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Newspaper 10 Theme activation code How to Get Free & Active

Newspaper 10 Theme activation

Newspaper 10 Theme activation: Newspaper 10 Theme is a very good theme, I have used a lot of themes, but Newspaper 10 Theme is very good, ever since I started blogging, I have tried a lot of themes, even I have tried many free themes also.  but after customizing the website, the speed slowed down always.

Newspaper 10 Theme activation code How to Get Free & Active

The problem was that the loading time of my website used to be very high flame, although the website opened on Desktop & computer, but using the phone website crashed.

Newspaper 10 Theme activation code Get Free & Active

That is why I went out to find a better theme, One day I spent the whole night searching for a better theme, watched a lot of videos, and visited a lot of websites, and then I found the Newspaper 10 Theme 💡 .

I thought that this theme would be the same, Like other themes, Slow, but when I used it, I realized how important this theme is for a website.

Theme also has a hand on the speed of a website, the lighter weight Theme will load the website Fast, and will rank quickly on Google, but buying a Fast Theme is very difficult, and costs a lot of money, and Newspaper Theme is very much more expensive. It’s original price is $76.

Get Newspaper Theme

Newspaper Theme ➡ 
Newspaper 10 Theme activation code How to Get Free & ActiveDOWNLOAD

But, but today I am going to give you the Newspaper 10 Theme absolutely free, and I am also going to tell you how to activate the Newspaper theme 10, and how to customize the Newspaper Theme 10x, so friends read the post carefully.

The first thing is to download the theme from given My link, and install it on your website, if there is no post on your website, then there is going to be a little troubled, because all the options of customization will not be seen.

when You will keep writing posts, you will see all the options of the theme, I will recommend that you write some posts first, and then install the Newspaper 10 Theme.

Note: This theme is Not For India

Newspaper 10 Theme Customizing

After installing Theme you have to go to your Theme panel, and there you will see many sections, all you have to do is to customize your website.

First of all you will see the header section. You can design the header according to yourself, the design I use is given to you in the photo. If you like this design, you can apply it to your website too, But i think you should setting according to your website.

Newspaper 10 Theme activation code How to Get Free & Active

Then below is the footer section, here you can change your footer, you can add a logo, write your name as well, and you can also write the name of your copyright.

Then comes the post section, how you want to show your post, you can set it from here, my advice is that you leave your post and remove all the other options, such as category, author name, Tags, etc.

Newspaper 10 Theme colors customize

Now you do not have to do anything in your Theme section, go straight to your color section, here you have to choose colors carefully, and try to make the color of your website lighter, because the color of the website also matters Speed ​​down.

Newspaper 10 Theme Activation step

Now it is your turn to activate the Theme, you have to go to the active section of your Theme, and click on the manual active link, and then enter the name of your website in the Theme Code, and then click on activate. Now Your Theme will be activated successfully.

Newspaper 10 Theme activation code How to Get Free & Active

Why activate Newspaper Theme?
By the way, you can use Newspaper 10 Theme without activating it, but it can put your website at risk of security, so it is very important to activate Newspaper 10 Theme, not only Newspaper 10 Theme, any theme you use on your website Yes, make it active.

If you have purchased the Newspaper 10 Theme from somewhere, then you will get the active code of Newspaper X Theme there. just find it then active your theme.

Newspaper 10 Theme is a great theme, you can also enable AMP in it, you get everything free in it, and there are a lot of demo to make the website beautiful. I think this theme is better for you. If you want, you can take the Theme from the given link below.

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I hope This post is useful for you, If you like the post then share it on your friends, because “SHARING IS CARING”



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