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Happy Patti APK, Download happyPatti APK, Download happy Teen Patti App, Happy Rummy, happyto.in, Rummy Happy, Happy 3 Patti, New Patti Game, Patti Happy Game – friends, I am here for you with a new article and information about a new Teen Patti game application. Friends we are going to talk about the Rummy  game application through this article. This Teen Patti game application has just been launched in the Market. The name of this Teen Patti Game application is HappyPatti APK. If you want to get complete information about your application, you must read this article to the end.

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In Happy Teen Patti APK you are being given a lot of great and great features to win Real Cash. You also get a signup Bonus of ₹8 from the company. And in addition the company is giving you VIP Bonus Daily Bonus Weekly Bonus Referrals Commission and together Bet Bonus in this application to win Real Cash. In a way, you have a lot of features available to get Real Cash and Free Bonus in this application. Which will help you a lot more to make your more Income.

Download Happy Patti APK
Download Happy Patti APK

Short Note one Happy Patti APK @ happyto.in

Happy Patti APK is a brand new and awesome teen patti game application launched in the market. In this application you are being given a lot of great features to get Real Cash and Free bonuses. Apart from this, the company gives you the option of Instant Payment Withdrawal. The biggest good news is that this application has been downloaded by more than 100000 people so far. And along with this, more than 50000 people have taken their Payment Withdrawal from this application so far.

How To Download Happy Patti APK

How To Download Happy Patti APK
How To Download Happy Patti APK

Happy Patti APK you can Download this application on your smartphone in a very simple and easy way. We are giving you a Download Button Link below to download Happy Patti APK. This application will be downloaded to your smartphone as soon as you click on the Download Button Link below and you can Install it from there.

Step To Download Happy Teen Patti Apk

  • Go to “Unknown Sources” in Settings. Then,
  • Go to Security Then enable the Security option of your mobile phone.
  • Go to the download manager of your Android Phone
  • For Download Teen Patti Happy Apk for android
  • Just click on the yellow button on top of this page.
  • After downloading completes successfully
  • Then click on the Apk for installation.
  • The app will be installed in 2-3 minutes
  • Click on the icon for Open the app
  • Now you can enjoy  the game with your friends

How To Register In Happy Patti App

How To Register In Happy Patti App
How To Register In Happy Patti App

You are being given a bonus of ₹8 on registering your account from the company. As soon as you Register your account in this application, you immediately receive a ₹8 Bonus and you can use this ₹8 Bonus to play the game. We are giving you step 2 step full details below on how to Register an account.

Step to Register in This Rummy Game

Step1 : – You first Download and Install Happy Patti APK on your Android smartphone by clicking on the Download Button above.

Step2 : – Now as you open this application, you will be directly on the home Page of this application, and you will also receive a bonus of ₹5.

Step3 : – After that you have to go to the Profile Section and register your Mobile Number.

Step4 : – As soon as you Verify your Mobile Number via OTP. Your account is fully verified and you receive a bonus of ₹3 immediately.

Step5 : – This way you get a total of ₹8 Bonus when you create your account in this application.

Available Game IN Happy Patti App

In the HappyPatti App you are provided with 16 types of different games to play the Teen Patti game rummy game of casino game from the company. You can play any game you want here and you can earn more money by investing money in those games.

  1. Fruit Slots
  2. Crash
  3. Rematch Teen Patti
  4. Lightning Roulette
  5. Teen Patti
  6. Sic Bio
  7. Evo Casino
  8. PG Slot Game
  9. Rematch Rummy
  10. Lion and Bull
  11. 2 Person
  12. Car Roulette
  13. Slot
  14. Fishing
  15. Crazy Rematch Teen Patti
  16. Wingo
Available Game IN Happy Patti App
Available Game IN Happy Patti App

Happy Patti Game Rules

The cards are ranked as follows (From High to low):

1. Trail/Trio/Three of a kind: Three cards of the same rank.

2. Pure Sequence/Pure runs/Straight Flush: Three consecutive cards of the same suit.

3. Sequence/Normal Run/Straight: Three consecutive cards not all in the same suit.

4. Color/Flush: Three cards of the same suit that are not in sequence.

5. Pair/Two of a kind: Two cards of the same rank.

6. High Card: Three cards that do not belong to any of the above types.

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How To Add Money In Happy Teen Patti APK

In Happy Teen Patti APK you can add payment from minimum ₹100 to maximum ₹20000. On Payment Add, you are being given Cash Back Offer from the company from 7% to 20%. If you add ₹300 to your wallet for the first time, you are being given a Cash back Offer of 20%. Follow the below method to Add Payment to wallet.

  • First you open the application and click on the add Cash option given on the home page.
  • Now you will have a New Window open in front of you where you will get options to add Payment from ₹100 to ₹20000.
  • Now select the amount of Payment you want to Add to your account.
  • Now you complete your KYC Enter Your Name Mobile Number and Email ID to complete KYC.
  • You can then Add Payment through your debit card credit card or UPI ID.

How To Withdrawal Money IN Happy Patti APK

The company is offering you the option of instant Payment Withdrawal. You can do Payment Withdrawal 1 time in 30 weeks. You will have to pay a Commission of 1% on Withdrawal of Payment from 7 to 5 times. If you do the same 7 to 15 times payment Withdrawal, you will have to pay a commission of 8%. If you pay 16 to 30 times, you will have to pay a Commission of 15%. Follow the below steps to make Payment Withdrawal.

Step1 To withdraw the Payment, click on the Withdrawal Icon at the bottom of the home page.
Step2 Now open a new window in front of you to pay the payment you want to withdraw.
Step3 Now complete your KYC and fill in your bank account details.
Step4 After giving all the information, click on the Withdrawal Button at the bottom.
Step5 Your so do Payment will be withdrawn and your payment will be credited to your Bank Account within 24 hours.

Invite Friends And Earn Money Without Play Game

Through the Referrals Program you can earn more and more money in less time. If you want to earn more money you can Invite more people to join through your Referrals Link. You will get the Commission of the number of people you have invited to join through Referrals Link.

Invite Friends And Earn Money Without Play Game

The company pays you a commission of ₹0 on joining 3 to 6 people. After you hire 0 to 8 people on your own, the company pays you ₹20 commission. At the same time, if you join 20 people from zero, the company pays you a commission of ₹100. After this, if you join 50 people from zero, the company pays you ₹300 Commission. Your commission will also increase as you join people.

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How to Invite Your Friends and Family in Happy Patti Game

  • Download the Teen Patti Happy app.
  • Register with proper credentials and log in to your account.
  • Invite your friends to join and play at Happy Patti.
  • Share your referral code to get 499 rupees as bonus cash.
  • Earn rewards up to 499 rupees once your friend signs up.
  • Note: Offer is unlocked once a minimum deposit of Rs. 10 is made.
  • Rummy Happy Deals cannot be merged with other ongoing offers

VIP Bonus Inside This App

The company gives you a golden chance to get more bonuses through VIP Bonus. Under VIP Bonus, you are given a promotion bonus VIP Bonus and a monthly bonus. If you want to benefit from the VIP bonus, you first need to add money to your account and play the game. In VIP Bonus you get a total of five types of different plans. Your VIP Bonus plan will be automatically activated as you play the game.

Login Bonus (Sign Up Bonus) HappyPatti Game

The company gives you Login Bonus features to earn more Income. With the help of Login features, you can get a minimum of ₹1 per day to a maximum of ₹2000 per day Bonus. The company offers 16 different VIP plans to get a Login Bonus. Your login bonus will increase as your VIP plans upgrade. You get this Login Bonus for seven consecutive days.

Patti Happy Daily Bonus

The company gives you 3 plans under Daily Bonus. In the first plan you have to invest ₹300 out of which in 1 Week you get a return of ₹370. In its second plan, you have to invest ₹5000 and you get a return of ₹ 6500 in 1 month. If you purchase a third plan, you have to invest ₹10000 and you get a return of ₹14000 in 1 month.

Bet Bonus Calculation in Happy Patti APk

The company is giving you a lot of great features in this application compared to other applications. The company is giving you the Bet Bonus features under which you will receive a separate bonus from the company on the number of bets you put to play the game in this application. As soon as your account has more than ₹1 bonus you can Claim for that bonus.

Customer Support Inside the Game Apk

The company is providing customer support features in this application for the convenience of all users. You can talk to the customer care officer of these through Tariq chatting with the help of customer support features. If you have any problem in this application then you can talk to the customer care officer to get the solution of your problem.

How Can i Get Happy Patti (Happy Rummy, Happy Teen Patti ) Download Link ?

Invite Friends And Earn Money Without Play Game
Invite Friends And Earn Money Without Play Game

Note-This application involves financial risk. So all users are requested to join hands to play this game on your investment as you may get addicted to this game. Play this game only if you are over 18 years old otherwise you stay away from this game.


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