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How to make a living blogging: Have you ever thought how much you can make a living Blogging? Everyone does hard work, but when it comes to blogging, everyone does it as a part-time job, people feel that blogging is a normal ordinary job from which it is not possible for everyone to earn money.

But at the same time, when the lockdown happens in 2021, the maximum domain and hosting will be bought in the entire world, because at that time people have only one hope that is online earning.

How to make a living blogging 2021
How to make a living blogging 2021: Image credit by (The daily website)

How to make a living from blogging

But unfortunately, they failed, because in blogging you can not get such quick success, I have been blogging continuously since 2014, and I got success in 2019, the last 6 years was a dark path for me, which no one wants to follow.

But everyone knows that there is a source of light beyond the darkness, which is very beautiful, and we should run towards that light.

As such, I share tips & tricks about blogging in my every article, but today we will talk about living blogging, so let’s start after kissing our hands.

Should we start blogging?

If you are one of those who wake up every day and think about how much I earn today, then you should not do blogging, you are among those who work every day and eat every day, if one day did not work then maybe you have no food.

So you will not get time to think, so you cannot do blogging, it would be better to keep doing the work you are doing, you cannot do anything. How to make a living blogging.

But if you can think, if you can be patient, if you can understand, then you can understand blogging or online earning in a good way, and also know that it is important to spend time here.

Nevertheless, if you have thought that you have to do blogging, then you are welcome, blogging is a money tree, if you try, you can break the fruit. Meaning if you try, success can be achieved in everything.

How much money does it take to start blogging?

As such it is not a limited amount, but a new blogger will require a domain and a hosting, which costs around 41$. How to make a living blogging.

And here too many people start searching for free things, they say that they are poor, they have no money, but the same people spend 7$ behind cigarettes and tea every day.

If you think this thing and invest in the right place, then success is not far away.

Always remember that a good thing will work well, and free things will work according to their merit, so those people who are looking for free hosting and domain, will say only one thing to those people, that is like Blogging or any kind of online Work is not for you.

How to make a living blogging 2021
How to make a living blogging 2021: Image credit by (The daily website)


And it is not that once you buy the hosting domain, your work is over, you will have to invest in other places too.

Such as Theme, Plugin, Google ads, Guest posting, Web Design, etc.

But all this is not for the starting days, $41 will have to be invested to get started, and 55$ will be invested separately if you want to design a better website and buy a web design service.

If you are wishing for a beautiful website, you can purchase our Web Design service.

Click here for hosting and domain. How to make a living blogging.

How many days do you get success in Living Blogging?

Like this, if we talk about a simple blog, then no one can say that in how many days you will get success, it depends on your work, how many days you want to be successful.

But success in living blogging is found quickly because it remains active all the time, there is no time, nor any limit in posting the article. How to make a living blogging.

A simple example of this is the news website, which writes thousands of articles every day, and always they stay on top of google results. If you work in this way, then in a month you can be successful. How to make a living blogging.


Living blogging is a very big job, it takes a lot of people and a lot of investment, if you have money to invest, then you can do living blogging. How to make a living blogging.

How much money is earned from living blogging?

Usually, it is a business, living blogging means creating a brand, which has a name on the internet and everyone knows about it.

And as I said, for this you will need a lot of investment, and you can earn millions in exchange for this investment. How to make a living blogging.

But it is not like a job, that you will have a fixed income, it is a business, and it keeps fluctuating.

In a way, living blogging owners earn at least 20000$ to 30000$ every month, but for this, they have to work very hard. How to make a living blogging.

They have editors, they have staff in different places for news reports, have their own server, and also have their own creative team, who make an image or videos.

Now I think you are convinced that you can make money from blogging, and right now the question is going on in your mind, where to start from.

If so, then definitely read the following tips.

Creatives who enjoy writing.

As I have said, there is hard work in any work, so it is also the same way, I know that no person likes both writing and reading.

I still remember when I was in school, I would tear up the paper of the book, and make a rocket from them, I did not like it at all, I felt that it is all the demons that always bother us.

But today it is realized that what our teachers taught us had an important purpose, and the same thing is used in our lives even today. How to make a living blogging.

I also do not like to write at all, I write an article in 3 days, but I like to create, today I am telling you the truth, although I do not like to write, but when I finish my article, So I like to decorate it.

How to make a living blogging 2021
How to make a living blogging. Image credit by (The daily website)

A voice comes from inside, which will make this article the best design, and for that, I will be able to create an image, make a video, and even make the audio too.

You have to understand that one of your thoughts can lead to many more things, but it is important that your thinking will be positive. How to make a living blogging.

If you do not like to write, do not be afraid, just relax sometimes, sit somewhere alone and think about what you should write, you need to first choose the topic, you will get the topic yourself.

Whenever I write an article, I walk on the roof of my house, and today it is my favorite place, which I will never want to leave, you try to find your favorite place.

Creatives who enjoy connecting with others:

I have also seen such people in my life who are very arrogant, they do not want to meet anyone, nor do they compare themselves with anyone, they think that they are the greatest, no one else like them.

Even though I have seen a lot of bloggers, saying that we are a blogger and have been blogging for 1 year, they present themselves in such a way that they are the sons of Bill Gates.

And when I see their website, it builds with, LOL.

Such people can neither match anyone, nor do they want to meet anyone, but to be successful, then you should increase the connection with those who are already on a big label.

Every day I wish that Hopefully my work is liked by a successful person, but I like to hang out with a successful person every day. How to make a living blogging.

And for this I want to connect with every human being, this makes people recognize me and my work, and this is my greatest gift.

So try to connect with new people. This will help you discover new things.

Someone with an entrepreneurial spirit.

There is a big difference between being a freelance writer, a journalist, and a pro blogger. A freelance writer is paid per article and is always looking for the next assignment.

And a journalist always writes for his job, to save his job, but a talented writer always expresses his experience.

An ordinary writer writes down what he has felt in his life, what he has seen in his personal life, he tells it to others through an article. And do you know who is successful of all these?

That ordinary writer who has written his experience, his article makes more impact on people. Therefore individual websites are most successful on the internet.

And living blogging also comes within individual websites.

So try to write by yourself, do not copy from anywhere, express your experience, this will make your writing unique, and this is how the search engine will recognize you.

People who always want freedom to choose.

How much you can do blogging for a living, most people are unhappy with their jobs because they cannot do what they want to do, or they don’t get time from the job.

Or, they can work in a company that produces a product or service that does not add any meaningful value to the world. Nor does it benefit them.

So I would like to say one thing here, that if you do not find the right job that you are doing right now, then there is no point in doing that work.

Everyone does the job, this is the way of the world, we cannot change it, even after college, our parents also tell us what to do next.

But in the midst of all this, the person who has the power to choose, who recognizes the goal of his life, wants to follow the same path.

When you have the freedom to choose, even if you choose the wrong one, you feel very happy. In many ways, the feeling of being a blogger is very much like the feeling of being financial freedom.

I like blogging, I love to create a video or to make a website, so I do blogging, not because I have to earn money from it if I don’t have this website if there is no platform called blogging If the internet is closed, I will be happy at that time as I am today. How to make a living blogging.

Those who believe that they have the power to influence positive change:

Every blogger I know started their own site because they were unhappy about something in their life. And every human being knows that negativity should be converted into positivity, but the fact is they only know this. How to make a living blogging.

Few people are able to use it, and it cannot be used by every human, it is just a myth that if you believe yourself then anything can be done. How to make a living blogging.

If this is happening then you all started blogging by trusting yourself, but did you succeed in it? I don’t feel that. How to make a living blogging.

Success will happen when you try things by yourself, Until you face fear, you will not find a way to deal with it. How to make a living blogging.

And as far as living blogging is concerned, So here you have to give confidence to yourself at every step that one day your work will touch the sky. How to make a living blogging.

Which platform is better for living blogging?

Every blogging platform is good, but as a new blogger, WordPress is the best for you.

Some people can say that Why, not, I am thousands of times aware that blogger is a free platform, and your work cannot be decorated much here.

The biggest living blogging website is run on the custom server. News channels have their own server, and the website is made in PHP, but if you are new then you do not need to invest that much, you can start working with a simple hosting server as well.

WordPress is the best platform for Living blogging because everything can be done easily here, and there is not much problem in understanding it.

So I would suggest that your first platform should be WordPress, and when your website becomes famous, then you can move to another platform.

Living blogging important tips.

Whether it is a simple website or a news website or any kind of website, it does not succeed unless it is connected to its user in a personal way.

For this, you have to first see what your visitors want from your website or what they like on your website, for example, if you have written an article about the cartoon, and most of the visitors are visiting your website. How to make a living blogging.

And if you write later about a car or bike, then the traffic on your website will start slowing down. Because your article is not for your user, so you follow your users in the initial days.

Google search console is a good way to know about the users, you can see the traffic result of your website right now in the webmaster tool, as well as you can see which keywords get more clicks on your website. And then you can write an article related to the same keyword.

How to make a living blogging 2021
How to make a living blogging 2021: Image credit by (The daily website)

Although blogging can be your livelihood, it can bring you a lot of happiness in your life, but you should know by now that it is not a good idea to leave your job without a livable income stream in your favor. How to make a living blogging.

You will have to manage time for blogging to remain in your job at present, this is also a job, so know that the more work you do in your job, the more work you will have to do for blogging.

But during this time there come many difficulties, and sometimes we get demotivated, sometimes I feel that I can do nothing now and I have no right to live, I felt that my life has no meaning.

But to keep ourselves motivated is also a challenge for us, and for this, you can go to a secluded place, or you can read my article about how to keep motivated yourself.

You are making more and more bankers, technical experts, lawyers, politicians, doctors, journalists, and company executives. Yet no one has any idea as blogging is not taught in school and is much less respected as a profession. How to make a living blogging.

Your key is to generate as much traffic as possible by writing as much interesting and useful content as possible. Sadly, great content does not sell itself. Those who do the most self-promotion often get the most traffic, even if their content is not as good. How to make a living blogging.

Selling Freelance Services:

Generally, you make more money from freelancing than anything, freelancing is a service from which you can make your blog famous, and you can also earn good money from it.

This is very profitable, even if successful bloggers continue to do it. For example, you can sell your service, if you have a product, you can marketing your products.

Also if you are a freelance writer, designer, photographer, programmer, or other service providers, you can make more money from freelancing. How to make a living blogging.

Choose the right blogging niche (a profitable one)

You will find it bad, but the truth is that passion does not give an equal benefit. And hard work does not guarantee anything. It is also important to do smart work with hard work.

For example, we will compress blogging and youtube, many people think that earning money on youtube is easy, because they did not get success in blogging.

How to make a living blogging 2021
How to make a living blogging 2021

And it is true that youtube is also a good platform to earn online, but in some areas, it is completely the opposite. How to make a living blogging.

If people want to learn about computers then they can learn on youtube, no article can help with that, a video proves to be useful for any tutorial. How to make a living blogging.

But if someone wants to know about software or a story, then the article is the best way for him.

And as far as I know, as long as there is Google, as long as people are present on the internet, blogging is always a way to earn money, and it will continue in the future.

But the changes come from time to time, and the SEO technique also change time to time, and you always have to be updated. How to make a living blogging.

What are the most popular blogging platforms?

Although WordPress is by far the most popular. But this does not mean that it is best for all. There are many blogging platforms you can try – and most of them are free.

You can also start with other platforms, such as Blogger, Squarespace, Wix, Joomla, and countless others. How to make a living blogging.

Conclusion: by (The daily website)

Friends, blogging is a task that can change your life, but it takes hard work, if you join blogging just thinking that you will get millions of dollars in 1 month, then you can quit blogging that is best for you, otherwise Both your time and money will be wasted here. And if you talk to me, then I think every person should make their own website, and I love blogging.

How to make a living blogging.

How to make a living blogging 2021 know Best knowledge 100% free
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