Free Traffic Sources 2021 Best For Your Website Traffic

Free Traffic: Friends, if you are new to Blogging, if you have just created a website, and you do not know about Blogging, then the traffic is not going to come to your website, so this is the biggest problem of newcomers that how to get free traffic in the website. because the new bloggers do not have that much money to invest in their website.

Free Traffic Sources - For Your Website Traffic
Free Traffic Sources – By The Daily Website

Traffics Problem:

Friends, when a new Blogger joins blogging, he does not know anything, and for this, he watches thousands of videos on YouTube and other platforms, from where a new Blogger gets different types of information. Some information is true and some lies, and in today’s time, Online Fraud has increased a lot.

Every blogger just calls himself a developer after learning the theme installation, and some people scam providing their useless course.

In such a situation, there are some websites that provide free hosting, and some Froud websites also provide hosting at a cheap price.

And new bloggers buy those hosting, but later they face a lot of problems.

But amidst all this, the question comes, how to get free traffic to the website, because there will be no earning without traffic, and if you do not earn, you do not want to work am I right?

New people join Blogging thinking that first they will start their website with free things and they will upgrade after Earning from the same website.

But this is never happening, and newcomers become demotivated.

But now I will tell you the solution to all your problems in this article, and if you people adopt the tips mentioned in this article, then you will get 100% success in blogging.

Hello friends My name is “Viswanath” and I am a Full-time Blogger, and today I am going to write for you Free traffic method. If you want to know more about me, then you should visit our Author page.

Free traffic methods.

Before telling all the tips, I would like to say one thing that if you want traffic on your website, then your website should be the right customization, and your website should have good content.

If your website is not properly designed, or you have used cheap hosting, then free traffic or Paid traffic has no meaning.

This will increase the bounce rate of your website, and your website will never rank, so if you are using Free Hosting or Cheap Hosting, then this is the time to upgrade it.

Hosting has become very cheap in today’s time, anyone can buy it.

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The first way ➡️ YouTube traffic:

Free Traffic Sources - For Your Website Traffic
Free Traffic Sources – By The Daily Website

Friends, if you have a YouTube channel, and your videos are getting views, then you can add a link to your website in your video description.

You can say to your audience to visit your website, but on this, you will have to provide some things for free on your website.

Like software or video, you can provide an online tool for free, and tell people to download it.

Due to This people start visiting your website, and you can set the downloading time in your website. This will work for the Bounce Rate of your website, and you will also get genuine free traffic.

YouTube is a video sharing platform, and it is practiced worldwide today. And you can use it smartly.

Another way is ➡️ Pinterest Free Traffic.

I like this method the most, and it is close to my heart, Pinterest is an image sharing website, but it has become much more advanced.

In earlier times Pinterest was prevalent only in countries like the USA, but now it is present in every country.

But there are two ways to create an account on Pinterest, one is a free account and the other is a Business account, and you need to open a Business account, Printrest’s ordinary account is not so effective.

If you open the Business account of Pinterest, then you get an API link to your website, so that you can always pin images in your website with the URL on Pinterest.

This will create a high-quality backlink for your website, and any person can access your website by clicking on your image.

Is Pinterest Business is Free?

Yes Create Free Account But Also Paid – But No need to pay

3rd Way ➡️ Google News.

This method is a bit difficult, and for this, you will have to work hard, your website should have more than 500 articles for Google news.

And 3 to 4 articles should be uploaded to your website every day, if you can do this then you will get the Approval of Google news, and once you get Google news approval, your article will start appearing in the google app or Chrome app.

Free Traffic Sources - For Your Website Traffic
Free Traffic Sources – By The Daily Website

With this, organic traffic will start coming to your website, but for this, the layout of your website should be like a news website.

For this, you can use a magazine theme like Newspaper, and build the website in WordPress.

Things required for Google news approval.

  • It is necessary to have a news sitemap on your site for Google news approval.
  • Your website layout should be like a news layout or magazine layout.
  • Your website should have the correct information.
  • Your website must have at least 3 editors.
  • Images of your article should be created by you.

4rt way ➡️ Google question hub.

Google Hub is an online free tool that provides keywords for you. Question hub provides some keywords in front of you, which it has no article.

And if you write an article about those topics, then your article will rank in the top pages, and this will start getting free traffic to your website.

But you have to write the article in detail, Google will show your article at the top only when it has trust in your website.

And for this, you have to write a good article, you can take the help of google to write an article.

And you can use Canva or Picsart to create an image.

You can use Google question HUB for any website, and best of all, you can use it on the Blogger website as well. And can generate free traffic for your website.

5th-way ➡️ social media platform.

You will all know that social media is very famous in today’s time, and every person’s account exists here, if you have a big fan base, then you can also take free traffic from social media.

But the problem is that by sharing more links on social media, your account gets banned, and to avoid this you can use their API key.

Just like a Pinterest Business account, in the same way, you can create an account for social media like Facebook or Instagram and add their API key to your website.

This will share your website automatically and will prevent your account from being closed.

But some social media platforms are very strict, and the users here are also genuine, so you do not have to write fake article on your website that generates your Hater.

And if you like to write, then any social media platform is right for you, you can gain millions of free traffic from here.

6Th Method ➡️ Guest posting.

Free Traffic Sources - For Your Website Traffic
Free Traffic Sources – By The Daily Website

If you like to do hard work, if you can write many posts in a day, then you can also do guest posting, for this you will have to talk to different website owners.

You can search Niche of your website in Google, and contact the top 10 website owners, you can request them to allow you to write on their website.

If your request is accepted, then you can write the article and add your website links inside those articles. This will create backlinks for your website, and will also generate free traffic for you.

But I know that people do not want to write on someone else’s website, and even if they write, they write only 200 or 300 words articles.

This kind of work is not accepted, if you want to achieve success then you will have to work hard, and there is no other easy way to do it.

7th Way ➡️ is a Good article.

This is the last and best way of our article for free traffic, and only you have to write good posts on the website.

It should be in the article detail, for example, if I am writing about the computer, so I have to share all information about the computer inside a 1 article.

For example:

  • What is a computer?
  • What is Ram?
  • What is Hard Drive?
  • What is the motherboard? and many more.

If I write about all of these inside a single article, then my article will be considered a complete article and Google trusts such articles, and always keeps them at the top pages.

But people face problems in writing, and some people do not want to do the work of writing because they are not made for this work, they just join Blogging because they want to earn money.

Buy Hosting

Sometimes I think that this type of people do scam online, anyways what you think please let me know by leaving a comment below.

And if you can write the article correctly, then your website will rank in a few days and this will give you free traffic.

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Friends, I know a lot of people use to make their website for free, and they think that traffic will come to your website.

But the truth is that it will ruin your hard work, you are not going to get anything from it, if you want to earn money from online, then the investment is necessary, and it is not understood by everyone that one understands it, he will surely get success.

And I hope you liked this article, if you like it, do not forget to share.

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