How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India – Earn Money Online

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a income source which you can earn money by selling someone else’s product, like LIC you may have seen many lic agents who are behind you, they sell the policy of lic, and this is why they get Commission from lic, ( How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India ) this is affiliate marketing, you can earn millions of dollars from affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing will be a difficult task for a lot of people, but my dear intelligent friends, affiliate marketing is not so hard.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India - Earn Money Online

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India, Find Your Niche

To do affiliate marketing, you have to choose your topic, that is, you have to
decide what you want to sell, do you want to sell healthy product, then affiliate
the health product, you have to pay attention to the topic, which you want do
affiliate marketing, find smallest things on your topic, for example.

You have to choose your topic, and work hard on that topic, and friends, be careful
that you choose a topic on which people are interested, people go to buy your product,
not like that you will start working on any topic, You may suffer further loss.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India - Earn Money Online

If you want, you can take the help of Google or any other keyword tool, from
where you can find out which topic people are more interesting, the more people,
the more benefit, the more your product will sell, as well. It is important to note
that the price of the product, that you want to do affiliate marketing of the product
should not be too high.

Find the biggest problem

The basic mantra of affiliate marketing is that you understand the problem of people,
if you go to a doctor, and if that doctor does not fix your problem, then will you go
to that doctor again, similarly you should pay attention to people’s problem. you have
to see what people want, what is their need.

If you do affiliate marketing of the product as per the requirement of the people, then
you will benefit, and your product will sell more and more, if you pay attention to the
problem of the people, then you will not have to speak to sell your product, otherwise
there is lot of affiliate marketer Why people will not go to them.

Find the need magnet attract

If you want to earn money from affiliate marketing, then you have to attract
people to your side, that is, you have to present your product in such a way
that people will be drawn towards it as soon as they are given, for example,
you remember Mentos chocolate ads, In the ads some cartons were used, and
that was quite good, and with this reason people started getting attractive
towards Mentos.

Similarly, you will also have to do affiliate marketing of the product, and for
this purpose you will need a plot form, where you can set up your own shop/
affiliate marketing, without a shop/website you can’t sell your product ?

Landing A Place/Create Website

You have to create your own website for affiliate marketing, where you can
do affiliate marketing, bring people to your product, it is very important to
choose a platform to build a website, the better you make your website, the
more people will be attracted, so this It is very important to decide where to
set up your shop.

If you want, you can create a website on Blogger, or you can also create a
website on WordPress, but the website on Blogger does not become so good,
and Blogger’s website does not rank too fast, so on WordPress It is better to
make a website, visit here to know how to make a website.

To create a website on WordPress, you will need a domain name and hosting,
and you will get both of these within 2000 to 3000, if you want to buy, you can
take this from my link, from here you can get 50% off on domain+hosting,
which you will get around 12,00 to 1300, that too for a year, visit here to get
domain and hosting.

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Now you have done all your work but there are some things left now, without
this tips affiliate marketing cannot be a success, read these tips carefully, until
traffic arrives on your website, Your product will not get a shell, so traffic to
your website is very necessary.

If you want, you can bring traffic through email, and if you have people & friends
circul more, then you can do affiliate marketing very easily, but if you do not have
public, then you have to work very hard.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India

The best for you is an advertisement platform, you can use Google Ads or
Facebook Ads, if you have money, then only you do it, Google Ads gives you
the convenience of 100 to 200 rupees a month, but If you ask me, my favorite
platform is Facebook.

If you do not have money, you can also use Facebook or Instagram, where you
can create pages, and sell your affiliate product.

Continue Post writing

When people create a website, they work very hard for a few days, but after
they do not get any result, they leave it, but you should not do this, you should
not be able to do that about your affiliate product on your website. so Keep
updating, so that people can get to know about new things.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India - Earn Money Online

People like new things more, that is why they always run towards new information,
so you have to keep giving new information, although it is a bit difficult to rank the
website, but if you work hard, it is not so difficult.


You have to give an update daily, it does not mean that you pick up the affiliate product directly and put it on the website, and there is no information about that product. Whenever I do affiliate marketing, the complete information about that product Let it be, even if the article is in 200 words.




How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India


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