SEO Tips for website beginners 2021

SEO Tips for website beginners 2021

After creating a website, everyone wants that his website should be ranked quickly, and he can earn money quickly from it, and for this you start posting new posts every day, but friends you will be surprised to know that SEO is very important for the website, SEO helps in ranking your website, your website will not rank on Google until SEO is done properly, and you can never make money from it.

So today In this post, we will learn How to create a powerful website, then how to write posts, and how to do SEO.

SEO Tips for website beginners 2020

The first thing you need to do is create a website, and your website should be on WordPress, because the website ranks quickly on WordPress, all you need is a domain and a hosting to create a website.

How to buy domain

A good domain matters a lot for your website, if you use a free domain like .xyz .pk .org, you will never get Adsense approval, so you should buy a high label domain, and if you are thinking this the domain is very expensive, then you do not need to worry, you have to buy from my referral link, where you will get a good domain for 400 to 500 rupees, that too for one year, if you want You can buy from my link.

And one thing to note is that your domain name should not be too long, you should keep your domain name under 16 letters only.


After taking the domain, you will need a hosting that will make your website online, but cheap hosting is down your website, reduces the speed of your website, and if the speed of the website decreases then your website does not rank on Google Also, people will visit your website very less.

So it is very important that your website hosting is a good hosting, there are many companies on the internet who provide hosting, but you should choose a company that is very famous, or a company that has a good product, if you ask for me, I use hosting of Mewnix, whose hosting is very fast.

While taking hosting, keep in mind that hosting storage is in SSD, coz SSD is faster than HDD, and you should take SSD hosting, if you are getting hosting, too much money, you can buy from my links, buying from my links You will get 50% discount on Hosting, you will get hosting and domain for only 1200-1300 rupees for 1 year, and this offer will be available only once, if you want, buy from the link given below.



Chose Your website platform
Blogger is not so good in terms of SEO, because there are some limits on Blogger, but on WordPress you are given the freedom to do whatever you want with your blog, so if you want to do SEO properly, And rank your website as well, then WordPress is better for you.

After purchasing the hosting, you have to go to your Cpenal and INSTALL WordPress, after installing WordPress you have to login to the dashboard of the website, and then you have to customize your website, you have to decide how look is your website, and you can choose the theme accordingly.

By the way, there are many free themes available on the wordpress, you can use them, but there are some limitations in all those themes, you cannot customize your website too much, even you can’t remove some parts of some themes.

You can not do changes, you will have to force them on your website, and this way the loading time of your website is increases, and SEO also makes a lot of difference.

Get a Premium Theme

You should get a premium theme, although the theme is very expensive, but I am there for you, I provide everything to you at a very low price, and you will also get the theme from me, that too for Rs 300, this There is no Null Theme, I have purchased for myself, you can contact me on if you want, and I will send you Theme via Email.

After getting the theme, you have to customize your website, website customization also has a lot of effect in terms of SEO, customization of your website enables the SEO of your website, and the SEO customization of Premium ​​Theme, website serves a different style in front of people.

Theme SEO Hosting SEO Domain SEO After all this is done, you have to do more, and if you do not do this step then SEO has no meaning, you have to SEO on your article, you have to write an SEO friendly article. And for this you will need some plugins.

SEO Plugins
SEO Tips for website beginners 2021

For the SEO plugin, you have to go inside the dashboard of your website, and go to the plugin section, and search there Yoast seo and rank math, either of these plugins is right for you, and both these plugins You will get it for free, and keep in mind that you have to install only one plugin from these two, both plugins do not work together.

About me, the SEO plugin that I use is Yoast SEO, this plugin is better than rank math, and it gives you some checklists while writing articles, which you have to complete, yoast SEO is the most in terms of SEO. it’s better for you.

SEO Tips for website beginners 2020 3

Before you write a post, you have to think about how your post will be, and then you can write the post, the post consists of both online SEO and offline SEO, internal links are outbound links inside online SEO, and offline SEO All this comes within the keyword, image etc.

Best Hosting Provider For You
You have to make your own image, it does not mean that you start taking photos with the camera, you can use Google free image, but you have to edit those images, and also pay attention to that Your image matches your post, because an image narrates the whole thing.

In the case of SEO, there are also available some tools that tell you which keyword is better for you, and which keyword is lower competition keyword, you have to find the keyword which has low competition, and the search volume is very high, If you want, you can also create a micro niche website.

And if you want, you can also use the ahrefs tools or google keyword planner.

SEO Tips for website beginners 2020 SEO Tips for website beginners 2020


And one important thing is, keep posting regular posts on your website, otherwise Google will feel that your website has no value, and it will not rank your website.

You also have to do your article well, because it is very important for SEO, and your article should be full of knowledge, you can use the more keywords in your article, which your article should rank on that keyword.

What is SEO ?
SEO means search engine optimization, that is, a task that helps in searching your website or post, and the stronger SEO of your website, the more you will benefit, here is Come lot of things inside SEO. If you have fully taken learn then you are going to get a lot of benefits.
How to write article

There is a way to write an article, but you have to have a table of contents inside your article, and it is very important to have a video as well, you can write any type any style article you want, but keep in mind that the article is Should short paragraph, because peoplevdo not like to read very big sentences.

I think you got all the information about SEO of the website, Well thanks for visit, share this post because sharing is caring.




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