How To Increase Traffic In New Blog 2021 By Using Google Question Hub

How To Increase Traffic In New Blog – Hello and Welcome Friends, your friend Bhavesh and I have brought a great information for you today. Friends, today we are going to talk, how to bring traffic to the new blog? So friends, if you too are a blogger and have created a new website of your own and traffic is not coming on that website and if your earning is not happening then this information is going to be very special for you because in our post today We are going to discuss this topic.

Friends, if your website 1 is also 2 years old or it is older or more, then traffic will definitely come to your website.

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How To Increase Traffic In New Blog

Friends, how do everyone make any effort and make their own blog. But traffic does not come on him, he spends one to two years, yet he does not have Earning. Friends, do you know that Google wants to rank your website by itself because Google is looking for new updates. If your website has the right content, then Google gets ranked by ranking your website soon.

So friends, today I will tell you how to bring any Trips and Tricks. Friends Google is a platform where everything is available.Today We Learn How To Increase Traffic In New Blog.

How To Increase Traffic In New Blog

All types of websites are available on Google. So it is Very Hard to How To Increase Traffic In New Blog , Google always ranks good content and keeps it in the Top10 Pages. If your website has the right content, it has the right articles, then Google can also put the OK website on the Top10 Pages or Top1. No matter how high the competition is in that key word or no matter how low the composition is.

Friends, if you also have to rank your website, then what you are going to tell tricks can be very useful for you. Friends, you have to go to the Google Question Hub first. Friends Google Question Hub is this tool from Google which gives the facility to find Key Word. Key words that people Search on Google and are not available on Google.

Download Google Question Hub

Friends, most of the people make category websites such as Technology , Online Earning , Smartphone, Lyrics and Image without thinking, because of which their website does not rank because all the big websites are so far ahead in all these websites that the new website is ahead in it. It does not get a chance to come, there is a lot of Comptetion in this.

How To Rank Website

Friends, now with the help of this Google Question Hub tool, you have to find such Key Word which are getting more searches and are not available on Google. For this, you have to first search Google Question Hub Tool on Google, after which you will get to see its official link, click on it. This link will be seen on the first number itself. After this, the Page Open of Google Question Hub Tool will be done. After this, Launch Question Hub will be written, click on it, after which you have not logged in, then you will have to login with your Email Id, after that you have to add your website. After adding email and website, you have to do next.

How To Rank Website
How To Use Google Question Hub Tool

After that you have to suck the language and you have to suck the country and click on Get Started. Now it will take some time, then a new page will be open, in which it will be asked that in which category you want a Question, you will have different category shows in front of you, you have to select the Category in the category in which you want a question. If you want to search, you can also search.

Find Keyword

After selecting Category, you will then get Key Word in the Category which has been searched on Google but it is not in Google. The key word on which you have to create an article, you will have written Add to that Key Word and you have to add this Key Word by clicking there. Then the questions of this Key Word will be added to your dash board. Now you have to go to the dash board, where you will see all the questions related to this Key Word, you have to select all these questions from the question which has been Search more often.

How To Use Google Question Hub Tool

Friends, the key word you have selected after this is to match a good article to match the word. Friends should be careful that no one should be copied or translated. in Today How To Increase Traffic In New Blog, you have to write the recording of the Key Word Questions you have selected. After writing, you have to publish it on your website. After publishing, you have to copy the link of that article and you have to go to the Google Question Hub tool. After this, on the key Word Question you have written the article, you will be able to see the option option in that Key Word Question, in which you will paste the link of the article And then submit.

Friends, by doing this, that question will be removed from Google Question Hub Tool because the answer to that question has now become your article. Now when someone searches this question, your article will be shown to him in his answer.

Google Question Hub Sign In

But friends, if your article is not genuine and wrong, then it will not be shown there. Google will first confirm whether your article matches with this Key Word or not. If your article matches that key word, Google will definitely rank your website and will take you to the top page. Friends, in this way you can bring traffic to your website and earn it. Friends, take special care that you do not copy anyone’s article because Google knows everything.

Final Word

So friends, you can bring traffic to your website in this way You can Learn – How To Increase Traffic In New Blog . Hope that this information will be lit by you, if you have any question in your mind, then you can definitely ask in the comment. If you like this information, then do lion with your friends and family.

If you find a mistake somewhere, then please inform in the comment and bookmark the website to get the same information. Thank you

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