Happy Ace Casino APK Download – Sign Up Get ₹30 | New Happy Ace Rummy App

Happy Ace Casino APK, Happy Ace Rummy, Happy Ace Royal, Happy Ace Coin – Friends, today we have brought you information about the significantly trending 3 Patti Game application. On signing up for this Application, you are given a bonus of ₹30, which is excellent news for you. You can fully utilize that ₹ 30 Bonus. Apart from this, you also get the option of Instant Withdrawal in this Application.

Talking about the Happy Ace Casino application, let us tell you that the Application just launched in the market a few days ago. As soon as this Application was launched, this Application was downloaded by more than one lakh people. And the biggest thing is that many people here also win Real Cash of thousands of rupees per Day by playing the Teen Patti game and Rummy game.

Happy Ace Casino APK, Happy Ace Rummy, Happy Ace Royal, Happy Ace Coin

HappyAce Casino is a very significant feature-packed Teen Patti game application. You can play all the card games associated with Teen Patti Game Rummy Game online from your smartphone. This Application has been downloaded by more than one million people so far. Friends, you get lots of great features in this Application to earn real cash and a free Bonus.

About Happy Ace Casino Apk, Happy Ace Casino App क्या हैं?, HappyAce Ludo

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Happy Ace Casino

App Name : Happy Ace Casino (Happy Ace Rummy)
Publisher : Casino Game
App Size : 46 Mb
The version of the App : V2.7.8
Sign Up Bonus : 30₹
Happy Ace Rummy Refer Code : 43UP1VA2
HappyAce Casino Refer and Earn : Sign up for 30₹ and Commission 8 to 16 % Lifetime
Happy Ace Casino Apk
Happy Ace Casino Apk

Whatever income you earn by playing the Teen Patti game, or Rummy game in this Application, you can transfer it to your bank account immediately. You get the facility of instant and minimum payment withdrawal of ₹ 100 in this Application. If you also want a real cat worth lakhs of rupees through this Application, you download it immediately on your smartphone.


Let’s, friends, and now we do not waste much time telling you what the HAPPY ACE RUMMY app is? Friends, by now, you may have come to know that the HAPPYACECASINO app is a type of rummy game. HAPPYACE Rummy app is a viral card game. The most prominent feature of HAPPYACERUMMY app is that you can get a chance to earn thousands of rupees every Day along with playing the game. Just for this, you have to complete a few small tasks. There are not one or two ways to earn money inside the Application.

How To Download Happy Ace Casino APK | Happy Ace Rummy

Download Apk Now

Downloading Happy Ace Casino File is very easy. You can straightforwardly download this Application by following easy steps. If you search this Application on Play Store, you will not find this Application there. But we are giving you below to download an app file of this Application. You can download this Application on your smartphone by clicking on the download button below.

Step To Happy Ace Casino Game Download Process

  • Click on The Download Link Above Given.
  • Open in Google Chrome.
  • Then Click On Download Button.
  • The Application Will start Downloading.
  • Go To The Download Library, Click on Apk Install on Your Mobile.
  • Download Process Successfully Completed.

How To Register In Happy Ace Casino App – Get 30₹ Bonus

If you want to win a Sign-up Bonus of ₹ 30 and a lot of Real Cash. So, first of all, you need to create an account in this Application.

  • Happy Ace Casino Download this Application by clicking the Download Button above.
  • Now you Open this Application.
  • You will get three options Guest Login Mobile Login Facebook Login.
  • Now click on the mobile Login Button. Register your Mobile Number.
  • There will now be an OTP on your Mobile Number. You have to Verify OTP.
  • Your OTP will be verified, and your account will be ready. A signup Bonus of ₹30 will also be added to your account.

Teen Patti Ishara APK Download

Available Game IN Happy Ace Casino | Happy Ace Rummy All Game

Available Game IN Happy Ace Casino
Available Game IN Happy Ace Casino

In this Application, you also get a Ludo game apart from the Rummy game and Teen Patti game to play the game. You can also win lots of real cash by playing games with your friends. We give you information about all the games available in this Application below.

  1. Point Rummy Game
  2. Ludo Game
  3. 3 Patti Game
  4. Ek Patti Game
  5. Poker War Game
  6. Happy Farmer Game
  7. Best of Five Game
  8. Fishing Rush Game
  9. Pool Rummy Game
  10. 7 Up Down Game
  11. 3 Patti Joker Game
  12. Cricket Battle Game
  13. Lucky Lottery Game
  14. Taxes Holdem Game
  15. Vegas Fruit Game

How To Play Happy Ace Casino, Happy Ace Rummy Tricks, Guide Video

In this Video, You Can Learn How to Play The Latest Casino Game, Happy Ace Casino (Happy Ace Rummy). See the full video given below

Happy Ace Online is a platform to earn money. With the help of this, you can make money by promoting Real Cash Teenpatti. In this 4, Teen Patti Games have been given, and in the future, more apps will be added, enabling you to earn lakhs of rupees. About 4 million promoters are associated with this.

How To Add Money In Happy Ace Casino APK (Add Chips Process)

How To Add Money In Happy Ace Casino APK
How To Add Money In Happy Ace Casino APK

Inside HappyAce Casino APK, you get the option to add PPayin straightforwardly. In this Application, you can add a minimum of ₹100 Paise. And here, you have no limit to add maximum pay.

  • To Add Paise to the Happy Ace Casino application, click on the Add option given on the Home Page.
  • Now a new page will open in front of you. Enter the Amount you want to Add.
  • Now you complete your KYC. To complete KYC, enter your Name, Mobile Number, and Email I’d.
  • Now you have to pay your UPI or Paytm, Phone Pe, or Google Pay Confirm payment through

How To Withdrawal Money IN Happy Ace Casino (Chips Out Full Process HappyAceCasino)

How To Withdrawal Money IN Happy Ace Casino
How To Withdrawal Money IN Happy Ace Casino

You can enter the payment in this Application from a minimum of ₹ 500 to a maximum of ₹ 100000 in one go. Apart from this, here you also have to pay a tax of 2% on paying petrol in one go.

  • First, open the happy Ace Casino Apk and Click on Withdraw.
  • Then Select your withdrawal method.
  • Click on Withdrawal Info to fill in your Bank Details.
  • You have to put your account in that box and click on Withdraw.
  • Your Withdrawal will be Successful.
  • Now comes to check the Withdrawal Record.
  • So you have to click on it to check the Record.
  • You can quickly check the Record after entering it.
  • Or you can see the Mail program of this app.

Happy Ace Rummy Invite Friends And Earn Money (Make Money In HappyAce Casino)

Happy Ace Rummy Invite Friends And Earn Money
Happy Ace Rummy Invite Friends And Earn Money

Friends, in this Application, you get a commission of ₹ 15 per joining for joining any friend or anyone in this Application under the Refer Program program. Apart from this, if the person you join, if that person recharges his account, then you will get a 10% commission separately. If seen in these features, the more and more people you join in less time, the more your income will be.

How To Become Agent in Happy Ace Casino

  • You must first copy your referral link to take advantage of the referral program.
  • Now invite your friends and acquaintances to join this Application by using the referral link.
  • Or you can share your referral link on any social media website such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or WhatsApp.
  • Now the more people who join through the referral link you share, you will get a bonus of ₹ 15 per joining.
  • And apart from this, if any person you join recharges their account, you will get a 10% commission separately. You get this Commission for a lifetime.

3 Way To Make Money In Happy Ace Casino, हैप्पी ऐस कैसीनो में पैसे कैसे कमाएं

3 Way  To Make Money In Happy Ace Casino

Happy Ace Casino Apk players want to earn more money from home without any boss. Players must share the Happy Ace Casino Apk app link with their referral code. When a player shares the association with friends or on Social Media Like FacebookTelegram, WhatsApp, Or YouTube with their unique referral code after sharing 2nd user install game, then one player who shares the game link will get a commission of up to 0.5% – 2% is available. there are three types of refer program

  1. Share
  2. Agent
  3. Affiliate

Share:- If you play the game, the player will get 10 rupees per Day. The central part of this game is that you can earn more money by playing games every Day. Happy Ace Casino App Download New Version.

Agent:- When you start playing games or open the app. There is one button with the name of the agent. Then you will click on the agent button on the side. Players will be shown the agent’s rules in which you will have a 30% Lifetime recharge commission available. Happy Ace Casino Download,

Affiliate: – If we share experiences with affiliates. Happy Ace Casino Apk has a lifetime Affiliate Commission has been given, in which Commission of up to 0.5% – 2% is available. At Level 1, you get a recharge commission of 1% and an affiliate commission of 0.5%. After the player’s level increases, players will get up to 20 rupees on every invite of their friends through Facebook or WhatsApp, or another medium player will get up to 10% recharge commission and up to 2% Affiliated commission. Happy Ace Casino  New Version.

What Is Happy Ace Coin, Daily Bonus In Happy Ace Casino Game 

In this Application, you have daily bonus features to get Free Bonus. Here you can log in daily to get a daily free bonus ranging from 0.10 Money to ₹10. Apart from that, you are given different plans to get free bonuses separately in this Application. Where you can purchase these plans and get a straw bonus, here, you will find three other techniques we give you below.

Daily Bonus In Happy Ace Casino Game Happy Casino

VIP Classic – this is one of the shortest plans to get bonuses every Day. The price of this plan is ₹100. From which, you get ₹50 instantly credited to your account once you purchase this plan. After that, you get ₹ seven daily for ten days. This way, you get a return of ₹100 within one week after investing ₹120.

VIP Pro – the price of this plan is ₹500. From which you are credited to your account immediately after purchasing the Plan ₹225. After that, you keep getting ₹70 per Day for 50 days. In this way, you get a return of ₹500 within one week after investing ₹575 in this plan.

VIP Ultra – the company has priced the plan at ₹1000. You get ₹400 direct credit to your account immediately once you change the project. After that, you get ₹100 per Day for seven days continuously. This is how you invest ₹1000 here and get a return of ₹1 within 1100 weeks.

Bonus Pot In Happy Ace Casino, How To Get Extra Reward in Happy Ace Rummy

Bonus Pot In Happy Ace Casino

This Bonus is available for the people who play the game. You get this Bonus every week. Under this Bonus, you place any number of bets to play the game within 1 week. The 0.2% commission of that Amount is stored in the Bonus Pot. Which Bonus can you withdraw at the Last of the Week? If you want, you can use this Bonus to play the game or withdraw it.

What Is Mail Option In Happy Ace Casino

Here you get the mail option for the convenience of all users. You can find information about new updates on this Application through this option. Every time the company makes an update to this Application or dances new features, or launches a new offer. You are notified via the mail option.

Happy Ace Casino Cricket Battle (IPL Battle)

Friends, all the Games have been given in Happy Ace Casino, where the game called Cricket Battle is seen in IPL Battle. In this, the names of the teams of IPL are given. You can play by investing money in the section where you have to invest money. All get different reverts on Timo. In which you get a chance of 2x to 40x more money. If you put money on a team with 2x and win, you will get two times the money back, and if you put it on a team with 40x and win, then 40 times, i.e., 10 rupees, will get 400 rupees.

Betting Rules

Bet on multiple teams at a time

Settlement Rules

Victory: betting* the corresponding multiples of the team

Defeat: Lose the related betting due to not betting on the winning team

Daily Gift  In Happy Ace Casino

Daily Gift  In Happy Ace Casino

Friends, in this Application, you are given a daily gift from the company. Friends, you can get this gift from the company every Day here. On behalf of the company, here you get real cash from 10 Paise to ₹10 Per Day. Login to your Application and click on the free claim button to get real money daily.

Happy Ace Casino Old Version, Happy Ace Casino Online

Dear All Players in this app, you need to use only the latest version of This app, Because this app has No Old Version  Support. If You Want to Use the Old Version Of Happy ace, then you need to use it in offline mode only. You can not play any game without New Version, Thanks For Understanding !!!

VIP Bonus Happy Ace Rummy | Happyacerummy.win Download

If you want to get more Bonuses through this Application, you have been given one of the best features of a VIP Bonus. Under VIP Bonus, you can get Sign In Bonus, Weekly Bonus, Minister Bonus, and Level Bonus. To avail of the VIP Bonus, you have to recharge a minimum of ₹ 500. Your VIP Bonus gets activated as soon as you recharge ₹ 500. And you start getting all the benefits under the VIP bonus.

Happy Ace Casino Payment Proof (Withdrawal Proof HappyAce Rummy)

So friends, as we told you, you could earn a lot of money using HAPPY ACE CASINO app, but for this, you should know how to make money with HAPPY ACE CASINO app? If you do not see, you do not need to take tension because below are some of the main ways to earn money with the HAPPY ACE CASINO app. You can make money with the HAPPY ACE CASINO app using the methods mentioned below.

Happy Ace Casino Payment Proof (Withdrawal Proof HappyAce Rummy)

HappyAce Casino Protection from Fair Play Violations on its platform

HappyAce Casino Protection from Fair Play Violations on its platform

We have a 24/7 monitoring mechanism by a team of experts for games played on our platform so that they can be checked for any Fair Play Violation.

Anti – Collusion measures are adopted before, during the game, and even after a player has finished playing.

Suspected games are monitored closely & if our system detects any Fair Play Violation, the player(s) accounts will be frozen immediately, including the funds. They will be dealt with in the manner detailed herein.

Any player engaging in Fair Play Violation will be barred from playing the games.

By registering and playing on our platform, players agree that they will ensure fair play and will not engage in any Fair Play Violation by technical or non-technical means to manipulate the game outcomes, whether in their favor or not.

Other Restrictions/Prohibitions in Happy Ace Rummy

You can play in all Cash Games/tournaments you have registered/joined and not use any form of external assistance to play. You shall not add unauthorized components, create or use cheats, exploits, bots, hacks, or any other third-party software designed to modify the Website or use any third-party software that intercepts, mines, or otherwise collects information from or through the Website or any Services. Any attempt to employ such external assistance is strictly prohibited and will be termed a Fair Play Violation.

Anti-Spamming & Money LaunderingHappyAce Casino strictly prohibits sending spam emails or any unauthorized content along with any practice of money laundering within HappyAce Rummy.

Login & Multiple IDsHappy Ace Casino strictly prohibits the creation of any login name or password that is offensive/abusive/racist, violates any applicable law, or violates the rights of any living or non-living person or place in any format. Happy Ace Casino Rummy does not allow users to have multiple IDs to either register or play.

Customer Support in Happy Ace Rummy | Helpline Number Happy Ace Casino  | Happy Ace Casino Customer Care Number

In this Application, you have been given the facility of customer support to avoid any problems. If you face any issue with this Application, you can talk to their customer support and get the solution. The company gives you the facility of customer support from Monday to Saturday. And you can speak to the customer care officer here from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.

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Happy Ace Casino Apps FAQs

Q.1: How Much iSignupUp Bonus in Happy Ace Casino
Ans – Sign Up Bonus Rs.30
Q.2 What is the Minimum  Withdraw of Happy Ace Casino Apps?
Ans – Minimum Withdraw is Rs.500
Q.3 What is the Maximum Deposit of the Happy Ace Casino App?
Ans – The maximum Deposit Is Rs.100
Q.4 How much Bonus do you get on each Invite in Happy Ace Casino App?
Ans – Per Invites –Rs.15.
Q.5 How much recharge commission do you get in Happy Ace Casino App?
Ans – Recharge Commission 20%  Only First Deposit.

Affiliate FAQs of Happy Ace Casino, Happy Ace Rummy

Question1: Is there any cap on daily earnings through referral?

  • Ans: No, there is no cap on daily earnings through referral.

Question2: Can I withdraw my referral amount instantly?

  • Ans: You can withdraw your money instantly via PayTM, UPI Apps, Bank Transfers, etc. Your Amount would be credited within one business day. In most cases, the withdrawals are immediate.

Question3: How can I earn more with the Happy Ace Casino affiliate?

  • Ans: Try to promote HappyAce Casino in your content and share the link with your community. The more you share, the more you can earn!!!

Question4: How can I connect with the Happy Ace Rummy team?

  • Ans: Please fill out the form in the top info section of this page, and we will reach out to you or contact us with an email address, discord, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Note – This application involves financial risk. If you are above 18 years of age then only you play this game otherwise you should stay away from this game. Because this is a kind of gambling game where you can get addicted to gambling.


Friends, through this article, we have given you information about Happy Ace Casino APK, Download Happy Ace Casino APK, and Download Happy Ace Casino Apps. Suppose you are searching for the best Application to play the Teen Patti and Rummy games. Then this Application is the best and best option for you.

Friends, if you are fond of playing games in Rummy game and Teen Patti and keep looking for new applications for this. So you must bookmark our Website because we regularly bring information about the new Teen Patti game Rummy Game to you.