ExtraMovies 2021 | Extra Movies – ExtraMovie – 720p movies, 1080p movies – extramovies, extra movies, extramovie, extra movie, dual audio movies

ExtraMovies 2021: Latest Bollywood Hollywood Movies is the perfect choice to download, this is a golden opportunity for those who want to download movies from online.

This is because ExtraMovies 2021 allows its users to download all types of movies for free. As soon as there is a new movie release, websites like Extra Movies.com upload those movies to their website so that any user can watch this movie for free.

What is ExtraMovies 2021?

ExtraMovies 2021 | Extra Movies – ExtraMovie – 720p movies, 1080p movies – extramovies, extra movies, extramovie, extra movie, dual audio movies
ExtraMovies 2021 | Extra Movies – ExtraMovie – 720p movies, 1080p movies – extramovies, extra movies, extramovie, extra movie, dual audio movies

A website called Extramovies.net or another URL at the moment is a Pirated and Illegal Website. It allows to watch Bollywood, Hollywood, South Hindi Dubbed etc. movies for free.

With which any ordinary Internet user is connected to such a website, although this type of website is an illegal website, but the things that are available for free, so people start using it.

And you all know how the mind of people is in India, people need everything for free.

Apart from movies, you can also watch various types of TV shows and webseries from Extramovies website for free, recently the famous web series like Mirjapur was leaked in this website.

And sometimes this website does not live / live and for this they have also created their own mobile app, so that their users are always connected to the Extramovies site.

Although you cannot get Extramovies mobile app from Playstore, but many websites promote this app, all you have to do is search in Google Extramovies Apk and you will find this apk file.

But there are many types of APKs that are not a hit of Extramovies official app, so you have to install it keeping this in mind, yet to identify the app, I have given you some details about it.

  • APK Name
  • File size
    8.5 MB
  • Languages
    Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil
  • App Version
  • Downloads

How to download movies from extramovies.

Downloading Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies from Extramovies is very easy, you can download the file from here just like any other downloading website. Just follow these steps:

Steps to Download Movies from Extramovies.com:

👉 Step 1:

Go to the site from its Active Link. An active URL can be any, because it is always large.

👉 Step 2:

Now do your favorite Movie Search on Homepage’s Search Bar. This can be a bit tricky because many ads can be opened.

👉 Step 3:

Now select the Movie format and click on the Download Link.

👉 Step 4:

By clicking on the download, some ads will open, which you do not pay attention to, click on the download link tab till the right link is opened in front of you. This may take some time, so be patient.

👉 Step 5:

Now your download will start. But if you have not created an account here, then you will have to make it.

How Does ExtraMovies Work?

Extramovies trade website works illegally. But it is a bit technical to understand, although this website is an illegal website, but it works like a search engine.

Because when you download any file from the Extramovies website, that file is present in another website, it means Extramovies only promotes those websites through a link.

For example, it becomes difficult to close this kind of website, when you click in the download link, then that link takes you to another hosted website.

And it could be that the site also redirects to another website, this website works smartly and is able to perform in the Internet.

Although such a website is sometimes closed by India, but on such an occasion, this website redirects its website to another domain, and the work of the people keeps on going.

  1. ExtraMovies.world
  2. ExtraMovies.com
  3. ExtraMovies cc
  4. extramovies today
  5. extramovies.case
  6. extramovies pink
  7. ExtraMovies.net
  8. extramovies wiki
  9. extramovies. in
  10. ExtraMovies.casa

Is it safe to use ExtraMovies?

To some extent this website is safe, if you watch movies in Extramovies website then it is not illegal for you in any way, but if you download the film then it is an illegal act.

Apart from this, many types of ads are shown in websites like Extramovies which are full of Virus. With this, there is a risk of Virus attack in your mobiles or PCs. Also, there is a chance of your privacy being leak.

Using ExtraMovies Legal or Illegal?

Use of extramovie.in is completely Illegal. If you use this, these are caught by Cyber ​​Crime today, then you may have to pay a big fine along with going to jail. Therefore, our advice is that you should use the legal option to enjoy movies.


Piracy is illegal and a punishable offense. The daily website is completely opposed to Piracy. The purpose of this article is to convey information only to you. It is not our objective to encourage or promote Piracy and Illegal activities in any way.

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