How To Motivate Yourself When You Are Feeling Demotivated in Writing time

How To Motivate Yourself: As you all know, our Thedailywebsite is an Educational website, and most of the discourse here is about Blogging, but it is not that I have not worked in any other website, in this time the number of my website is 44, and i think it is likely to increase in future.

But people ask me how you manage so many websites because it becomes very difficult for us to handle 1 website, Especially the problem comes when we write articles. How To Motivate Yourself.

How To Motivate Yourself When You Are Writing blog post 2021

Recently, a blogger contacted me and asked me How To Motivate Yourself / How to stay motivated when I write my blog? I found it strange at first but then I came to know that this is the problem with every new blogger.

Let me tell you what was the conversation between me and the new blogger, although I cannot give his real name but for example, I keep his name A. How To Motivate Yourself.

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How To Motivate Yourself
How To Motivate Yourself

Me: Hello, what’s the matter? What can I help you? How To Motivate Yourself.

A: Viswanath sir, I have started blogging for the last 1 year and wrote a lot of articles, and I worked very hard, but still I am not getting any benefit from it. More than 100 or 200 visitors on my blog Are visible a month.

Me: So friend, you should learn to blog first, if you do not know website design article writing, then you cannot do blogging properly.

A: sir I know some things about Blogging, and I also write an article in a good way. I have also joined the course of Blogging, but the problem is that it did not help me to learn everything. Even after some time, I feel that my information is incomplete.

Me: Friend, you joined the course but do you love blogging, can you do the work that you are doing without anyone’s help? How To Motivate Yourself.

A: sir without any help how can I do it, at the time of writing the article I find it boring. You tell me how to stay motivated so that it doesn’t get boring while working. How To Motivate Yourself.

Me: But friend, first you tell me why you want to do blogging? What is your motive?

A: Sir, I have seen on a platform like youtube Facebook that how a normal person has earned millions of money by working from just one laptop, I get inspiration by looking at their earnings, and I think that I can do it too. And with this idea, I started blogging, but to no avail, and this is the 3rd blog I am working on.

Me: So are you start blogging just looking at the earnings of other Bloggers?

A: Yes and is it wrong? How To Motivate Yourself.

Me: It is not a wrong thing to be motivated by seeing someone earn, but if you cannot do that work, if you do not love it, then you are not going to benefit from it, it would be better that you do work on that topic first which you enjoy. It is not necessary that you will earn millions from it.

A: So are you trying to say that I leave Blogging?

Me: No, you have invested so much, and even hard work, so it would be wrong to leave this work now, but you should do blogging in the topic, which you are interested in, about which you know everything.

A: I Have worked on my blog for several months, and this is my 4th blog and probably the last. I am still getting only 100 or 200 traffics a month, and people are commenting only because of backlinks.

Things like “good posts” and “useful posts”, and I also get negative comments from time to time and this makes me very frustrated.

Me: Why did you start blogging? How To Motivate Yourself.

A: To earn money, because I saw on the internet and this is the easiest way, and people are also earning as shown in their post in social media.

(Hearing this, I feel a bit strange that people are stupid even today, people still do not know anything, my friend no work is easy, nor can everyone do everything.

Yet the question was, how do we motivate ourselves? And in response to this, I am writing down the tips which I told him.

When I was talking to a blogger named A, I already knew this problem, because I answer these kinds of questions every day, and I feel like every blogger, especially new people Along with this problem happens, and they are responsible for it.

Why do bloggers find tips like how to motivate yourself?

In today’s time, unemployment is everywhere, especially in the time of Corona, many people have lost their jobs, and this is the reason that people search on the internet about online earning.

And talking about earning online, blogging is one of the top topics, and it seems quite easy, and people think that it will be very easy to earn money online if we make a website, and share tips and tricks on it.

Then the search is done about blogging tips and then it becomes known that it takes money to start, but people do not want to invest money in any place, because they do not trust themselves, and who are investing on it, they only think that I invest today, after 1 month I will earn a lot of money from it.

But in the midst of all these things, no one thinks about how I will work, how to write an article, and how to make a website, although many people search for free things and use some shortcuts, but I will not talk about them, because Explain them to teach them means   Entering your hand to the ass of the donkey.

When people invest, they remember how we have to work, and this is the main reason for demotivation, then they start looking for answers to this question to keep themselves motivated, but they did not get benefited from it. because the mistake is already made from starting.

But still today in this article, I will share some tips that will help you bring back inspiration for blogging.


Tip 1: Blog for yourself first and for others second:

Not only blogging, any work, in any field, work on yourself first, in the same way, in blogging, first you should blog for yourself.

I know you still do not understand this, if you understand this in detail, I mean, first you write some articles that are about you, or about your family, and you should write those articles and share it with your family.

How To Motivate Yourself When You Are Feeling Demotivated in Writing time 3

If your work is good, then they will tell you (it’s good), if it is not right then they will give you some suggestions, you can do this work with your friends too, and if I say something interesting, then a true friend never suggests wrong things for a friend.

You work for yourself first, and see if you are able to do that work properly if the result is positive, then you continue this job, otherwise, it is time to leave it, otherwise, you will face so many problems.


Tip 2: Start with the basics, then move to advanced:

Everybody needs instant income, people think that today they will create that website and tomorrow their website will start getting money, and thinking that they write articles on a topic which cannot be written without experience without research.

And I have seen many people that they do not want to write the article, and copy it from somewhere and use that article in their blog. How To Motivate Yourself.

By doing this you will not get any benefit, rather the website which was supposed to rank gets further down, Motivation does not mean to motivate yourself by doing wrong things.

I know that there are many such videos on YouTube, which tell you that the article can be used in the website by spinning plugins, but the truth is who tells you those tips in a video. They do not use these tips on their website, they make this type of video only for earning and maybe make people fool, and maybe also gain their trust.

If you want to do some work, then start from small things, if you want to do blogging, then you have to pay attention to the basic steps first. How To Motivate Yourself.

For this you do a little research on your Niche, first understand what is the topic you want to work on, when you understand this then you will not need to search How To Motivate Yourself.


Tip 3: Forget social networking and focus on blogging.

Many people understand that by sharing the website on social media, they will get traffic, and income will be generated from it, I do not understand where such people come from?

If you share the URL on social media, then what is the guarantee that people will see it? and if you share links again and again then social media also ban your account. because it is Spam work.

How To Motivate Yourself

Meaning people do not come here for the purpose of working, they come to earn money, money should come in any way, and that too in millions. How To Motivate Yourself.

Are you crazy, a person who is already doing well, and today he is earning millions because he has been working for the last 5 years, So you will beat him by just sharing and copy past?

It would be better to leave Blogging and go to Youtube and tell Some Tona Totka. How To Motivate Yourself.

Sometimes I get angry that even after convincing people they don’t understand.

A few days ago, a man sent me a message that traffic is not coming to my website, tell me a simple solution of what to do.

So I visited his website and saw that all the articles were copied from somewhere, and the title of some article was something else, and the article meant something else.

Then I told him that you wrote the article by yourself, and do research in a good way.

So he tells me that if I use the article spinner, my website will rank or not ?, I said no, so he says, you don’t know anything, people are earning millions by doing this.

Then I think Talking with him that is a waste of time, so I send a message (so why don’t you do it). After sending this message I Block him and remove him from the Group.

Such people cannot do anything, nor are they capable of doing anything.


Tip 4: Promise yourself:

First of all, you have to think that I have to work in every situation, even if the world turns around, but if I am alive, I have to write an article.

No matter what the topic is, you have to promise yourself that I will always be ready for my work, and I will complete my work with all my heart. How To Motivate Yourself.

If you think this, then you do not need any kind of motivation, nor will you ever search for How To Motivate Yourself. How To Motivate Yourself.

Friends, I hope you have liked this article if you like it then definitely share it with your friends.

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How To Motivate Yourself.

How To Motivate Yourself When You Are Writing blog post
How To Motivate Yourself When You Are Feeling Demotivated in Writing time 4

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