Teen Patti Win Download – Get 50₹ And 100% Bonus Up to ₹10,000 on Your First Deposit

Teen Patti Win APK, – friends today we bring you a tremendous Teen Patti game application after a lot of Research. In the Teen Patti game application you are getting a ₹15 Signup Bonus as well as a chance to earn ₹1 separately in 28 weeks. If you were searching a great Teen Patti game application to play 3 Patti Game then the application is going to be very useful for you.

Download Teen Patti Win APK

We are going to give you information about Rummy & Teen Patti game through this article Patti Game name is 3 Patti Win. In this application you get a lot of great features to get Real Cash and Free Bonus. Also here you can withdraw a minimum Cash of ₹50. Let us now give you the full details about Teen Patti Win APK in detail through this article.

About Teen Patti Win APK, TeenPatti Win Pro

TeenPatti Win is a very powerful and Best Teen Patti game application. In this application you get the chance to enjoy the Casino game as well as the Teen Patti game and rummy game. Also you can earn part time money along with playing games here. If you have good knowledge about Rummy Game and 3 Patti Game then here you can earn from ₹400 to ₹1000 per day by playing the game.

App Name : Teen Patti Win
Publisher : Teen Patti Game
App Size : 49 Mb
Version of App : 2.4.8
Sign Up Bonus : 21₹
Win Teen Patti Refer Code : HGWj6kXneFtQ84Xv7
Teen Patti Win App Refer and Earn : Sign up 21₹ and Commission 30% Lifetime
3 Patti Win App Download Teen Patti Win Apk Download

How To Download Teen Patti Win APK

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We have made the Download Link Button available to you to download Teen Patti Win APK. All you have to do is click on the Download Button above and Download and Install this application on your smartphone.

Step1: Click Download Button, Then Click “OK”

Step2 : Click “Open” The Download Application, And Then Click “Settings”

Step3 : Click “Allow” From this “Source” And Click Phone to Return

Step4 : Now Click “Install” And Start Playing

Way to Earn Money in Teen Patti Win

The friends you invite, as well as the friends they invite, all belong to your team, Your Bonus will be calculated based on the total recharge of team every Week.

Reward Table

Level The Total Recharge of The Team (Week) : C The Bonus that You will Get
LV.1 ₹ 100 ≤ C < ₹ 1,000 C * 0.5%
LV.2 ₹ 1,000 ≤ C < ₹ 10,000 C * 0.6%
LV.3 ₹ 10,000 ≤ C < ₹ 50,000 C * 0.8%
LV.4 ₹ 50,000 ≤ C < ₹ 100K C * 1%
LV.5 ₹ 100K ≤ C < ₹ 500K C * 1.3%
LV.6 ₹ 500K ≤ C < ₹ 1,000K C * 1.6%
LV.7 ₹ 1000K ≤ C < ₹ 3,000K C * 1.9%
LV.8 ₹ 3,000K ≤ C < ₹ 6,000K C * 2.2%
LV.9 ₹ 6,000K ≤ C < ₹ 10,000K C * 2.5%
LV.10 ₹ 6,000 ≤ C < ₹ 10,000K C * 3%

example teen patti win refer calculation

Because your team’s total recharge amount is 4,600K ruppe, your reward level
this week is Lv.8, and your bonus will be multiplied by 2.2%.

1. First calculate the bonus you can get form B1:

  • B1 * 2.2% = 2,000,000 * 0.01 = 20,000 rupee

2. Then. Calculate the bonus you can get form the total recharge of the tram:

  • – B2: team total recharge(week) * A level proportion – B2 level proportion) = 600,000 * (0.022 – 0.16) = 3,600 rupee
  • – B3: team total recharge(week) * A level proportion – B3 level proportion) =2,000,000 * (0.022 – 0.19) = 6,000 rupee

Total bonus A can get = 20,000 + 3,600 + 6,000 = 29,600 rupee

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How To Register In Teen Patti Win App

With Win Teen Patti if you want to get a free Bonus of ₹15. So you first need to create an account of yourself in this application. If you create your account in this application, you will also get all the features that are available for you to get Real Cash and Free Bonus.

  • To create an account in Teen Patti Win App, you first Download this application.
  • Download Teen Patti Win app after you Install it.
  • Now register with your Mobile Number.
  • Here you can verify via OTP by entering your Mobile Number and Password.
  • Your account will get ₹15 Bonus credits as soon as your account is created.

Available Game IN Teen Patti Win

The TeenPatti Win application offers you 14 types of different games to play rummy games and Rummy Patti games. In this application only and only those games have been added which are more popular among the game people. Below we give you information about all the games available in this application.

  • Teen Patti
  • Joker Teen Patti
  • SIC BO
  • Ak47 Teen Patti
  • Muflis Teen Patti
  • Change Teen Patti
  • Battle Teen Patti
  • Fantasy Teen Patti
  • Ander Bahar
  • War Teen Patti
  • Dragon Vs Tiger
  • Points Teen Patti
  • 7 Up Down
  • Pool Rummy

Available Game IN Teen Patti Win

How To Add Money In Teen Patti Win APK

In 3 Patti Win you will not have to worry too much to add Payment. Here you can Add Payment in a very Simple and easy way. The company gives you the option to add payment from minimum ₹100 to ₹20000. Apart from this, the company also gives you a Cash back Offer of 2%.

  • If you want to add Payment to your account, first open this application.
  • You will now see an add Cash option on the Home Page.
  • Now you click on the Add Cash option.
  • You can then add payment from minimum ₹100 to maximum ₹20000.
  • Now select the Amount you want to Add.
  • After selecting the Amount, complete your KYC.
  • Now you can Add Payment through your Paytm UPI I’d or debit credit card.

How To Withdrawal Money IN Teen Patti Win Game

The biggest feature of the Rummy Win Game application is that here you get the option to do minimum ₹50 Payment Withdrawal. You can take Payment Withdrawal as soon as you have ₹50 in your account.

  • To make Payment Withdrawal, click on the Withdrawal Icon on the home page.
  • Now fill in as much money as you want to Do Paise Withdrawal.
  • Now you have to fill in your Bank Account details.
  • After filling all the details you click on the Withdrawal Icon below.
  • Now your Payment has been withdrawn. It takes at least 24 hours to be credited to the Payment Withdrawal account.

Invite Friends And Earn Money by TeenPatti Win App

Through friends Refer and Earn money you get a lot of great features to earn money. In this application, you get a direct Commission of ₹30 on making a reference. The more and more references you make every day, the more Income you will have on that day. Here you can directly Account the Income you will make through the Referrals Program in your Bank Account.

Copy your Referrals Link to make you more Income. Then Invite all your friends and acquaintances to Join this application. Facebook ,Twitter , Instagram, Pinterest , WhatsApp and more. The more people you Join through the referral link you share, the higher your Income will become.

Invite Friends And Earn Money by TeenPatti Win App
Invite Friends And Earn Money by TeenPatti Win App

Daily Bonus Rummy Win

In this application you get a chance to get a free Bonus of ₹1 in 28 weeks with the help of Daily Bonus features. The company gives you a Free Bonus every day you log in here. When you log into this application on the first day, you get a bonus of ₹1 on logging in on the second day, a bonus of ₹2 on logging in on the third day, a bonus of ₹3 on logging in on the fourth day, a bonus of ₹4 on logging in on the fifth day, a bonus of ₹6 on This way you can get a total free bonus of ₹1 in 28 weeks.

VIP Bonus Win Teen Patti

With VIP Bonus features you can get Free Bonus. Under VIP Bonus features you get daily bonus sign in bonus weekly bonus monthly bonus and level bonus. If you want to take advantage of all these bonuses. So you have to Recharge your account at a minimum of ₹500. After recharging, you can take advantage of all the features you get in the VIP Bonus.

Customer Support in Teen Patti Win

Customer Support in Teen Patti Win

The company provides you with a customer support option on the home page. If you have any problems in this application then you can get the solution of all your problems by talking to the customer care officer through live chatting. Customer care officers are available to you from 8:00 AM to 5:00 pm.

Note – this game involves financial risk. Therefore, all users are requested to play this game at their own responsibility and risk. Play this game only if you are over 18 years old otherwise you stay away from this game because you may get addicted to this game.


Friends we have given you information about teen patti Win , teen patti Win apk, Win teen patti, Rummy Win , teenpatti Win, 3 patti Win, teen patti Win app, teen patti Win download App through this article. We hope this application will prove to be very beneficial for you. And you can also win free bonuses and lots of real cash through this application like other people.

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