Top 10 Blogging mistakes for beginners 2020

Viswanath – 2020-08-28 – Blogging mistakes

Blogging mistakes: Hello and welcome again to another article, I am aware that you all want to earn money from blogging, and blogging is the only way where you do not have to work very hard, and you can work without any instruction. and also you can earn money from it.

But is it so easy? Can you earn money online by writing just a few articles? I think that’s not true. Because thousands of people are doing the same work, and you should also go with them.

Top 10 Blogging mistakes for beginners 2020
Blogging mistakes:

So today In this post, I am going to tell you how you can make money from your website, and you should pay attention to your mistakes, so read the post till the end.

First of all, I would like to talk about the mistakes, Who do a lot of bloggers, And a little cheating becomes a punishment for them, although many people know this, But still, they make mistakes by greed.

Blogging Mistake No.1 > Niche

When we try to do some work, first we think about it, and then it depends on you to do that work or not, but most people in the blogging field start their website just by looking at someone else’s website.

I have seen many people, who had previously uploaded some other content on the website, and recently they are posting articles on another topic.

By writing articles like this, Google gets confused about your website, which topic your website is, and what kind of people it should reach.

And until Google does not know your website topic, then he does not suggest your website to the people, so friends, you should choose a topic, on which you have
more information, even if there is A existing website, but if you have the knowledge, and if you write well, you can also rank on top pages.

Blogging Mistake No.2 > Wrong platform

I am always telling you this, that it is very important to choose a platform to build a website, and a good platform makes the website performs better, for an example >
if you build a shop inside the main market, then that will be beneficial for you, in
the same way, if you make the website on a good platform, then it will be better for you.

Blogging mistakes:

Although there are many platforms available here, most of the people choose Blogger, because everything in Blogger exists for free, and as you know, people
like free root always. ( i don’t know why )

And because of this, thousands of people make their website on and keep working hard, but it does not get benefit them.

That is why you should choose a platform that can make your website as a business, you can choose WordPress, but for this you will need to spend money.

You can tell me here that there are thousands of videos on youtube, which is told that the blogger is right, and also they promote the blogger, then my friends you should learn first, that nothing is free in the world, Even a bottle of water costs 10 rupees.

Blogging Questions :

Can I Succeed With making A Free Website? No
Can I do Blogging Without Learning? No
Is Free Platform Right For Blogging? No
Can a real website be made without domain? No

And so many videos exist on youtube because a decent amount of people always search the related keywords, And when people watch those videos, then Youtubers get benefit from it.

Blogging Mistake No.3 > Worst Hosting

And as you know, I always say, a good hosting can make a good website, and hosting is also a ranking factor although all the hosting is right in itself, but to make a good website then you will need fast and good hosting.

new hosting img

Because your website appears everywhere, and people should have no problem visiting your website, if your website speed is low, it may happen that people do
not visit your website again, people needed everything quickly, And the hosting speed of the website is fixed.

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Blogging Mistake No.4 > Copied article

You will not believe it, but every day I get a lot of messages, sir, please check my website, and tell me what is missing, because we are not getting AdSense in it, nor
it is ranking on google.

Then I visit their website and see that their article has been copied from someone.

Then I asked them, did you write these articles? So the answer is, sir, I have copied from different websites, and then I refuse them not to do this, do not copy any article.

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But, then the answer of the people is that we want to do smart work, and do not want to work hard, and then I feel angry, I wonder where do such people come from? Nothing is achieved without hard work, and I don’t know when people will understand this.

Then I remove those people from my group, this type of person is no use, they
cheat themselves, and also spoil each other’s work, it is good that you stay away from them, And do your work properly.

Blogging Mistake No.5 > Did not update

Every blogger makes this mistake, and then later he understands it, and then he starts working properly, the mistake is that after creating a website, people write 10 or 15 articles in their website, and then apply for AdSense, and then their AdSense
is rejected.

Wordpress Blogger Is blogging still a thing in 2020 2

And bloggers think that there is nothing to do, and leave blogging thinking that
this is not going to happen, to index a website on google it takes 3 to 4 months and sometimes It also happens within 2 to 3 days, but you should keep working.

If you write 2 articles in a week, then continue this strategy, it is not that you have written 2 articles today, and after 10 days you will write another article, by doing
this google didn’t trust in your website.

Blogging Mistake No.6 > Low-level Domain

There are many videos on YouTube, which says that you can go with .wordpress. com .wix. com and other free domain names and you can create a website, and also you can earn money from it.

Although it was possible a few years ago, But in today’s time it is not possible, nor is AdSense approved in such free domains, so you should take a domain that people trust, like .com .in or .ooo etc, and today the domain is very cheap.

If you work with a free domain, and after some days you connect a top-level domain to it, then your earlier article will be of no importance, and you have to start again from 0, so it is better to start work with properly.

Blogging Mistake No.7 > Useless backlink

Everyone is crazy behind the backlink, I do not know why people think that they will rank the website only because of the backlink, but it is not so at all.

If your website is not right, if the article is not right, then no matter your website has thousands of backlinks, there is no benefit.

A lot of people say that a website does not rank without any backlinks, I would like to say to them, that you first learn blogging.

For example, you can see our TheDailywebsite which has little backlinks, which I have never made, people visit my article, and they have added my website in their website, So I mean to say, you are identified by work, people recognize you only by your work.

Watch video:

And if you have created backlinks from a website, which has no value, or has a wrong website, like scammers virus, etc, then that backlink spoils your website.

Blogging Mistake No.8 > Multiple websites

As soon as people learn this in any video or tutorial, that the domain should be taken on top of the keyword, then in a hurry, people buy the new domain and create a website, but they do not know that every website needs hard work.

People just think that if there is 0 competition in the keyword, so the website will rank quickly, this is your illusion, you have to work hard every time.

Even if someone creates an auto affiliate website, and does all the content products automatic input, You still have to work hard to rank that website.

Blogging Mistake No.9 > Promoting products which everyone Promotes.

Nearly 90% of bloggers, who are new in blogging, they target the tech category to make the website, and everyone follows those who are already doing blogging from a long time, who teach peoples, who are already earning money from it. And they have a customer base.

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And after seeing them, new people start the same thing, if someone is selling hosting, then you also start selling hosting, and this is not going to be beneficial for you, nor is going to happen in the coming days, the opposite people will be angry with your service.

Post for You:

Because the competition is very high here, and those who are already selling this thing, they know the right way, and they have a customer base, and they have been doing this work for a long time.

You have to choose the product that you know best, and that keyword should have less competition. However, finding keywords is a very difficult task, and people think that, Competition is very much above every keyword, it is not true, keywords never end in the blogging world. just need hard work to find it.

Although people always work in keywords that have a high CPC, but you should also work on keywords whose CPC is 0, such keywords do not have much competition.

And this can help you a lot.

Blogging Mistake No.10 > short article

It is a fact that most of the people who want to do blogging, or are doing it, all of them are lazy, and want to blogging only because they have to work less. ( 

Blogging Mistake )

And as a result, the written short articles, which makes no sense, or copied some other websites, and they think that by doing this they will get success, and they can easily earn money without working.

Wordpress Blogger Is blogging still a thing in 2020 4

This is your wrong thinking, Google is much smarter than you. and he knows which work is right and who is wrong, then try to write the article with long and in detail.

Many people would think that if the news is short, then how to write it in detail? So, friends, you have to learn this, no work is possible without learning, if you want to learn for free, then you can read my other articles, or you can buy my service to learn properly.

The short and incomplete article always confuses people, and this increases the bounce rate and exit rate of your website very much.

So I hope you liked this article Blogging mistakes: , if yes then share it with your friends.

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