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Post Definition: People adopt many ways to write a post, some people copy from others posts, some people use their knowledge, and some people write the post but that is completely useless.

So today In this article, I will tell you how you can write the post properly on your website, which means what is Post Definition, so stay with me.

To write a post properly, some things should be taken care of, such as Image, Paragraph, Table, Links, Conclusion, Heading, etc.

But the new bloggers do not know about it, and those who know it do not do it properly, some people talk to me, say that their post does not rank in Google, and when I visit their website, I feel very angry.

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Post Definition details_

Some people write only 200 characters in their article, and some people write the article in such a way that anyone will run away after seeing it.

People think that just by writing posts and using copy images they will get success, some people also say that another website is ranking by writing similar posts, so why not mine.

After that, I block such people, Who will spoil their mind by talking with such people, And by explaining, they do not understand, Then why I waste my time?

But if you are ready to understand, if you are interested in learning, then this Post Definition is for you.

Hello, My name is Viswanath and I am going to write for you Post Definition, so let’s know step by step.

Important things.

  • Heading
  • Title
  • Image & Video
  • URL structure
  • Paragraph
  • Valuable information
  • Conclusion

Let’s start with the title:

Everything in the world has a name, even we know a demon by its name, in the same way, every post has a name, which is called a title.

If this title is not written correctly, then it will be difficult to identify that post, the more the title attracts, the better it will be able to perform.

I have also seen some articles, whose title is very long, people do this because they think that by adding more keywords, their post will rank.

But on the contrary, their post is not visible in the search engine, according to Google, the title of a post should not be more than 60 characters.

Nor should it contain any kind of wrong things, your title should match your post, that is, the topic in which you write the post, your title should also be about the same.

for example:

Our post’s name is Post definition, and we can write the title of this post.

  • What Is Post Definition
  • Know all about Post Definition
  • Post definition 2021
  • Post definition – 100% Best knowledge about Article writing.

Looking at all these titles, this question must have come to your mind, how will our article rank with such a small title?

So you should keep in mind that only your work can give you success, if your post is better than others, then no one can stop you to ranking your article.

Post-Definition-post to be

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Add headings: Post definition:

Some people write their article like a postal later, which is does not have any type of topic, nor can it understand the article quickly.

The article looks beautiful with Heading and is also easy to understand, Heading divides an article into different parts.

Due to which an article is able to target many topics, and the search engine also understands the text contained within the article from Heading, this will quickly index your article.

But not many people know how to write Heading, Heading plays an important role in the post definition.

I have seen many articles whose Heading is the same, to understand this, I will give an example. A few days ago, I saw an article titled Best Electrical switch.

There were 12 headings in that article, but all the headings were the same, Best Electrical switch, the writer of the article added his title to Heading, although in this keyword it was ranked in article 3rd position, but after 2 days, I searched the same keyword again, and it was no longer in the search result.

Even that article no longer available on the top 10 pages, Google removed that article from Search Engine.

So now the question will come to your mind that how to write Heading? So for this, I teach you by giving an example.

Suppose the title of my article is Post definition, and I have written about many things in this Post definition, such as Title, URL, Image, etc.

So the heading of this article will be something like this!

  • H2 – What is Post definition?
  • H2 – Post definition List
  • H2 – How to write a post?
  • H3 – Title writing
  • H3 – Making images
  • H3 – Paragraph structure
  • H2 – Conclusion

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Create your own image:

Everyone does not like working, and everyone wants how they can get 100% profit by doing less work, and in this effort, people waste their time.

If a work is done properly, then it does not take much time to gain success, but for this, you will have to work very hard.

If you have written an article correctly, all the things are beautifully placed in your articles, then people like it more, But quite a few times I get such articles whose 60% part has been copied. And Image is also one of them.

People who are new to Blogging, do not know about how to write articles, and people do not want to work hard to make an image.

Post-Definition-post to be

Every time I say that create your own image for your article, do not download it from anywhere, but I fail to convince people because they do not want to work.

Sometimes I feel that some people are doing blogging helplessness, they are writing articles under compulsion, if there was no policy of copyright in Google, then we could never get the right content.

More and more people download the image from Google, that image is already present in Google, although you can do it in the initial days.

And I also know that writing an article is a very boring job, and everyone does not like it, even though I did not like it at all in the early days.

But I understood this very quickly that if you want to achieve success then you have to work hard. My blogging life has changed since the day I understood it.

The image is a beautiful part of the article. Without this an article is incomplete, and the image is attracted to the visitor.

So if your image will be unique, then your article / Post definition will make Perform much better in Google.

You can use JPEG, PNG, GIF Images in your Post definition, and you can make the incoming articles as an Informative Tool.

You can use Canva or Picsart or Paint 3D to create an image, all these tools are available for free, and your thinking power will determine how beautiful your image will be.

Write the paragraph correctly:

This is a simple thing and I have already told you about it, that you have to make your article attractive.

To do this, you have to write every paragraph correctly, according to WordPress SEO plugins, a paragraph should not be longer than 300 words.

But if you can write shorter paragraphs than this, then it is even better, along with Paragraphs, you also have to pay attention in Sentences, you have to understand where (,) is put and where you have to use (.).

But 99% of bloggers do not understand it, and that people use SEO plugins, but even after using SEO Plugin, people do not understand what is Readability.

How to correct this

There is a simple solution to this, that you try to learn, No human learns from the mother stomach, although that is another thing, a small child can learn quickly.

Over time, Attitude enters the mind, and humans gradually become subject to sin. But if you try to learn then nothing is difficult.

Conclusion Give your opinion:

Post-Definition-post to be

In an article, your thinking helps people to a great extent, people first want to know about you, what do you think about the topic you are writing about.

It is necessary to have a conclusion in every article, Conclusion is the last part of an article, where a small paragraph covers an entire topic.

If any person reads the conclusion properly, then he/she understands the whole article, and you also have to write the conclusion correctly.

You can share your personal thinking with people, whether you think good or bad, you can tell it to people through the conclusion. And the conclusion you wrote should be true.

But there are some topics which cannot be written as concussions, then you can leave them.

Post definition – Which platform is good?

By the way, every platform is right, and in every platform, the article can be written correctly, but on some platforms, you have to do this with your own experience.

Like, here you do not get any type of checklist, and also you can not see SEO score.

You have to write the article with your own experience, and if you are an SEO expert, then this task is very easy for you.

But those who are new and searching post definition, those people can use WordPress. Many plugins can be found in WordPress, which can be used to write an article.

Generally, 3 plugins are required to write articles in WordPress, one is Yoast SEO, TinyMCE, Classic Editor.

Using them, you can write a beautiful article, even without these plugins, an article can be written in WordPress, but this plugin provides a simple layout that is easy to use.

Post definition || How many words should the article contain?

No article has a fixed word length, your topic and keyword decide your article length.

For example: Suppose I am writing about a house, and my topic is how to build a house?

So there are many small subheadings in this Keyword that I have to cover, only then my article will be called a Complete article.

Such as Bed, Lights, Fan, Ac, Washing Machine, Television, etc, and after writing about all these, my article will become a complete article which will make a user very easy to understand.

And if any user visits this article, he will not go back. All information will be present in one article.

In the same way, you have to understand Topic, the article is written according to the need of Topic, it is never thought how much Word will be. As you write articles, Word will automatically grow.

  Conclusion: of Post Definition: (The Daily Website)

No one can give accurate information about how to write a post, nor can everyone understand it, many people have taken my course.

But only 1% of them understand this, writing posts and doing keyword research both works depended on your mind.

If you are thinking that by buying someone’s course you will understand everything, it is your wrong thinking, you can also teach it for free, Course only gives you a co-direction. Moving forward decides your mind. And for useless people, every way is always closed.

So I hope you liked this article Post definition, if you like, share it with your friends. And get a free subscription to get our latest notification.

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