How do I SEO my website? Beginner’s Guide to SEO [Search Engine Optimization] 2020

How do I SEO my website?: Hello, friends, welcome to another amazing course, in this article we will learn how we can SEO our WordPress website, that too absolutely free, so without losing time let’s get started.

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization 2020

Friends, many times you must have heard about search engine optimization, but you must have always been concerned about how to implement it in your blog or website.

Because if we talk about today’s time about blogging, then thousands of new bloggers have come here every day, and everyone wants to earn instant money here, so you get 100% competition in every keyword, but some people are like this: Those who want to work properly and last long.

How do I SEO my website? Beginner's Guide to SEO [Search Engine Optimization] 2020
How do I SEO my website? Beginner’s Guide to SEO
And only those people can achieve success in blogging, yet if you are a Beginner, if you have just started your website, then you have to learn many things like SEO first, without learning or incomplete knowledge you just Damage your time, so I hope that you will read this article till the last, and also try to learn something new.

Because learning can increase earning:

Basics of WordPress SEO: How do I SEO my website?

If you want your website to rank for a long time, if you want your website to create value with visitors, then you should create the website in WordPress or a PHP based platform.

Although all PHP platforms are very expensive, but WordPress is the best and cheapest option for you, so I always suggest that you build the website with WordPress.

And you know this, that you need hosting to create a website in WordPress, and I have already written about this many times. So now I do not want to waste time on this matter.

Add your WordPress website to the search console:

Although this is a simple tip, your website will have to be added to the search console, but many people are lazy, and even if they learn from a video or course somewhere, they still do not learn it in detail, And this is the reason their knowledge looks incomplete. How do I SEO my website?, What is SEO in marketing?, How SEO is done?, How do I SEO my website?, What does an SEO do?

If you are learning from youtube, or from any free platform, then try to learn things in detail, spend some time.

Do not be hasty, try to understand the things, and after building your website properly, definitely add it to the google search console. But before that check once more that there is no problem with your website.

Search console is a crawling management system of Google, which helps in bringing the website to search results, and if your website is unique, then no one can stop it from coming to the top page.

Implement WordPress Sitemap: How do I SEO my website?

The sitemap is useful for a website when we apply for AdSense approval, and it is an important thing, which many people forget, or leave.

How do I SEO my website? Beginner’s Guide to SEO

A sitemap informs the search engines about the post pages of your website, media, and it makes it a little easier to identify your website, so do add the sitemap, to add a sitemap to the website, you can use Yoast SEO or You can use a plugin like rank math or simple sitemap. How do I SEO my website?, What is SEO in marketing?, How SEO is done?, How do I SEO my website?, What does an SEO do?

WordPress Permalink (Search friendly URLs): How do I SEO my website?

Do you know when you search your website, So how does it appear at the top? I know that 99% of you will not know this, why do people just pay attention to all these useless things like indexing, Adsense, etc. no one understands the real thing.

Your website appears at the top because it has the same URL that you search on google, this is why it starts appearing at the top. Similarly, if we add our keyword to the URL of all our articles, then our article will perform well.

Therefore, you have to keep the URL of your article with your keyword, so that the article can be distributed better.

Implement Breadcrumbs navigation: How do I SEO my website?

You must have heard a lot of people, even a lot of YouTubers saying that Breadcrumbs navigation has to be disabled on the website because there is a problem of error in the future.

If a Youtuber or any teacher tells you this, then you understand that he has incomplete knowledge, and you can never achieve success by learning from him. It would be better to learn from someone else.

If you use a theme like Newspaper, then you can see there in the default layout, that the Breadcrumbs navigation will be automatically on, and it is recommended from the theme, that you must have Breadcrumbs navigation for the SEO of your website. How do I SEO my website?, What is SEO in marketing?, How SEO is done?, How do I SEO my website?, What does an SEO do?

Breadcrumbs navigation plays to a large extent in terms of website SEO, it simply shows how many categories are within a menu and how many tags exist within that category, and this makes it easy for visitors. To find the missing article on your website.

Optimize blog post and pages for target Keyword:

Now you must have heard this many times that the article or pages have to be designed properly, and this work is very difficult for new people because they do not know everything.

How to add a table, how to add an image, how to add a link, how to write a paragraph, how to add color correctly, even people do not know how to add tags to an article.

How do I SEO my website? Beginner’s Guide to SEO

And this is the biggest cheat, that the SEO of the article is not done completely, I get asked many times how to write a good article, and it is not possible for me to tell everyone personally.

The problem is not here that I do not want to learn, But the problem is that people want, That everything be made by making them, and they only will enjoy things. But this is not possible.

So you have to learn by yourself and make all the things by yourself. I can only teach you.

Perform Keyword research for your WordPress Website:

By the way, I tell you about it in every article, but still, people can’t understand, and for this, I have made a video, from which you can teach, how the keyword research is done, watch the video below.

Use Focus Keyword: How do I SEO my website?

Whether you use Yoast SEO plugin or any other SEO plugin, every SEO plugin has a focus keyword option, and 99.9% of the people do not put the focus keyword in their article so that despite their article is very good, they never ranked on google.

If you use the focus keyword, then your article will be focused on a targeted keyword, and will also appear in the search engine with that keyword.

Regularly clean broken links: How do I SEO my website?

Friends, all of you must be creating backlink and outbound links for your website, but the mistake is that people only once create a link, and leave it.

And there are many websites which are closed in the future, and their link breaks, and thus the number of Broken links in our website starts increasing. How do I SEO my website?, What is SEO in marketing?, How SEO is done?, How do I SEO my website?, What does an SEO do?

How do I SEO my website? Beginner's Guide to SEO [Search Engine Optimization] 2020
How do I SEO my website? Beginner’s Guide to SEO
And this is the biggest dangerous thing for our website, it can cause our website or our article to be spam. So it is important that from time to time, you keep updating each of your articles.

Use Structured data markup: How do I SEO my website?

I know 100% that new people don’t know about schema, and I can say with the claim that people only act like donkeys.

And when tired of working, they go with easy methods, which always takes them one step back.

That’s why I always say the same thing in every article in every paragraph, first understand things and then start working.

Schema markup/Structured data markup is the thing that gives a new identity to your article, it is known only by schema how much value your article is.

You must have seen a lot of posts under which star icon is made, ordinary people call it a rating point, and it helps our article to be very viral.

But the question is how do we use these ratings?

The easiest way to add ratings is by using the Rank Myth plugin, in this plugin you get a separate section for Schema, but if you do not use RankMath, then you have to use another third-party schema plugin.

Although there are thousands of Schema plugins available in the market, and I do not suggest any plugin, but I can say that if you do not know how to write an article if you do copy and paste, then do not use Schema.

If the schema is used incorrectly, then google will give penalties to your website, and this can remove your website from ranking. Or whatever SEO you do, your website will never rank.

Use SSL and HTTPS: How do I SEO my website?

Everyone knows, that HTTPS is very important on the website, without it the SEO of any website is not complete.

But people who are new do not know about it, usually, people build their website in, and SSL / HTTPS is automatically applying in, and this is the biggest confusion among people.

That they do not pay attention to HTTPS at the time of installing WordPress, and their website is running in HTTP.

Nevertheless, I have made a video in which I have told you how you can install WordPress correctly.

Search intent optimization with SEO Title and Meta Description:

If you use, then you will remember how the title of the article is kept, but I have seen many people who have a website in WordPress, and those people do not add the title to their article. How do I SEO my website? Beginner’s Guide to SEO

When I ask them, they say that they do not know how to write the title. The problem is not that people do not know, the problem is that they do not want to know, always people want someone to tell them how all things are done, but if you pay a little attention to yourself, then no other person will be needed.

But if you know how to write a title, then now you pay attention to its optimization, your title should be the one that people search for.

And in the same way, the same keyword should also be in your description.

Optimize WordPress Loading Speed: How do I SEO my website?

After all, things are completed, there are still some things that are necessary for the website, and that is the speed of the website, yes if all the things in your website are ok, but the speed of the website is very slow, then that website has no meaning. How do I SEO my website?, What is SEO in marketing?, How SEO is done?, How do I SEO my website?, What does an SEO do?

If you use blogger, you get good speed, because google’s server is very well optimized.

But if you use WordPress, then you have to optimize the speed of the website by yourself, and here hosting plays an important role, if your hosting is good then you will not have to work hard.

But it is not that if your hosting is good, then you will get good speed as well, here you need to know about Web Design.

If you do not know about the website design, then you Is blogging still a thing in 2020? WordPress Bloggers hould learn blogging, or you can also give money to any developer, and get the website built.

For Web Design service you can message me on 9653230179, in 4000inr you will get a good website.

So bloggers i hope this article is help you lot if yes then share it with your friends.

How do I SEO my website? Beginner’s Guide to SEO

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