How to Rank Youtube Channel – Youtube Seo Tips

How to Rank Youtube Channel: YouTube is a platform from which you can become famous, grow your own business, you can also earn a lot of money by monetizing your videos, and for this, you have to create an account on YouTube, with which you can show your creativity, and earn money from it. But, it is important that your video is go viral, if your video is not viral then there is no benefit by creating an account on YouTube.

How to Rank Youtube Channel – Youtube Seo Tips

How to Rank Youtube Channel - Youtube Seo Tips

So the question is, how to Grow Youtube channel between so many people?
There are already so many people working on YouTube, so we cannot beat
them in the competition, you are thinking this too, right? But friends, you will
be surprised that it is very easy to work on YouTube, it is very easy to grow a youtube channel, want to know how ? then read this post carefully.

When I created my channel on YouTube, There was no one to teach me, and
this days people on YouTube were also very few, tutorials were also less,
whatever I had to learn, I learned from my own experience, some place I also
gave money, and I request some people to, Brother please promote my channel.

How to Rank Youtube Channel – Youtube Seo Tips

But I did not get any benefit, I only worked hard for 1 year, and I did not get
any success, and then i made my second channel, whatever I learned in my
one year career, all of them I have apply now in this one channel, and know
that I acquired 30,000 subscribers within 6 months.

      • You can also rich this number, there is no Rocket science in this, just
        keep following the steps I have told.
Youtube SEO First step

To create a YouTube channel and grow youtube channel, you have to choose
your topic, you have to understand on which topic you can make a video, if
you do not have knowledge over anything, and you are making a video on it.

Then People will not like your videos, because you are making a video without knowledge, and somewhere you will definitely make a mistake, due to which the impression of your video will be spoiled.

How to Rank Youtube Channel - Youtube Seo Tips

It would be better if you choose a topic that people search more, and available video is less, if you make it on this type of topic, then you will get success soon.

Youtube SEO second step

Youtube Seo Tips How to rank youtube channel 2

When you create a channel on YouTube, decide that you will keep regular updates, not necessarily you have to keep adding videos every day, you can choose your own time, suppose you thought of loading up 2 videos in the month, then you have to upload 2 video In the month, and the time
of video uploading also matters, if you upload the video at 10 o’clock, then every time you upload it at 10 o’clock, plus the video quality is also need good.

Video Quality

A lot of people think that to grow on YouTube, need a good camera, a good
laptop, a good internet connection, and many more things, but you don’t need
all these things, you can also start with small things, And you can grow YouTube channel, here your talent is the most important, you need the most talent on YouTube, if you have talent, no one can stop to success on YouTube.

How to Rank Youtube Channel - Youtube Seo Tips

Youtube SEO Settings

Along with the talent for YouTube Channel Grow, some settings are also required, which you can do for free, you have to keep your channel clear a demo, that
means you have to add your channel trailer, Topics tags, channel banner, Thumbnails, Title description, etc. If someone visit your channel, then he knows about your channel. and also know about your videos.

Youtube Seo Tips How to rank youtube channel 3

By this, the person coming to your channel will only understand by watching
your channel, what kind of video is present on your YouTube channel, and
because of this, the chance of your YouTube channel growing is increased.

Add Thumbnails

Thumbnails are very important for a Grow youtube channel, so the more time
you spend making videos, the more time you spend making Thumbnails, I make
my thumbnails before I make a video.

Youtube Seo Tips How to rank youtube channel 4

Description is also necessary for a video to grow youtube channel, so never
forget to write a video description, here I tell you a trick, when you write the
video description, add tags to the description, which you used your tags files.

So that your video There are tags, that will be forced to come in the search
result, but when you’re channel is monetized, then you remove this tag from
the description, because it Is a kind of spam, and if YouTube is know this, then
your channel is going to delete.

You can use this trick as long as the channel is not monetized.

You can use software like Pixellab to create thumbnails for YouTube videos, or
you can also use Picart, if you know how to use Photoshop, you can also use it.

Thumbnails Making Software


Pixellab >>adf405a5426cf830862608fec76068f5b2b61807 00DOWNLOAD

Picart >> DOWNLOAD

Photoshop >> 1200px Adobe Photoshop CC icon.svgDOWNLOAD

Video Editing

Video editing is also very important, without video editing, you cannot do any
work in an youtube channel, but the problem is that a professional video editing software is very expensive, but if you are edit from use smartphone, then You
can use the powerdirector, or you can also use the kine master.

Although their price is expensive, but you can also use these software for free,
but editing the free will bring a watermark in your videos.

How to Rank Youtube Channel – Youtube Seo Tips

If you use a computer/Laptop, then the best option is for you, Wondershare Filmora, everything is available in this software, with this software you can make
a good vfx film too, but this software is a bit expensive, if you want You can use
it, or to use Filmora for free, I have given the link below, you can download it
from there.

Filmora Video Editing Software For Free >> HERE

How to Rank Youtube Channel – Youtube Seo Tips

How to Rank Youtube Channel - Youtube Seo Tips

Friends, you have to work hard to grow on YouTube, without hard work you
are not going to achieve anything here, maybe it may take some time for your YouTube channel to grow, it may take time to get the video Viral, and it Also
some people may dislike your video, but you have to be patient, you will
definitely get success.

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