How to increase traffic to the website

Viswanath – 2020-08-05 – How to increase traffic to the website:

How to increase traffic to the website: Every blogger in his blogging life, definitely thinks how to bring traffic to the website? Because it is a big problems on starting days, and the solution to this problem is not found so soon, and for those who are new.

Bringing traffic to the website means an impossible task like breaking the mountain, but friends do you know, That you can do all this very easily, ya i mean very very easily, you can bring Traffics all over your website. Want to know how? So read this article carefully, maybe today, you will get a lot of help.

How to increase traffic to the website

How to increase traffic to the website


Get Social.

There are a lot of rumours that social media platforms are banned, or block the website, if you share the website link directly, although this is true, but not completely true.

How to increase traffic to the website 2

How to increase traffic to the website 2Yes, if you share the direct link on your social media platform like Facebook, etc, then the link of your website can be blocked at this place, because it is considered
a violation of the rule.

But if you work properly, then you are not going to face any problem, you can
create a page on your social media site and promote your website there.

Apart from this, you can add a link to inside your page, which will make it easier
for people to know about your other website.

Write Irresistible Headlines: (How to increase traffic to the website)

If you put a good-looking uniform in front of you, and a bad-looking one, which
one then you pick ? Naturally, you will like the good one more.

Similarly, if the title of your article is very attractive, then people will definitely
click on that link, and in this way the traffic of your website will increase, but one more thing is here, that is the strength of the article.

Meaning if your article is not so good, and people also visit your article, then it
will give you a lot of money even after the traffic in your website is lost.

How to increase traffic to the website 1Earning from a website is , when a visitor visits your website and clicks on the
ads, and if there is no power in your article, then for people it is  very difficult to understand, and that is why they would leave your website.

That’s why I always say that pay attention to the article, do not copy paste from anywhere, if you want to know how to write a good article, then definitely read
This post of mine.

Pay Attention to On-Page SEO. (How to increase traffic to the website)

Every time every developer or you tuber would say, that seo is very important for
a website, SEO is made so much more complicated, that people start running away after hearing the name, it seems that this is a very big job, which is not solved by everyone.

But my intelligent friends, do you know, SEO is not a Rocket science, it is very easy, and you can do all this, just need a little attention, not necessarily if you don’t know everything on page SEO or Off page SEO, a new blogger can do SEO very easily.

How to increase traffic to the website 3But do you know why people fail! Because people are afraid before doing some work, and there are some people who do not want to do the work, they do not want to understand anything else properly, Takes a lot of time, but success never comes.

If you want to know how SEO of a website is done, click on This >> Link.

Target Long-Tail Keywords. (How to increase traffic to the website)

In today’s time, so many websites have been created, so much competition has been gained, and websites are found with every word, so in today’s time by targeting one keyword, we cannot gain success in blogging. so we need to do some good and smart work.

And so you should use Long keywords. Like if I have this article (How to get traffic on a website), then your article should be titled (how to get easy and free traffic in one month).

Although not much search is done in this keyword, but whatever search is done,
the search is 100% original, and that increases the trust label of your website, and one thing it earns a lot more earning of the website.

Advertise. This one is so obvious, we’re going to look at it first.

The first thing comes is the promotion of the website, because when a person builds their website, that website is completely new, and in today’s time, the competition has become so much higher, and if you need to rank a new website, then it is too much hard work hard.

How to increase traffic to the website


So you may have to do more and more promotion of the website, but publicity does not mean that you keep sending your website link to every person, it is not going to benefit you.

To advertise a website properly, you will have to pay some money, you can choose
a trusted platform like Google adwords, to advertise your website. in this promotion you can target your audience also.

Start Guest Blogging: (How to get traffic on website)

Why we need to do guest posts ? People understand that an article means 200 or 300 rupees, and this thinking pushes people one step back.

People think that if those people are guest posting for someone, then their time will be wasted, and in return there will be no benefit, people who think so, they should know that everything has a meaning.

whether it is someone To work for, or to do something for you, both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

But I am talking about guest posting, so you have an advantage in this, yes, if you
do guest posting for one website,which has a high DA PA, and that website is very famous, then this is a golden opportunity for you.

You can add a link to your website inside the article, and you can instruct people, that they also visit your website once, in this way the trust label of your website will also increase, and then on your website The traffic will also start coming.


Whenever you post a guest for someone, try to find out that your article is very good, people should enjoy reading, then people will read your article completely, and will also click on your given link.

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Invite Others to Guest Blog on Your Site:

The same thing also comes here, that you should tell friends to do guest posting
for your website, if everyone works together, then everything becomes easy, and
that is why you should work together.

How to increase traffic to the website 2If you invite someone to write an article for your website and, in return, you will
give him a backlink, then in this way the person who writes the article for your website will know about the website, and he may also share your website with his friends.

This way more and more people will know about your website. and your website traffic also increased.

So i hope You Guys like this article, then share it Bloggers, Coz Sharing is caring.

How to increase traffic to the website

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