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Is GOD real, Is God true? There are many facts on this matter, events that happened in our past indicate the existence of God.

And the stories of our grandmother remind us in our childhood that God is true, who is watching us from far away, apart from this, many History books and texts have been written in History which shows that God is real, And some of those texts are also very respective, but the problem is that no one has seen God.

If anyone is looking, then they have seen God in private, this brings up a question, is God exist? is GOD real? And if God is true then why they do not show up, why they have left people in the universe for so much trouble.

So today in this article, we will know is GOD real. I can say with a claim that you will believe in God. So let’s start.

Hello, friends, my name is Viswanath and I am a Full-time Blogger, and today I am going to write this article to prove God true or false/Is GOD real, with great humility, please read this article carefully.

Is GOD real - 2021 Proof God is real Best of The Daily Website
Is GOD real – 2021 Proof God is real Best of The Daily Website

Is GOD Real? story.

On our earth, God is known by different names like Jishu, Lord Vishnu, Allah, Budh, etc, and there is a unique story about every God.

If I  write about all the stories of God then this article will be so long that you will probably keep reading for 2 months and maybe more.

Therefore, I am not going to tell you about any scripture or story related to any God, but if you want to know them too, then you can buy a book by just click on the link below.

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Today our world was so advanced and everyone believes in science, I will try to convince you through science.

Let’s start with our universe when nothing was present in this universe, the whole universe was in darkness, and suddenly one day there was a big explosion, out of which many elements spread throughout the universe.

This explosion also produced metals like neutron-proton, which is very important for our life, this explosion was so fast that its effect remains even today, and our universe continues to grow even today.

In science language, it is called Bigbang theory. But the question is where is God in it.

So let’s find God and know how people came to know about God.

So after the Bigbang theory, many planets were born, and then after many years came the period of Dinosaur, after that, it took many thousands of years for human beings to be born I left many things behind, which shows that humans How was born We will know all of them in another article.

The first stage of human birth.

Is GOD real 2021 Proof God is real Best of The Daily Website 3

When slowly started life on earth to upgrade itself, meaning animals were starting to develop themselves, then humans also started developing themselves.

That time humans were just an animal living in the forest, who used to eat raw meat, had no knowledge of taste, wandered naked, did not know any kind of argument. and yes humans were very smart that time.

But as humans advanced themselves, they started making weapons for their needs, people started wearing clothes to make themselves beautiful.

And to talk with each other, he created languages to understand each other.

And friends, you will be surprised to know that ancient language does not match with any language of today.

But in the midst of all this, humans understood that if we had to keep ourselves alive with the situation, then we would have to live together, only helping each other could keep a person alive. Now humans had become so advanced that they now started hunting animals for their needs.

The trees, the wild animals, They all began to consider themselves as their property. and due to this, the human being has now occupied everything, And perhaps this thinking has created a sense of Rich and poverty in today’s society.

But the human has become so much developed now that he could make anything, they can protect themselves, and humans can think new things.

Recognize God.

Is GOD real - 2021 Proof God is real Best of The Daily Website
Is GOD real – 2021 Proof God is real Best of The Daily Website

Now the human had become such an advanced animal that he could do anything, and that is why he was doing farming, cooking food, or doing all this easily.

But there were still some things that were not under human control, such as rain, sunlight, death, etc.

Even humans could not control whether their child would be born healthy or not.

So humans used to think that there is something that controls all this, there must be someone who turns the sun off and on every day, rains on time, and fil water inside the coconut.

If we make him happy, then we can get the power to control all this, that is, if we start respecting the person who rains, then it will all be under our control.

And that’s it the birth of God started from here, people started prayer in different ways, although that time God had no name, people started prayer him with reverence.

And because of this tradition of birth, people used to think that if we want to please the gods, then we have to provide something, and with this thought, goats and chickens are sacrificed.

The people of the clan used to kill thousands of animals simultaneously, and thought that God would be happy, but the problem was that not every human worshiped God in one way. Is GOD real

And this was the reason that different religions started taking birth in the people, some people started giving the name of their worship to a different god, then people joining that religion started worshiping God according to the same religion.

Such as Hindu, Islam, Christian, egyption god, etc. In this way, people started talking about religion and God.

But no one knew where God is/is God real, and to make this fact come true, people started making stories, stories were such that after listening to them, anyone can believe in him, and slowly by that people started telling that story to other peoples. Started worshiping.

Then the time of King started, in this time the king of every country was associated with some religion, and he only supported the people of his religion.

And if someone opposed him, he would get death as a punishment.

But still, no one had seen God, it was just the story of people and God was present among them because of their faith. So the question comes is God true.

So to understand this, we have to go to the time of Bigbang theory, when nothing was present in this universe, when there was nothing in the universe then there was only one thing and that was darkness which had no end, greater than the biggest. Thousands of millions of animals were seen just like an ant in it.

And perhaps this is the God who has no end, who has no shape, and if we talk about God living among people, then he is just a hope. Is GOD real.

The hope that a human being can achieve anything, if ever an accident happens to you, you remember God and tell yourself that God will fix everything.

This hope makes you successful, but our scripture says that God came to earth and he gave many sacrifices to save people. Is GOD real.

If this thing is true, maybe that can happen, then where is God today, today there are a lot of problems among people. And there is no solution to those problems, today terrible diseases have lived in the atmosphere of the earth, which humans do not have treatment for it. And to avoid those diseases, man worships God.

Conclusion of Is GOD real:

I think there is nothing in this world called God, it is only the humming words of people that have kept God alive between us, and this gives new hope, a support to our life,  God exists inside every human being, if a person gives food to a poor person then he is God for him when someone helps someone, he is God, heaven and hell all this is just a part of the story. Which has no one seen till date.

But I want this hope that the name of God should be present among us so that we can improve our lives. And to be honest, I believe in God, but just like a well-wisher.

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