How to start Blogging from mobile phone 2021

Are you a student or are you upset with your job, and now you are searching about online earning on the internet, And this has brought you to know about Blogging?

But for blogging, it is necessary to invest, will have to buy a laptop, will have to buy hosting, it will take money separately for the domain, but the biggest problem is to buy a laptop.

How to start Blogging from mobile phone:

How to start Blogging from mobile phone
How to start Blogging from mobile phone

And not everyone can buy it, especially those who are students, it is difficult to arrange 10k in a month, and this problem is not only in India, but in countries like Ghana Indonesia, the economic situation is still a big problem.

In such a situation, the question comes can we start blogging from mobile phone? So the answer is yes, of course, you can start blogging from your smartphone but you need to take care of some things.

Introduction about me:

Hello friends my name is Viswanath and I am a full-time blogger, I am doing blogging from the last 5 years, and I have done a lot of experimentation, used a lot of hosting, and bought a lot of domains as well.

From all this I have good knowledge about Blogging, if you want to know more about me then you can read my author page.

Some important things for start blogging from mobile phone.

If you want to start blogging with mobile, then you should have a good Smartphone.

Apart from this, you should have good knowledge about Blogging, although you can use Blogger which is a free platform, but WordPress can be a better option for good performance.

If you are using Blogger, then it is necessary to buy the domain, you will not see much success in the free domain, apart from this you should also have enough time because more time is needed to start blogging from mobile.

First stage. to start Blogging from mobile phone

I know that if someone wants to do blogging from mobile, then they do not have money to invest, hence they use to make a website.

So if you want to use Blogger, then I would suggest that you use its Android app, it will be better for you.

To download Blogger mobile app, you have to go to the Playstore and search there Blogger, you will see Blogger official app.

Install it, and signup with your email. After signup, you can see Blogger Dashboard in front of you, but you will get to see its interface quite differently.

But do not worry, it is very easy. Try to understand it.

to start Blogging from mobile phone
to start Blogging from mobile phone

Second stage. to start Blogging from mobile phone

As you have seen in thousands of videos on YouTube, SEO is necessary for the website, and your website is also important to be mobile-friendly.

But all these things do not happen in Blogger, so now you just have to concentrate on work. Things like SEO are only for big bloggers, do not waste your time on this kind of thing.

Blogger is joined by people who do not trust themselves, and this is the truth, but still Blogger. com is a good platform, and also a better option for start blogging from mobile.

But the problem is that new people watch videos, but they do not understand how to write an article, how to make a website a brand, people just pay more attention to the useless things, And in the end, they buy such a fake online curse where the useless things like black hat SEO are taught.

If you really want to earn money from blogging, then you have to concentrate on work, and there is no other easy way to do it.

3rd stage. to start Blogging from mobile phone

Writing an article is not any rocket science, it can be done by any person, with the help of the Internet, millions of information is available for free, if you follow them properly, you will get 100% result.

Or you can also visit our article writing category.


Whether you do blogging from mobile or laptop, things will be the same, you will have to work hard in both places.

But there are some problems in start blogging from mobile, it is difficult to write an article or make a website properly with a mobile phone.

If you can invest a little bit, then you can also buy Webdesign service from a developer. Nowadays mobile phones have become very advanced and compared to earlier, today’s smartphones also have 10 cameras, which were developed by Mobile phone makers maybe keeping Tiktok in mind.

But it is not possible to do havey work on a smartphone. If you have no shortage of time, then you can try blogging from mobile.

If you have just thought that you have to do blogging from your mobile phone, then you will need some software, which I have told below.

Google Indic keyboard.

This is a tool that can convert any text to any language, you can write English letters to any language using this tool.

I use this tool whenever I travel because it is not possible to open the laptop everywhere.

The Google Indic keyboard that you will find in Playstore is available for free, although Google’s Maximum product is free, and it is the best method to keep users connected to it.

After installing the Google Indic keyboard, you have to turn off the default keyboard of your mobile and select the language in which you want to write.

After this, the Google Indic keyboard will create a new layout for you, using which you can also write Text Emoji or any type of sticker. And it will help you a lot to start blogging from mobile.


Creating images from a computer is easy but making images from mobile is a bit difficult task, although thousands of apps will be found in Palystore, from which you can create a good image, but it is difficult to use them because mobile’s display is small.

Apart from this, it takes a lot of thinking to make an image from mobile, if you have good thinking power, then you can make a good image, but most people cannot think an Advance level.

That is why I suggest that you use Canva, Canva is an online tool from where you can create very good images.

This tool is also paid and is also available for free, you can create a free account of Canva, and with this, you can create a good image.

In Canva, your default templates are found, which you can edit, download, and can also be used for your blog.

Download the Google AdSense app:

You should do this when your blog is approved by Adsense, but this is also an incompatible method if you blogging from mobile.

When your website is approved with AdSense, then you have to set up the Ad code correctly, and this work is a bit tricky.

For which you need to download the official app of Adsense, with this you will be able to set up the ads for your website properly and will also be able to solve the problem coming in Adsense.

Google docs.

to start Blogging from mobile phone
to start Blogging from mobile phone

Although after writing an article on a website, those articles are not needed, but sometimes the website crashes, and in such a situation you can lose your articles.

So Google Docs makes storage work for you. You can write an article in Google docs, and those articles will be saved in your email id forever.

You can use those articles again at any time, or if there is any problem with your website, then you can easily restore the article again.

Google docs is an online writing tool of Google, it works like Ms office, but you will find its mobile app in the play store, you can install it for free.

You can easily create a table or hyperlink using Google docs.

Some common question.

A better blogging platform for mobile blogging

There are many platforms available for blogging. But if you want to blogging from mobile then your 2 is the best platform, the first is WordPress and the second is Blogger.

You will get the mobile app of both these platforms from Playstore, in both platforms, you will get options to do SEO correctly for writing articles.

However, the WordPress platform is better than Blogger and I also recommend it.

How to blogging in WordPress.

For WordPress you will have a domain name, after that, you will also need hosting, you can buy this hosting from anywhere, but try to buy a good hosting, if you want more information about hosting, then the link given below Click

After purchasing hosting and domain you have to install WordPress. WordPress you will find inside the softaculous software of hosting.

I have written an article about how to install WordPress, you can also see it.


After installing WordPress, you have to go to its Dashboard, for which you have to type wp-admin next to your domain.

Or this URL can be something like this.


After login into the dashboard, you have to design your website, for which you can also use free themes, for free quite a good theme is available in the WordPress dashboard.

But my favorite themes are Generatepress and Astra pro.

After installing the theme you will need some plugins, these plugins are made to work very easily for your website.

For example, if you have to do SEO, then for which Yoast SEO or Rank Math plugin is there, or easy table plugin for the table is better.

How much to install these plugins will decide the topic of your website, as if you have a simple blog, then this plugins is right for you.

  • Easy table
  • Classic editor
  • Simple sitemap
  • TinyMCE
  • Yoast SEO
  • Simple sitemap
  • Autoptimize
  • Shortcode

Or if you have an E-commerce store then you need these plugins.

  • Woocommerce
  • Yoast seo
  • Tiny MCE
  • Wp rocket
  • Table
  • Livemash
  • Elementor
  • Social warfare
  • Site map
  • Author simple

After installing the plugins, you start working, and if your work is right then you will get good benefits from it.

How to create in Blogger.

blogger mobile app 1

It is very easy for bloggers, you will not have to face many troubles.

To create a website in Blogger, you will need only one domain, after the domain name, you have to install Blogger’s App on your mobile phone.

After this you have to sign up with an email id, you can name your blog according to yourself.

After signing up, your blog will be ready with a free domain, but to connect it to your domain, you will have to add Blogger’s nameserver to the domain’s DNS.

After connecting DNS, you have Ajan in Blogger’s account and have to install any theme.

Millions of themes for Blogger exist for free, you can also download by searching in Google.

After installing the theme you will not need to change anything, the default setup in Blogger is already done, however you can change the colors of your Logo and Theme.

After doing so, you have to start working now. And as I said, if your work is right then you will definitely get success.

Blogging from mobile is a good start, but it will give you very little success, any free stuff works to your limit, if you want to succeed in blogging, then I suggest that you ignore the things you need. Do not. Such as laptops, domains, Hosting SSL, etc.

So, friends, I hope you would have liked this article, if you like it, then definitely share it with your friends.

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