Front page design || How to create affiliate website 2020

How to create affiliate website: Friends, every day a lot of people enter the blogging world, but 99% people do not know anything about blogging, they come only for they can earn a little money from blogging.

Obviously, everyone is crazy about money, and money is the only thing that everyone can sell, but it is also a fact that earning money is not so easy, and people target blogging, because There is a lot of video on YouTube which says that you can earn money from blogging for free.

How to create affiliate website:

Front page design How to create affiliate website 2020


And people become stupid. Although there is no fault of the people in this, And neither is the mistake of those videos, the problem is our society, which always likes what is available for free.

Whatever,,, today I am talking about affiliate marketing websites, from where you can earn money by doing a little hard work, although everyone knows about affiliate marketing, but very few people know how to make an affiliate website.

Many people understand that just installing the theme, doing a little customization, and that’s it their work is 100% done, but in reality it does not happen.

Today in this post I will tell you how you can create an Affiliate website or ecommerce website and make money from it, neither you need to write any article, nor you need to create your own product. So stay tuned in this post.


First of all, I want to tell those people, who understand that they know everything, and what they know is not known anyone else, such people mostly come from my WhatsApp group or my Telegram group, If such people visit this post, my suggestion is do not read this article, it would be better for you.

First of all, need hosting: How to create affiliate website

Friends, I know many of bloggers are students, and you don’t have that much money, but if that’s the case, if you don’t want to invest money, if you need everything in free, then my friend leave blogging, don’t waste your time here, because only good hosting can make a good website. Let me tell you as an example.

If you and your friend both open a shop at the same place, and your shop does not look good, if your shop is small, if your shop does not have every product, then will someone come to your shop? People like to go to those places where they see good things.

Hosting is just like that, and remember your website is a shop, and hosting is your storehouse. So the larger storehouse got more benefit.

I do not say that you spend more money. I mean to say that you buy a product which makes benefits for you, so that you do not have problems later.

Front page design How to create affiliate website 2020 4


There are many hosting providers in the market who offer cheap or free hosting, some people even resell the hosting and the domain name, which makes no sense. I feel very angry at such people when they do this just for earn money, and Some people also trust them, because their price is cheaper. my dear friends don’t do that.

If you want a good hosting, you can also take it from my link, if you have any problem in buying hosting from This link, you can also MSG me on Whatsapp >> 9653230179.

Buy a Top label Domain. How to create affiliate website

You might think that .com or .in is the best domain, although it is a top level domain, but for affiliate marketing, you can also use .ooo or .online domains, it would be better to buy .ooo domain, Because it also ranks worldwide, and this is a new extension.

Although I always suggest to people the .com domain more is better for them, and it is also true for affiliate marketing you need a top level domain, but if you don’t have money ! then you can buy .ooo & .xyz .online domain name.


Before taking a domain, keep in mind that you are getting protection And also note, Is there any existing website in that domain ? and if it was, then what kind of website was it? don’t always go with cheaper.

If you want to buy a good domain, you can go with>> this link.

How to create a website? Front page design

First of all install WordPress, after installing go to your wordpress Dashboard, from where you can control your entire website, then the next step is, themes.

Theme Although many themes exist for wordpress, and each theme has its own unique feature, and here some Themes are Paid and some are available for free.

But if you do not have any money, you can use the OceanWP theme, although you can not design much in this theme, but this theme is the best for the starting stage, and I also like it very much.

After installing OceanWP Theme, you will need some plugins, many people make mistakes here, people download any free or Nulled plugins from the internet, and use them in their website.

Post For You :

By doing this, a virus can come to your website, and your website can also be hacked. It is better that you use Gpl Product, although you will have to spend a little money on it, but you will get a reliable equivalent.

If you want, you can also buy from our Thedailywebsite, I keep every product at the cheapest price, if you want, you can buy it from HERE.

Affiliate marketing website Needs:

To create an auto affiliate website you will need 2 plugins, one is wp auto and the other is woocommerce, now you will get the woocommerce plugin for free, but you have to buy the wp auto plugin, if you have the money then buy it from the original website. and if you don’t want to invest money, you can also buy from my website.

After installing the Woocommerce plugin, you have to set up, the woocommerce plugin, woocommerce plugin makes all pages for your website, like shop page, cart page, my account page, and also, it gives a different layout to the automatic product.

That is why we need the woocommerce plugin, plus if you want to receive a payment from your website, then you can also add payment gateways through the woocommerce plugin.

Woocommerce plugin setup.


Now it is very important to input the affiliate product, although you can input the product from any website, but most of the people use the amazon affiliate program, so I am going to tell you about the Amazon affiliate program.

First of all You have to join the Amazon affiliate program to input products from Amazon, and I think you all will know how to join amazon affiliate, so I am not going to talk about it, but if you do not know, then You can watch the video.

Woocommerce setup Video:


After joining the Amazon affiliate program, now next step comes the product input, and for this we will use the Wp auto plugin.

Front page design How to create affiliate website 2020

After installing Wp auto plugin you have to go to the setting, and enter your affiliate ID, and click on save.

ID is found on your amazon affiliate dashboard.


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After this you have to click on new camping, and activate a new camping, here you can enter the name of the camping, and you can target your product, although most people target electronic products.


Front page design || How to create affiliate website 2020

But my advice is that you target those products, which have low competition, and people can buy easily.

You should add a product that is low in price, and people do not hesitate to buy.

So friends, I think you have got basic information about how to create a Affiliate website, but this is just simple information, but with this you can create Affiliate website, and input the product from amazon.

I know you will also be interested in knowing how to do front page design of your website, and how to customize the entire website.

Although no one does not tell anything, and the front page design of the entire website cannot be taught in just one article, it is a very big topic, and it is not so easy to learn.

But still you can use the Elementor plugin to design the front page of your website.

WP automatic setup video:

Note: How to create affiliate website

In this article I’ve told only basic information, if you want a good and professional website, you can take my service, in which i can make a good website in just 4000 Rs, or you can also call me for more information. 9653230179.

Although creating a website is a very difficult task, many people who started blogging only think that there is no hard work, they should know that you have to work 2 times more in the blogging field, If you make any mistake, then you will also have to suffer the consequences.

A lot of people create auto affiliate websites, only because it does not have to work hard, it is true that it does not need hard work, because all the content gets input automatically, but managing an auto website is even more difficult. And ranking it is even more hard work, you can also invest a lot of money in it.


So come to the conclusion, The auto website is for those people who have been blogging for a long time, or have created their own front page, or website by taking the service of an old blogger. And who is always ready to spend money.

Everything is paid here, and this the strategy of the world, my friend.

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