Make Money in Lockdown Days Affiliate Marketing

You must have heard this from many times that money can be earned from Affiliate Marketing, but you do not know how much money can be make with online, even many people do not know that How to earn money from Affiliate Marketing, and nowadays virus stopped the whole world, so I am going to tell you some way to earn money while sitting at home, so read the post carefully.(Make Money in Lockdown Days Affiliate Marketing)

Make Money in Lockdown Days Affiliate Marketing

Make Money in Lockdown Days Affiliate Marketing

I am going to tell you in this post how to earn money from Affiliate Marketing, and how you can earn money sitting at home right now.

So let’s know all the information related to Affiliate Marketing with Detail.

What is affiliate marketing?

There are many such websites on the Internet, who want to promote their product or service by through someone else.

And due to this, that website is ready to give you some commission, it is depend on that person, how much promotion they are able to get,

This work is called Affiliate Marketing in internet language.

If you also create an Affiliate Account in a website, and promote their product, and sell them, then that website will give you some commission on top of their product, which is what you sell.

Different websites have their own different rules.

There are many such websites in the Internet, which gives you a commission of more than 50%, and there are many websites which also give 20% commission, And there is some such website which gives you 5% 2% 1% 8% commission on their product sale.

Make Money in Lockdown Days Affiliate Marketing

But the best website is Amazon, Flipkart, from here you can earn a lot of money by marketing affiliate, but today the market is completely down, and websites like Amazon have stopped selling their products.

But you do not need to worry, there are such websites on the Internet, from where you can earn money, by affiliate marketing.

Make Money in Lockdown Days Affiliate Marketing

Right now everyone is sitting at home, and this is the right opportunity for you, first of all create your affiliate account on those websites which provide website hosting or domain, because now people have time, and They also want to make a website, and they have found a company from where they can get cheaper products, then you can sell hosting or domain.

There are many websites on the Internet, whose products you can sell, and you can make money. I have given the link of those websites below, you can see.

Make Money in Lockdown Days Affiliate Marketing

If you have your own website, you can also promote it, now the market has fallen very low, due to this the Google Advertising Network has made his ad rate low, so you can take advantage of it, and You can advertise your website, you will get more profit in less money, then you can use AdSense within your website, and earn money from it. Or you can earn money from any other affiliate link.

Just promote your website using Google Ad network, then use Adsense ads on your website, or add some affiliate link on your website, article or page, And you can earn money from it.

If you were thinking of making your own video, then this is the right opportunity, you can make a YouTube channel, and you can upload the video, although it is not going to benefit right now, and you are not making any money from it. But if you create a channel now, then you have more chances of getting subscribers, and then later you can monetize your channel, and you can generate your income from it. YouTube is also a good source of affiliate marketing. but one thing is you must have an audience.

Best Affiliate marketing website
  • Amazon Affiliate
  • Flipkart Affiliate
  • Snapdeal Affiliate
  • vCommission
  • MakeMyTrip Affiliate
  • eBay Affiliate

If you ask me which website should you create your affiliate account? So I suggest Amazon and Flipkart.

Make Money in Lockdown Days Affiliate Marketing

Because every product in the world is available on this website, and you can earn money by promoting those products, and this website also gives you good commission on every sale.

From cloth to slippers and everything from home decorating to food items, you will find everything on Amazon, so that people trust the Amazon more.

That is why it is my favorite website to do affiliate marketing, I also use it to earn money by doing affiliate marketing, but the question is, which affiliate product should be marketed? For this, I have made a list below, by looking at which you can also sell those things, and you can generate a good income.

Note :

My suggestion is that you should promote the same product in which you have interest, if you work on something that you do not have knowledge, then you will not enjoy the work, and you will leave it in a few days.

I have more knowledge about the website, and I only do related things with it, and I enjoy it too. Sometimes the products are not even sold, but I don’t demotivate it, because I like this work.

If you have an interest in a work, then you can explain it to others in a good way, it will also make people like your work, and they will follow you, which is increases your chance of success.

How does work Affiliate Marketing
Whenever you sell a product from a website, that website gives you a link, using that link a person can buy your product, and from that link, the website gets to know, from the link, how many The product is sold, this link is a kind of tracking code for your affiliate marketing account.

If someone visits your affiliate link on a website like Amazon, then that link is valid for 24 hours, if someone buys a product within 24 hours, you will get its commission.

How to learn Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is very easy to learn, there are many ways on the Internet, you can learn from YouTube, you can learn from Google, there are many paid courses, through them you can also learn affiliate marketing.

My favorite platform is YouTube, there are tutorials in Hindi English and many other types of language, but there is a problem here, if you are a starting person, then YouTube is not right for you, for this you have to pay some course.

To achieve success in affiliate marketing, you must have an audience, if you do not have public, then all your efforts are useless.

How to generate an audience?
You have a lot of ways to generate an audience, but the best way is, a website, if you have your own website, then you don’t have to worry, you can reach your product through your website. and you can connect people with themselves.

Make Money in Lockdown Days Affiliate Marketing 6

You have two ways to create a website, one is blogger and the other is WordPress, I suggest creating a website on WordPress, on WordPress the websites are fully customized, rank also quickly, but to build a website on WordPress you will need a few things.

To make a website, you need a hosting and a domain, which you will get very cheap from any website, but if you want to get cheaper, better and faster hosting and domain, you can buy from given my link. You will get 50% discount on buying from my link, below I have mentioned the hosting price on a table, if you want you can see it & buy it.

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Apart from this, you can also generate audiences in other ways, such as Facebook, Instagram, Qura, You can create a page here, and do affiliate marketing of your product.

Promote on Youtube

There will be no better platform than Youtube to promote Affiliate Products, you can make a nice video on the specialty of whatever product you want to promote, you can explain about it to people.

But your video should be good, informative, your way of speaking should be good.

Make Money in Lockdown Days Affiliate Marketing

Promote on Instagram

You do not have to work too hard on Instagram, take a pic of whatever product you want to promote, and put that pic in instagram stories, tell people, I have seen this product using it, I like it very much If you want to buy this product, then you can buy this product by swipe up.

Make Money in Lockdown Days Affiliate Marketing

Make Money in Lockdown Days Affiliate Marketing 1

But there is a problem here, to promote this kind of Affiliate Product on Instagram, you should have 10,000 followers, only then you will get the Swipe Up features on Instagram.

Promote on Quora
Quora is one of the easiest ways to earn money by promoting your Affiliate Product, you can use Quora, by joining Quora Partner Program.

Here you have to answer the question of the people, you have to answer the question through an article, the question that has been asked, and you can give a link in that article to affiliate marketing, and you can sell your product.

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