Domain authority, Increase DA get rank website

05/09/2020 – Viswanath – Domain Authority

Domain Authority Do you know that Domain Authority is also very important for ranking, you must have heard this from a lot of people, that whose website have high domain authority, that website ranks quickly, so is this right? If this word is true, then how can we increase the domain authority of our website?

Hello friends my name is “Viswanath” and I am a blogger, I share my 5 years experience with you on this website, due to which you can take your blogging career a step further. And today in this post I am going to tell you about Domain Authority, and I will also tell whether Domain Authority matters. So read the post carefully.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority: This is a stage where your website becomes highly trusted, and the value of your website increases, due to which the traffic come on your website in greater volume, if the domain authority of a website More so, people trust that website more, and Google also indexes the content of that website quickly.

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Domain authority, Increase DA get rank website (1)


But in the beginning the domain authority of every website is 0, and it has to work very hard to grow, so does the domain authority matter to a website? Many people do not pay attention to their posts in Starting, and provide wrong information, and they follow it to engage the domain authority.

  • Should Domain Authority Pay Attention to Us?

As far as I know, you should not pay attention to the domain authority, it has increased on its own, you only have to pay attention to your work. The better your work, the more your domain authority will grow.

Some ways to increase domain authority :

As I said that you only have to pay attention to your work, but also the domain authority matters, and for this you have to take care of some things, some things you have to do, which I have described below.

How To Increase Domain Authority Of Your Website

  1. Publish Quality Content
  2. On-Page SEO
  3. Let Your Domain Grow or Old
  4. Internal Linking
  5. Generate High Quality BackLinks
  6. Content marketing
  7. Increase Publishing Frequency

Domain authority, Increase DA get rank website

Publish Quality Content :

I always say, you have to make your content attractive, write quality content, people have become very advanced today, and they know that which is good, and which is bad, there was a time when we write anything in our article, and that article also get rank, because Google did not have content at that time, but now due to jio thousands of people are coming to the blogging field every day, and there is an article on every keyword, so nowadays competition is very High.

If you want to get success in blogging, you have to write quality content, although there are thousands of tutorials on the internet, but still people copy others, and think that their website will be ranked, I do not understand Why do people do this, what has happened to them?

Domain authority, Increase DA get rank website

Domain authority, Increase DA get rank website (1)

Sometimes I feel so angry, what is the point, people have used many of my articles on their website, and they are thinking that this way the domain authority (DA) of their website will increase, if I want then i give Copyright claim on those websites, but I don’t want to do that, I know, if I give you a copyright, then you will adopt another method, better well I remove my own content, you can steal my content, but not my talent.

So brother write your own article, if you don’t know how to write, so first learn, research first, then come to the blogging field. Even if you write an article of 100 words, if your article is unique, then your DA will automatically increase.

If you want to learn blogging, then contact me, join the course.

On-Page SEO :

If you are a person who likes to write, then of course you can write a quality article, but here it is not only the content that matters, you need to do on-page SEO of your article too.

Many people can say that if we know how to write well, then why do we need for On-Page SEO? So until your content reaches people, your article has no meaning, no matter how good you write.

So you need to do On-Page SEO, now what is this On-Page SEO? On-Page SEO is a work that helps your article to appear in search results on the Internet, On-Page SEO is a huge task, which I cannot tell in just one article, but I have given some checklist, Which you can see, and you can do on-page SEO of your article.

Domain authority, Increase DA get rank website

Domain authority, Increase DA get rank website (1)

On-Page SEO checklist:

  • Keyword density- Avoid keyword stuffing, an article should have keyword density between 0.5 to 1.5%.
  • Heading tags – Make sure to use heading tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) in your article, this shows the man keyword of your article.
  • Targeted keyword- Choose a perfect keyword for your blog posts. Long-tail keywords – Short keywords have more competition, so you can’t rank quickly in this, so I’ll recommend long keywords, if you work on long keywords, you can rank quickly.
  • Meta description- Many people forget the Meta description while writing an article, you do not have to do this, only because of the Meta description, the click rate on the article increases.
  • Titles- title is also very important for an article, if you have written a good title, then people will be able to understand your article, and will read it as well.
  • Increase speed – If the speed of a website is very slow, then people do not like to go to that website, because their time is wasted there, so you have to take special care of the speed of your website.
Let Your Domain Grow or Old :

People who are new in blogging, they feel that blogging is very easy, and it is even easier to make money from it, and here they start cheating, blogging is not an easy task, it is very difficult, you have a lot to learn here.

If you know coding, you can get success in the blogging field quickly, but most of the people here do not know coding, and they register the domain somehow, and add it to Blogger or anywhere. even some people also use the free domain, and they start working on it.

Domain authority, Increase DA get rank website

Domain authority, Increase DA get rank website (1)

But friends you should not do this, coz I want that Do not waste your hard work, so you should register a good domain, in today’s time domain is available for very little money, there are some websites which give you give Domain + Hosting + Free SSL certificate within 3000 rupees, I have made a package for you. In which you have a Domain and Cloud hosting for just 3000 rupees, if you have money, then you must Buy it, it is best for you.

Grab Your Hosting package

And I have seen some people, who work on their website for a few days, and then suddenly leave, because they think that they are not going to benefit from blogging, but if you do that work properly. If you do not make any mistake, then definitely you get success?

Let your website, your domain be old, if it has been a year but you have not got any benefit, then try another year, but do not close that domain, but if you feel that you cannot achieve success in the world of blogging, then you can leave it.

Internal Linking:

Internal Linking is a very big SEO factor for an article and a website, if your website has 100 posts, and ranks 1 of them, and you have added some article of your website to that post by internal linking, So with your rank in this one article, there is a possibility of increasing traffic on your other article as well.

Domain authority, Increase DA get rank website

Domain authority Increase DA get rank website 4

Therefore Internal Linking is very important for a website, if you use WordPress, then you must be using Yoast SEO, and when you write an article, then Yoast SEO gives you some checklist, which you have to complete, And internal linking is also included inside those checklists.

So use internal linking in your post.
Generate High Quality BackLinks :

High Quality BackLinks are also very important for your website, if the DA of a website is to increase, you have to create High Quality BackLinks for that website, but people here have Confusions, that backlinks rank the website / article, Surprisingly, backlinks do not rank the site or post.

If you want to rank your website, then you provide good content, backlinks only push your website, meaning, if you have written an article, and for that article you have created some backlinks, and here the backlinks are help to bring the article to the first page of Google.

Domain authority Increase DA get rank website 5

Domain authority, Increase DA get rank website

But we all know this Google is very smart, so Google will show your article in 2 or 3 number results, if your article is good, if your content is true, if your content benefits for people, then people Will share your website, and in this way your article will jump on the first page of Google.

You have made a lot of backlinks, but your article is useless, you have written the lie, then people will be back from your website, and Google will feel that there is no quality in your website, due to which people will leave your website.

And with this reason Google will remove your website from the rankings, here backlinks do not matter, whether you make 100 or 1000, it does not make any sense, if you do not have that much strength in your article.

Content Marketing :

Content Marketing, means making your posts accessible to people, now it depends on you, which way you adopt, there are many ways through which you can make your posts accessible to people, however on YouTube you Can not share your videos on social media platforms, because there is a risk of invalid clicks.

But you must share your website in social media, the best way is, Facebook. You can create a page on Facebook, and join the groups related to blogging, then you can share your page in those groups, in this way you can do Content Marketing.

Domain authority, Increase DA get rank website

The advantage of doing content marketing is that it becomes a kind of backlinks to your website or posts, and if traffic to your website comes from social media platforms, then Google tries to make your article reach more people.

Increase Publishing Frequency :

If you write a new post on your website every day, then there is more chance of your website getting ranking quickly, Google makes your website crawl every day, and if you are always updated on your website, then Google will feel that You are a good blogger, and you want to make your website a brand.

So this will get your website indexed quickly, your website will be crawled soon, Google will also consider your website as a trusted website, and your DA (domain authority) will also increase. But it is not that you start posting any useless content in your website, or copying it from somewhere, it will never index your website in Google, on the contrary, Google can also give a penalty to your website. And Google will have a bad record of your website, so friends, expect your own hard work.

Domain authority, Increase DA get rank website


I always say that content is the key for a website, if the content is not good, then no matter how much backlinks you create, no matter how good the theme is, no matter how good hosting is used, it is not going to benefit.

Conclusion :

I remember, when I came to the blogging field, I do not have any tutorial to learn, I do not have any teacher, and I made a lot of mistakes, and i had to pay for those mistakes, a lot of my domains / websites were closed, I also think Was, I will copy someone else’s article, and put it in my website, but this was my biggest mistake.

So you do not have to repeat those mistakes, that is why I have opened this website, if you have reached this website, if you are reading this post, then I hope you will follow my instructions.

If you have got something to learn from this article, then you must share it with your friends.

Domain authority, Increase DA get rank website

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