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04/30/2020 – Motivation – Viswanath

Motivation is very important for blogging, because if you do not have the goal, that you have to blogging, and that is how to earn money, then you are never going to get success in the blogging field. Motivation for life quotes motivational blogger :

o a blogger Needed lot of motivation, today in this post I am going to tell you how you can keep yourself motivate, and how to start a blog. 

Get more stronger your mind, Motivation checklist :
  1. Love yourself:
  2. Love your Job:
  3. Get smile in face:
  4. Start work From hart:
  5. Promise yourself:
  6. Do Respect avery people:
  7. Reaserch avery time:
  8. Noting Is possible:
  9. Don’t chenge Gole, change your way:
  10. Think Some do some, getmotivate :

Hello friends, my name is Viswanath, and I am in the world of blogging from
the last 5 years, And many times, I felt that blogging field is useless, now it should
be stopped.

But I am such a person who if I think about something then I only live by completing it, whether it takes 1 year or 5 years, similarly you have to decide that I have to do this work.

Motivation for life quotes motivational blogger

Motivation for life quotes motivational blogger

If you make a commitment by yourself, I want to earn money from blogging, you think that the work I am doing is the best work, if you think that I am doing this
job in a good way If I can, then you will never fail in your life.

Money will definitely come today, if not today then definitely after one month or
5 months, it is important to work, keep working, you will definitely get its benefit.

About me:

When I first started blogging, I had no idea about it, nor did there exist any tutorial at that time, but today I have a lot of tutorials, you can easily learn from it about blogging.

All I knew was that I could earn money online by blogging, and then I thought that
if I can earn money at home, then why not do this job, and that’s it, I got my first domain resistor Which was called

and after buying this domain I had no money, so I chose Blogger to create my own website, and i created my first website, although this now domain is not live, but A year ago this domain was live on Google.

I started writing articles on this domain by making a blog, I worked on it for a year,
I applied for Adsense many times, but I always got disapproval, I had written a lot
of posts on this blog, and I Didn’t want to my hard work go waste, but I couldn’t do anything else.

Motivation for life quotes motivational bloggerMotivation for life quotes, motivational blogger, Make money from Blogging

Adsense was not getting approval, and there was no traffic on the website, because
I did not know anything about SEO, I told a lot of website owners to give a backlink for my blogspot, but his answer never came.

Then I decided that’s it, it’s enough, now I have to quit blogging, it is not going to benefit, I felt that blogging is just for the name, here is a waste of time, nothing else, so one day I was thinking of the night and then I found a tutorial on Youtube.

Which told you how to find keywords for a blog, and in that tutorial I was also find some keywords whose search volume is low, then i write 3 Article on that keyword, and i publish on my blog.

And after I applied for Adsense again, I thought that like every time I will not get
any result, but I was wrong here, the traffic that came to my blog after 7 days of publishing the article was 300.

I did not know that traffic was coming to my website, I came to know when I checked my blog’s dashboard at night.

Motivation for life quotes motivational blogger

Although this traffic was very low but for me it was too much, and I decided to
write more articles on blogger, and then I wrote another article on the same night, and published it on the blog, that night I did not sleep, i checked again and again
my trafic, on my dashboard, because it was a new experience for me.

Then suddenly at 4 o’clock I got a notification, I opened it and saw that there was writing, congratulations your website has been approved for AdSense. I was off for
a second, I felt as if I had won the whole world.

And then I decided that I should keep blogging now.

I kept writing articles every day, but here I made a big mistake, which I should not have done, I was writing a lot of articles on my website, which we call Mix Content, and for that my website ranking slowly falling because of mix content.

Which I never wanted it, I wanted this website to be ranked everywhere, so I write mix content on my blog.

You should not make any such mistake, my website has now completely collapsed, and from now on I was not having any earnings, so one day I got angry that I deleted this domain.

Love yourself: Love your Job: Get smile in face: Start work From hart: Promise yourself: Do Respect avery people: Reaserch avery time: Noting Is possible: Don't chenge Gole, change your way: Make it simple: Think Some do some, getmotivate :

But I just did not give up, I created my second website, which was now on WordPress, because I had little knowledge of blogging, and built the website on WordPress, and I did not make any mistake this time that made my website Rankings go down, or shut down due to spam.

Motivation for life quotes motivational blogger

Many people will still be confused as to how we can create a website? And how
do blogging? And how to earn money from it?

Creating a website is not such a difficult task, a website can be created within
an hour, just you have to think that you want to create a website on the whichever
topic, if you have chosen your topic, then you will never face any problem.

Earlier I used to take an hour to write an article, but now it takes me less than 15 minutes to write an article, you will also do this way of smart work, no need to do hard work .

Watch Video Get More Motivate :

You can choose any platform to create a blog/website, I think WordPress is better, because there are a lot of customization options, there are many themes available
on WordPress which are absolutely free, you can use them.

But the real thing that comes here is the article, the better article you write, the better you will be able to rank in Google, here it is not necessary that if there is another website on your keyword, you will not come above it.

If your work is better than that website, Google will put you on top of that other website, I am telling you this, because people think that they will copy the article from somewhere and publish it on their blog.

Let me tell you that you cannot fool Google, you can try any number of ways
but Google catch you If you are caught making any kind of mistake, then you will
have to bear the brunt of it.

Motivation for life quotes motivational blogger

When you build your website, don’t think that you have to earn money from it,
you should consider your website as a brand, and when you love your work, then only you will get success, many people are still there a lot of tutorials Have seen,
and yet they keep making mistakes.

If you have made this commitment by yourself, that you want money from
blogging, then I have given you a link below, from there you can buy domain and hosting at a very low price, If you buy hosting from my link, you will get up to 50% discount, you can buy if you want. BUY HERE

Conclusion :

And friends, how you like my story, and what do you think, is the motivation necessary in life? And can we live life only through motivation? Can we earn
money from blogging only through Motivation? tell me in the comment section
what you think.

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