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Do you need free hosting for your WordPress website, if you are searching for a free hosting, then your search ends today, through this article, I will provide you some best free hosting which is really good for newcomers, so let’s get started?

Hello, friends, my name is Viswanath and I am a professional blogger. I started blogging from 2013. Like you guys, I used to search for free hosting in the early times. Because at that time I did not have much money, and the money was created at a very high value at that time. to earn 1 rupee need to struggle a lot. But things changed completely with time and hard work, and today I will also tell you about my experience.

Free Hosting | Get Free web Hosting infinityfree, free hosting
Free Hosting | Get Free web Hosting infinityfree, free hosting

Free Hosting – host without cost

Usually, Most newcomers like to start with free hosting to learn WordPress and try things out, and some people need free hosting due to lack of money, free hosting for those people who just want to learn. After learning, I prefer to go with premium hosting services like Namecheap, Hostinger, Bluehost, Resellerclub, or any other Hosting providers.

By the way, I have told you about it in my other article, you can see it if you want.

Many of you may not know that WordPress can also be used for free, just like A free domain can be created on, in the same way, a free domain can be created on WordPress official site.

This is perfect for those who don’t need to know about hosting, and who just need to learn blogging to do a timepass.

But the good thing is that you can experience WordPress for free. But you will get some limitations here.


Friends, No company gives anything for free, a simple example of this is a water bottle, in today’s time you need to spend 12rs for one water bottle.

And hosting is like that, if a company gives you hosting for free, then they have some main motive on the backend. And that purpose is to earn money.

Now you will say how other companies can make money from your hosting? So my intelligent friends, if any hosting company is giving you free hosting, it does not give you 100% control of that hosting, they just open a door for you from where you can enter, and do your work.

Free Hosting | Get Free web Hosting infinityfree, free hosting

And if your work is good, then that company can run their ads or promotions on your website. Which makes them profitable.

Or some companies also do that, when your website starts to rank, they force you to buy their premium plane, otherwise, they will not live on your website.

This is a business strategy, so my intelligent friends use these companies only for learning. Today I am sharing the best free WordPress hosting for newbies.

List of free hosting for WordPress

  Infinity free: Free Hosting

This website is providing free hosting for a long time, and still, this website is providing a good package.

On this website you also get a free subdomain with free hosting, due to which you do not need another domain, Subdomains means apart from the main domain name, if you want 100% control on your domain then Buy a Domain like.COM.IN .ORG .NET etc. or you can use this subdomain, and you can use WordPress with Infinity free website packages.

This free hosting website gets 99% uptime, which means that your website loads super fast here.

But this is just to promote the service, actually, I have used this free hosting, although the speed of the website is very fast, but many times the server is also down.

But in the category of free hosting, this company can be a better option for your free WordPress website.

It is one of the oldest hosting providers since 2004 and offers great offers and features at a zero cost. For your test WordPress site, this can be a great option.

It gets to see the latest version of Cpanel. Private Cloud Hosting. There is also an improved version of MySQL and PHP, which means that you will be able to manage your database easily, there is never any forced advertising, which is seen in every other company.

  000Webhost: Free Hosting:

You must have heard the name of this website many times, and maybe some of you are using it, and this free hosting has been recommended many times by our readers, on close inspection of this free hosting, I found it worth adding to this list.

Because there is some deficiency in every company. haha ha,…

This is a zero-cost hosting with no ads to see and is inactive for any WordPress beginner.

The best thing that I found is that their ads-free service does not see any ads in this hosting, this company provides 1 GB of disk space which is true, and also 10 GB bandwidth is also available on the free plane.

This is a very good free hosting website, and you should use it for sure.

  AccuWebhosting (free hosting for students)

If you are a student in a renowned university, you can use Accuwebhosting free hosting plan.

This platform provides 2 GB SSD storage and 30 GB bandwidth. You can install WordPress with one click, You can get access to the database, and best of all, you can also create up to 25 email addresses. Which is called a Business Email.


Only students can get hosting from this platform for free, and for this you need a .edu email address if you have a .edu email then you can take this plane. free hosting:

Like all hosting companies, it also has huge features, and that’s why it is also on the top list. It provides you with an FTP account, file manager, control panel, free technical support, add-on domains and sub-domains, and many more features.

Which I have explained in the table below. The best thing about is that you get the Softaculous Auto Installer. With which you can easily install software like Joomla, and WordPress, or any other CMS software. special features:

  • 200 GB monthly transfer
  • 1000 MB of disk space.
  • You can have 50 addon domains.
  • 50 parked domains, and 50 subdomains
  • 5500 MB disk space
  • 50 MySQL databases
  • Free 24/7 support and FTP account too
  • Control panel for your easy handling of the website.
  • A good error page manager.

And you will not get to see advertisements and pop-up ads here, this platform is providing free hosting without any charges.

Sign up for byte hosting.

  AWS Amazon: Free Hosting:

As you know amazon aws is considered one of the best hosting, due to their good service, Amazon has also received many awards.

Although their plans are quite expensive, And Amazon offers one year of free VPS/ Cloud Hosting, which you can use to test WordPress or create another type of website.

But there is nothing to be happy about, if you do not know how to manage the server if you do not have any knowledge about coding, then using Amazon Aws will prove very difficult.

My advice is that you first learn and then use this hosting, you must watch this video to learn AWS.

Watch AWS Hosting setup:


The free hosted blog can die at any time. Hosting providers can terminate their free service at any time. They may, or may not, inform you before terminating their service according to the terms and policies, but the question is what is its use?

If we talk about donating in a temple, people donate millions of rupees without thinking of anything, but if we talk about investing in something, then it seems like people are investing by selling their house.

Free Hosting Get Free web Hosting infinityfree free hosting Hostinger 000webhost 2

This is the thinking of today’s people, and this is the reason that most people are always searching for free things, and they are successful too, but free facilities are only for a short time.

If you have created your website with a free hosting, then you can move your website to premium hosting.

My advice would be that you should get a backup of your website because sometimes the free hosting company can close their services.

A great example of this is yahoo.

Yahoo Geocities ceased its services in April 2009. He said that new registrations would not be accepted, but old domains would remain functional. Yahoo was recommended to upgrade paid hosting. Unfortunately, Yahoo later asked for all data to be moved before the deadline (October 26, 2009), saying that Geosys is being removed and decommissioned!

Sometimes the free hosting company claims that you cannot sell your free hosted blog because it is made with their free service, which is their property, the truth is hard to digest.

And the truth is my friends, that your free hosted blog is not your property.

For example, the rules of Blogspot, if you use If you create your website on blogger your site is not under your control, the real owner of your website is Google, It means Google can delete your site any time.

Although this does not happen soon, but if you do any kind of spam or wrongdoing on your website, Google will delete your website without telling you, and you cannot do anything in this matter.

You can sell your blog secretly. But if Google recognizes this, then your blog will be closed and will also be removed from the search engine index.


Safety information: about Free Hosting

I tell you this repeatedly in every article that always keeps your website secure, because it is your way of income, and I have experienced that there is no any security in free hosting, anyone Can also hack it easily.

This is because most companies buy reseller hosting, and then distribute that server with unlimited users, due to which the control of that server is held by everyone, and due to overloading of the server its Https That is, SSL certificate does not work, and this reduces the security, and then the server gets hacked.


You have no control over server resources:

You would be surprised to know that all free hosting companies provide limited resources in terms of disk space and bandwidth. And some companies do not publicize the service limit, as I mentioned earlier, this type of hosting is good for testing purposes, but free hosting for a serious website is not good.

Even the slightest movement of traffic can bring down your WordPress site, because the resources you have are limited. Which you can not change.


What kind of hosting is right for a good website?

I have made it clear in my other writings which Hosting is the best for a WordPress website, and when should you get which hosting, but if you are still confused, I suggest you buy hosting from a good and reliable company.

Just like Namecheap, it is a well-known company, and the best for beginners, I think this hosting company offers the best package for a Website startup, and it is also very easy to manage.

Click here To buy hosting from Namecheap.

  Last word – my recommendation:

There are thousands of companies in the world that offer hosting or other services for free, but this does not mean that they are all is good and trusted. My advice is, use these free materials just to learn WordPress blog, and Buy premium hosting to create a real website for earning.


All are meaningful in the world, and nothing is available for free, there is a purpose hidden behind it.

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