Rummy Hero APK Download – Get Signup Bonus Rs-10 / Hero Rummy App

Rummy Hero, Hero Rummy Apk 2022 – do you want to earn money by playing online games? If your answer is yes, today we bring you a very awesome rummy game application. In this loot application you get a chance to win thousands of rupees of real cash daily. If you also want to earn money by playing rummy games like other people, then you must read this article to the end.

Friends, in this rummy game application, you get a signup bonus of ₹10 immediately upon registering your account. Also here are great features like Piggy bonus VIP bonus Daily Bonus through which you can get free bonus by doing your activities daily. Also here you get a cashback offer ranging from 30% to 810% on recharge.

Rummy Hero, Hero Rummy Apk 2022

Friends, in this application you get not one, not two, but very great features with which you can Earn real cash of thousands of rupees per day. Also in this application you get instant payment Withdrawal. So far this application can be downloaded by nearly a million people. Also this application has been verified by millions of people.

Rummy Hero APK Short Information, Hero Rummy App 2022, Teen Patti Hero

Rummy Hero APK is a very popular and trusted rummy game application. The Rummy Hero application has received a rating of 4.3 points on the Google Play Store. The application was launched in January and has been downloaded by over a million people so far. On this application you can completely trust.

App Name : Rummy Hero
Publisher : Rummy Game
App Size : 33 Mb
Version of App : 11.697
Sign Up Bonus : 10₹
Rummy Hero Refer Code : 87f45
Rummy Hero App Refer and Earn : Sign up 11₹ and Commission 11% Lifetime
Rummy Hero Apk
Download Rummy Hero Apk

How To Download Rummy Hero APK

Download Apk Now 4

There are 2 ways to download Rummy Hero APK. You can download this application directly by clicking the Download Now button above. Or you can download this application by visiting Google Play Store. We are telling you below about how to download this application.

  • First you open the Play Store on your smartphone.
  • Now you go to the Play Store and search for Rummy Hero in the search bar.
  • Now this application will open in front of you and appear.
  • Now a button will appear in front of you to install this application.
  • You can download this application to your smartphone by clicking Install button.

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How To Register In Rummy Hero App

You get a ₹10 signup bonus when you register an account in the Rummy Hero App. Besides, the biggest benefit of registering an account here is that you can earn money by playing rummy games here. We are giving step2step details below to register an account.

  • First you download this application to your smartphone by following the method indicated above.
  • Now you can register your account in this application through your mobile number or Google Login or Facebook login.
  • Now login here through your mobile number.
  • You can register an account by verifying your mobile number through OTP.
  • Your account will get ₹10 bonus credits once the account is registered.

How To Add Money In Hero Rummy App

The biggest feature of Hero Rummy App is that you can add minimum ₹20 payment here. Apart from this, there is a Cashback offering of 30% to 810% on adding payments.

  • If you want to add a payment, click on the add cash option on the home page.
  • Now in front of you₹20 ₹30 ₹50 ₹100 ₹500 ₹1000 ₹5000 ₹10000 ₹20000 ₹50000 ₹100000 you will see different options to add a payment.
  • Now select how much amount you want to add to your account here.
  • Now you can complete your KYC, add your name mobile number and email ID to complete KYC.
  • You will now get the option to add payment through your UPI ID or Paytm here.
  • Here you can add payments in a secure way with your paytm or UPI ID.

How To Withdraw Money IN Rummy Hero Game

Here, you need to have a minimum of ₹500 in your account to pay the payment. Here, you can pay a maximum of 1 time in 3 days. We are giving you below information on how to make a payment Withdrawal.

  • To make a payment Withdrawal, first click on the wallet option on the home page.
  • Now the first thing you do is verify your email ID.
  • Now verify your mobile number.
  • Now add your PAN card details here.
  • You can then add your bank account details here and make a payment video.

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Available Game IN Rummy Hero

Rummy Hero application has seven types of different rummy games available for you to play rummy games. In this application you will find just and just rummy games to play. Here you can earn money playing rummy games. Below we are giving you information about all rummy games available in this application.

  1. Point Rummy
  2. Deals Rummy
  3. Rapid Rummy
  4. Pool Rummy
  5. 10 Card
  6. Raise
  7. Bet

Available Game IN Rummy Hero

How to Invite Friends In Rummy Hero And Earn Money

In the Rummy Hero application you get a very great referral program. You can get a good Commission by joining your friends and acquaintances here. In the referral program you get a chance to earn unlimited money. And the money you earn through the referral program here you can transfer it directly to your bank account.

In this application you get 10 levels to earn money in the referral program. One program runs every month in the referral program. The one who ranks first in this program gets a bonus from the company. Also here you get referral commission of ₹20. Apart from this, you also get a separate 5% commission for life time when you deposit money. At the same time, here you get a commission of 0.3% to 3% separately if someone plays the game.

Friends, the biggest benefit of this referral program is if you join 400 or 500 people with a little bit of effort here. So you can earn from ₹10000 to ₹15000 every month with very ease here. If you want to earn money through referral program then you must copy your referral link for it and share it on WhatsApp Instagram Twitter Facebook. So that you can join this application by referring as many people as possible.

What Is Tournament In Rummy Hero App

In the friends Rummy Hero App you get a Tournament organized every month by the company. Here you can get a lot of Free Bonus by taking Entry to the tournament. You get four different tournaments to play in this tournament. If you want to take an entry in this tournament, you will have to pay entry fees here.

The company has set you different entry fees in four different tournaments here. Here you have different entry fees of ₹50 ₹100 ₹500 and ₹1000. In this tournament the company holds a fix price money in every tournament. Here the first Number second number and the third number Player is given a cash prize. If you also want to participate in this tournament, you can participate in the tournament by going to the tournament option.

What Is Activity Features In Hero Rummy APK

In Hero Rummy APK you get an activities features. Activity features are a good option for you if you want to get a free bonus. Here you are given to complete some tasks Daily and Weekly. If you complete all the tests, you get a bonus from the company. Here you can get a free bonus ranging from ₹10 to ₹1000 by completing the task.

What Is Gullak Bonus In Hero Rummy App

In this application you have piggy bonus features to get more bonuses. If you want to earn money by playing rummy games then this feature is going to be very useful for you. Because here you can get more bonuses by playing the game. When you play the game here you put as much amount as you can in the game. If you hand over the game you get 3% Commission saved in your piggy bank, while if you win the game you get 2% commission saved in your piggy bank.

This way you lose or win the game, its percentage is in your piggy bank. When you have ₹30 in your piggy bank you can break it in exchange for which you receive ₹36. In the second level you can see right now with ₹50 in your piggy bank. Here, when you break the piggy bank, you get 50 ₹70 credits in your account.

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How to make money with the Rummy Hero App

Friends in this application you will not have to bother much to earn money. Because there are so many features available in this application that you can win real cash. Yet, we are telling you some two ways you can make money.

Play Game and Earn Money – guys if you know how to play rummy games. So you can give good real cash by playing rummy game here without any tension. This is a skill game where you can use your skills to take on the game. And here you get a chance to win a result of lakhs of rupees per day. Also in this application there are a lot of tournaments going on from time to time where you can make good money by participating.

Refer and Earn – refer program is considered the best and best way to earn money in Rummy game application. Here you only have to join with your acquaintances and others by giving them information about this application. In exchange for which the company pays you a commission. In this application you get a chance to earn unlimited money.

Customer Support In Rummy Hero

In this application you get the option of customer support to avoid any problems on the part of the company. If you have any problems of any kind in this application then you can talk to the direct customer care officer through live chatting. To talk to the customer care work, you get the customer support option on the home page where you can reject and speak to the customer care officer directly.

Note –  his game involves financial risk, you may get addicted to this game. So all you guys are requested to play this game on your own responsibility and your own risk.