens to them, then later they go and share the affiliate link of any platform in the WhatsApp group, but by doing so, his affiliate account is also banned.

Sometimes I laugh at such people, why God created them.

If you do not have to do any kind of time pass, if you want to earn money from blogging, then you have to invest in the right place.

There are a lot of good companies on the internet, who provide good hosting, but I like some companies and share them with you if you too feel that I am not a fraud, then from my given link Can also buy.



After hosting and buying the domain, now comes the turn to build the website, before making the website you have to choose some product, which you can write about, and which you can also buy yourself.

Meaning if you are an affiliator, then people will always try to know that you also use the products which you are talking about.

And if you also use those products, and people can be sure that you use those products, then every person who comes to your website will definitely click on your affiliate link.

And you can earn from other platforms by creating your own YouTube channel, and this is called smart work, smart work is not called by people who started copy from anywhere, or write the description of the product from another platform on your website.

Smart work is a matter of how well you can do the same work, and how soon you can do it, but it does not mean that you take a wrong path, the wrong way is always wrong, and there is no success. The second part is for getting success there is no shortcut.

If you have read this article till now, then I think that you might understand some things. Please comment below what you think.


How to choose a product: Affiliate marketing, marketing là gì:

Now any person can not come with learning everything, he has to learn, and there are thousands of ways to learn, it completely depends on you, how sharp your mind is, and how well you can understand things.

In the same way, at the time of choosing anything, you have to think that if people would like that thing, what would you do if you went to buy that product yourself? Do you buy, do you try to find out what the product is.

If this voice comes from your mind that yes, you can also buy that product, then you can choose that product and start affiliate marketing, and it is not necessary that how many people are already working on that product, it is important that How well do you know about the product.

After choosing the product, now is the time to do keyword research, because it is not necessary that people search for that one product with the same keyword in the same way.

If anyone thinks of buying any product, then he searches first, the description of that product, and what will be the profit if he purchases that product.

And you also have to know the intent of people, only then your website will rank, then choose such a product about which you are fully aware.

Maybe it is a cheaper headphone, maybe it is underwear, maybe it is ladies’ wear. But if you have knowledge then you have to work on that thing only.

After choosing the right product, now you have to do keyword research for that product and to do keyword research you have to buy a keyword research tool.

And there are many options in it, you can do whatever tool you want to use, but the rf tool will be the best, and obviously, any keyword research tool is very expensive.

And in such a case, you can choose group buying. Thousands of websites exist on the internet, from where you can buy the tool at a cheap price, I can’t share any website with you, but if you search in google, you will find, you can buy from any website.

After purchasing the tool, now you have to research thousands of keywords to do affiliate marketing and find a keyword that people search on the internet.

Because it is not necessary that people must search for the product which you have chosen by its name, there are so many different ways to search the same keyword, and people search for things on the internet according to their skill.

After completing Keyword Research, now it is the time to write an article, and this is the most important job, if your entire website is perfect, you have chosen good hosting, used the domain correctly, also made Web Design right, but if your article is not correct then all these things have no value, so I always say that you should learn how to write an article.

You have to write the article in such a way that people understand what you want to tell them, and if people enjoy reading your article, if your article has the product keyword correctly, If applied the affiliate link is in the right place, 100% of your links will receive clicks. Affiliate marketing, marketing là gì.

So friends, hope you would have liked this article, if you like, then share it with your friends. Stay tuned and subscribe to me that you got notification of my upcoming uploads.

To be continued …….

Affiliate marketing, marketing là gì

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