Content writing ideas, How to write a news article

Viswanath – 07/31/2020 – Content writing ideas

How to write a news article: Friends, I am aware that you all want to make a little money by creating a website, but friends, I know that most of the people, after making their website, after writing some articles, they seem to be lacking the idea, And then people have nothing left to write.

Content writing ideas, How to write a news article:

Content writing ideas, How to write a news article

So friends, read this post carefully, today I will tell you how you can write millions of articles on the same topic, and make your website a brand, then read the post til the end.

First thing comes keywords: Content writing ideas, How to write

First thing comes keywords, you have to choose any one keyword, here many people choose many keywords for their website, and they want their website to rank above all those keywords. But friends, in today’s time it is not possible.

Because in today’s time, every word have a website, and if we start writing articles on every keyword, then visitors will can not understand about your website, If a person goes to a website after searching any one targeted topic, then he wants to know only about the that particular topic, not he is interested in other things.

So if we build our website on a single topic, and write articles on it, then this will keep people’s trust in our website, and people will also follow the website.

Now the biggest problem comes that people who are new, have just started blogging, those people are not able to be patient, they need adsense immediately, they want that traffic coming immediately to their website.

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I have also talked to people who said that, after 3 articles, we have applied for AdSense, and it has been rejected, so my intelligent friends  there are thousands of such videos on YouTube or on all other platforms.

Which calls you the same thing, that applies for Adsense only after writing 30 to 40 articles, and people do not pay attention to those things.

There are some people who do not want to work hard, they only want to eat fruits, they do not know how to plant trees, or neither do they try to do it, although it is possible that you can eat fruits without planting trees. but for that you spend lots of money, and you do not want to spend money, so how will you get success?

Content writing ideas, How to write a news article

So my dear friends, “Hit the hammer when iron is hot”, and it is not a matter of everyone, some people tell me that I should make their website for free, and they understand that I am sitting idle.

And they have brought a big thing for me, and they start threatening me that if I don’t make their website, they will leave my group, if any one amongst you is reading this article, So for you I have only one word, Nikal ,,,,,

Almost all bloggers have this problem, that they spend their time doing technical things, like themes, web design, adsense, etc, and in such a situation, the work becomes more difficult, if you do not know the work, then you should give it to a professional who make your all technical work, and you can only focus on your article.

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Coming out of the outside world, and entering into the world of words, It’s not just easy for everyone, nor does everyone understand it, only the intelligent person understands the same thing very easily, and moves on. And the other people kept thinking there.

So if your mind wants to write a story, and you can write thousands of stories using your imagination, then you should make a website for the story itself, such as Hindi story, or English story.

And inside this topic there are thousands of keywords, on which you can write articles, such as children’s story, grandmother’s story, love story, ghost story, moral stories, etc, etc, etc.

You can also do a lot of research on the internet for the idea, Google is the right platform for you, thousands of articles and websites already exist here, and you can read them, and you can get knowledge for your article.

Get information from youtube: How to write a news article

In today’s time, youtube is the largest platform for online earning, and there are thousands of information even here, although not all the information is true, but youtube videos can teach you, and you can get the idea for your article.

Content writing ideas, How to write a news article

For example, if your website is about technology, then you can watch those videos on youtube that related about technology, and by following those videos, you can write articles for yourself.

Many times people do this too, saw the video on youtube, and converted what is said in that video into an article, although this method works, but sometimes it becomes very difficult.

When the same article exists on someone else’s website, so you can just get a peek, and prepare yourself to write the article, find new topics for your website.

I always say that any easy way leads a person to a deep cave, where there is only darkness, there is no ray of light, but people still repeat the mistakes, this is everyone’s own thinking. and i can’t help you.

Book reading: Content writing ideas, How to write a news article

If you love to read a book in childhood days, then do not waste that talent, there are many books available in the market, which can change your life completely, but as increases the age of people, As he goes away from books, he does not understand the importance of books.

Content writing ideas How to get Idea For Next Article 3

A few days ago I too started to stay away from books, thinking that it does not help me, but after some time I felt that this whole world is hidden only in books. Who made it his partner, He won half the battle in the world.

Although reading a book seems very boring, and it is just a feeling of interest from outside, but in reality it is not so, if you read a book carefully, it can be even more exciting.

Information of the outside world:

There are many people who start a website, blog, business, etc, even without any knowledge, and then they fail in their life.

The mistake is not that they do not know anything, the fault is that they do not want to know, they do not try to do it.

Post For You:

An incident with me …

I had been talking to a person with me for a few days, and I was trying to make him understand everything, but his needle was stuck in one place, he said that Google baba, invested all his money on 5G internet, and now adsense is slowly coming off.

I explained to him that man, is not like this, but he did not try to understand, and then i feel very angry, when someone has to explain this much but he is not ready to understand, such people spoil their lives, along with They spoil the lives of others.

If you do not know anything, then you can also create a website, and write millions of articles. Want to know how? So download the PDF file below.

So friends, I hope you have liked this article, and my dear intelligent friends, blogging is not a very difficult task, some frauds and scamers, just make it difficult, and blogging on the other side is not even a chocolate, Let’s go straight and start eating, it takes both patience and hard work.

I think, if you start learning everything correctly then you do not need any tips and tricks.

Content writing ideas, How to write a news article

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