Make stock photos & stock Images website Earn 1000$ per month

Stock photos website: Everyone knows how to make money by making a website, and this is why today everyone is joining Blogging, but most people are not able to succeed, and maybe this is the reason why so much of the videos of tips and tricks on Youtube Has more views. stock photos, stock Images.

But even after having so many tips, people do not understand the real thing, and they always do blogging with incomplete information. stock photos, stock Images.

Stock photos & stock Images website

Make stock photos & stock Images website
Make stock photos & stock Images website

Some people work on a topic that already exists, and some are useless people who choose easy topics Because it helps to copy and paste. For example, tech bloggers. stock photos, stock Images.

Especially new people, these people have no meaning with the topic, It doesn’t matter what they are doing. Does he know about it or not, they watch the video from somewhere, and the example of the topic is given in the video, those people choose the same topic.

Some people visit my website and start working in its niche, people who are connected with me, they do not know anything about blogging and And he has made a website with Blogging tips.

But keeping all these problems in mind, I think that I should bring a topic which is beneficial for everyone, and today’s topic is the Image website. stock photos, stock Images.

Where everybody is working hard like a donkey, there are some people who know how to work hard, and they earn a very good income from it, if we talk about image websites, then you can generate good income by working here.


One thing I want to clear here is Blogging takes both hard work and investment, and you cannot compromise on it.

People who think that after reading this article, they will create a website in blogger, or can earn money by making a website in free hosting, I have an answer to those people, run away from here. Blogging is not for you.

Do we earn from image websites? stock photos, stock Images.

As an answer to this question, I give you an example of some websites, you can see them.

Although you will not get to see ads on these websites, but the income of these websites is very high.

And for those people who have a problem that they do not get ads approval in the image site, then I have given an example of some website for them, they can go and see them.

But you all know that for the approval of AdSense, it is necessary to have text on the website, and therefore if you want AdSense approval, then you will have to write the article, And there is no other easy way.


If you have thought that to make an image website, then you have to pay attention to Upload all images on the website, They are all made by you. You cannot copy from anywhere, even you can not use the free image of google.


How to create an image?

There is a lot of software available to create an image, but I like photoshop and paint3D, both of these software can make a great image, but for that, you need to make an image by your imagination power.

But photoshop is not available for free, then new people start searching for free things, and if we talk about free image software, then Paint3D is the best, and apart from this, photo-scape is also a very good software.

I use Paint3D most of the time, and all the images of our The daily website is created from Paint3D. stock photos, stock Images.

Make stock photos stock Images website Earn 1000 per month 4

Best keywords for image website: stock photos, stock Images.

As such, there is no targeted keyword for an image website, but I provide you some keywords which are most searched on the internet, their name is, background image, css background image, background image css, html background image, color backgrounds, background art, colorful background, white background, Try to make your images related to these keywords.

  Image website needs: stock photos, stock Images.

The first thing is Domain, I know that after hearing the image website people buy Domain name related to this topic, but do not do it at all, Although you are always told this, That domain should be taken Which is your keyword.

But there are some topics that you cannot target with the domain, because all this keyword is algorithm keywords, and because of this, your domain can suspend in future.

So you have to choose a domain that sounds good and people will be able to remember it quickly. Such as Image Bazar, shoterstuk, pixaby, etc. stock photos, stock Images.

To Buy Domain BUY NOW

  Buy Hosting.

As I have said before, and always say that hosting is the heritage of your website, and you cannot compromise on it.

And hosting for image website should be the best, you cannot use shared hosting or free hosting, but if the hosting provider is good then you can use their shared hosting too.

In my view, Namecheap and Hostinger is the best shared hosting company. stock photos, stock Images.

Make stock photos stock Images website Earn 1000 per month 3

Namecheap shared hosting.

Namecheap is best for hosting and domains, and their shared hosting is divided into 3 plans, you can skip the first and second plan, if you are planning to make an image website, then the last plan is right for you, but if you want to create a blog website. So you can go with all the plans of Namecheap.

I have explained the other post in detail about Namecheap, you can also read it if you want.

Buy Namecheap Hosting

Hostinger shared Hosting.

If you do not have the facility of international payment, then Hostinger is the best company, I like it because the country-wise payment method is available here.

If I compare both Namecheap and Hostinger, then both have equal competition, but if we talk about the price, then Namecheap wins. stock photos, stock Images.

You will get to see 3 plans in Hostinger too, but if you have an image website, then you should buy their cloud hosting, and shared hosting is also right for ordinary blog websites. stock photos, stock Images.

Note: Those who are thinking that after reading this article, they create website with, and start earning from it? then for those people I will have one word, Just get out from here.

Buy Hostinger Hosting

  Best platform for Image website:

There are many platforms to create a website from them, but the most commonly used is WordPress and Joomla. And for your information, let me tell you that 45% of Websites made with WordPress around the world. And our Thedailywebsite is also made in WordPress.

But I was thinking that I should sift it in Joomla, How many of you people want, this website should sift from WordPress please leave a comment below.

If you talk about the image site, then it would be better to build it in PHP, but as I know you do not have knowledge of Coding.

So I will recommend WordPress, WordPress is a CSS platform, and everyone can easily learn it, and in WordPress, you don’t need any coding knowledge, here you get a plugin for everything, and you can fix everything by just installing the Plugins.

Friends, if you are ready to create an image website, then you have to be ready for the first investment as well, you will have to promise Yourself that you are the best photographer in the world, and you are the best in this work.

And you will never leave this work, if you can make this promise by yourself, then you can be successful by making an image website. stock photos, stock Images.

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