Terms and conditions

Hello Thank you for choosing us, please note that if you buy any service from our website, you can send a request for a refund within 2 hours of purchase, once we have started work, you will not get any refund.
And you can choose your design 1 time if you want to change then you have to pay again, our service not provide any sifting options, changing options, or you can not give your suggestion during website building days.
once you choose the design our team will work according to that layout, so please choose your design carefully.
once you choose your website design then you can not change the things, such as theme, pages, logo, layout, etc.
we add your Login page, Privacy page, Contact us page, DMCA page, if you want to add more pages, you can add it after complete the website.
we create the pages using online tools, if you not satisfied with those pages then provide us your personal text, we add it within 2 hours.
You can get support by WhatsApp & calls.
if you do any changes without informing us then we don’t work on your website again, and you can not get a refund, also you can not force us to make your website.