Old domain buy, Did i buy a old domain, Domain authority check

05/03/2020 – Viswanath – Domain authority

Domain authority: Are you looking for a domain that has a lot of domain authority, and whose backlinks are very high, and that domain name is also very old, you may have seen such a domain being sold in the place, and you will find many people also said that if the domain authority is very high, then you must buy that domain.

But did they tell the truth? can you generate income from a high authority domain by working in it, is it right for you to buy such an old domain?

 A lot of people think that backlink is going to bring traffic to their website, and that is why those people buy that old domain, which is have high domain authority & high backlinks, but friends you don’t have to do that.

Old domain buy, Did i buy a old domain, Domain authority check

Old domain buy, Did i buy a old domain, Domain authority check


Hello friends my name is Viswanath and I have been blogging since 2012, and I have learned a lot of things, made a lot of mistakes too, but I do not make those mistakes again, because it is waste of money, Today I will tell you some things that you must know, it can be beneficial for you.

But you are all human, and it is a little difficult to explain to everyone, so do not feel bad about what I said, if you do not find this right, then you can contact me, today on this post I will tell you, Should we buy the old domain? And if you buy then what things to keep in mind.

Friends, all of you, whenever you search for a domain name, you must have seen, some domains are worth a lot, some are worth crores, and they told that the domain is a premium domain, and also told you the domain has many backlinks, how much domain authority is there, and how many searches are done on that domain.

Why is this shown, the domain is all the same, like other domains, the price of this domain should be included, why it is asked for so much money ? This is because that domain is shown to you by someone else

Meaning that domain has been purchased by someone else, and they want to sell that domain right now, and they can use that domain according to their mind The price is written, and it is listed on the website, you can also do it if you want.

Old domain buy, Did i buy a old domain, Domain authority check

Old domain buy Did i buy a old domain Domain authority check 2


If you have got a domain from Godaddy, you can also sell that domain,  by using godaddy selling platform, and you can keep the price according to yourself, This is how you are fooled here.

It is not that everybody fools you, most domains are right, but you must check once before buying it, you have to see which website is built on that domain, and what kind of content is that There exists, after that you can buy that domain.

Does Domain Authority matter?

As far as I know, Google has never mentioned the domain authority of any website/domain name, and no SEO tool can say the exact authority of a domain, it is just a formality that tells you a lot of SEO tools, But that is not true.

So you do not have to pay attention to the authority of any domain, because when you buy a domain, its authority is created by your work, the pre-made record does not matter.

Dose backlinks matter?

If your website has a lot of backlinks, but they are all Nofollow backlinks, then your website has
no value, whereas if there is a website which has a lot of backlinks, but all those backlinks are from some place where there is no traffic, or at such a place, the spam score is very high, in such a way that your domain is no use.

If a domain has a lot of backlinks, and those backlinks are a valuable backlink, then you are not going to benefit from it, because the backlinks made for a single page for a single post, and before you the website was created, and He has backlinks to a page and a link to a post.

Old domain buy, Did i buy a old domain, Domain authority check

And If a person comes to your website by clicking backlinks, which does not get the content according to it, then it will not come back to your website again, and Google will not consider your website to be a good website, and thus your website will never rank , Because a lot of 404 error pages will be created on your website.

How does Google check the domain?

Google should have a good impression of your website, Google should always think that your website is a genuine website, your website gets good content, your website follows all the rules,
only then Google ranks your website on the first page, and trust me it is very difficult.

Old domain buy, Did i buy a old domain, Domain authority check

Even if there is no traffic on your website, it does not matter that Google also knows that there is
no traffic on the new website, Google indexes your website only when your website has good content, and good content everyone Can’t write, if you want to know how to write a good article, then you can read my other post.

Do good work and you will get good results.
How to increase the value of an old domain?

If you have already made this mistake, if you have come to someone and bought the old domain, then you will have to work hard here, and remember that you do not have to adopt any easy way, when there is no content in any domain If there is a website that does not have any kind of content, then indexes such website or domain very slowly.

When Google comes to your website, it scans every page of your website, every post, everything,
so if there is no content on any website, then Google removes that website / domain from their list.

Old domain buy, Did i buy a old domain, Domain authority check

Old domain buy Did i buy a old domain Domain authority check 2

And even when you bought that domain, your domain name is a useless domain in the eyes of Google, and when you write your first article on that domain name and submit it to Google, then Google will know that Now this domain is working.

And I have to index it, and then it started indexing your domain, but still from Google, your domain is a useless domain, so you have to fix it.

You have to write a lot of articles first, and it is very important to have your article quality, and all your articles should be your own, copying from anywhere can prove to be bad for you.

Many people think that they will copy the article in English from somewhere, and then convert it to any language and put it in their website.

This is your biggest mistake, Google catches everything, when a website But is published an article , then Google converts that article to all other languages ​​as well, and when you publish the same article in another language, Google will catch the THAT, and you Will pay penalty, and your domain will go down, so do good work.

Old domain buy, Did i buy a old domain, Domain authority check

Post for You:

If you think that blogging is easy, then you are wrong, there are crores of competition here, just
as there is competition in a business, similarly there is competition in blogging.

If you want to earn money, do something new, work yourself, don’t steal someone’s hard work.

Authority of any domain is no use to you, so the question comes, should we buy the old domain?
So if you have the money, you can buy, but if that domain is a keyword that you want to work on
it, then you must buy it, but if it is ask high price.

Then don’t pay much money for any domain, it will be better for you to buy a low cost domain,
now it is depends on you what you think.


Friends domain names, domain authority and backlinks, it doesn’t matter at all, if you do your job properly, you will definitely get success, when i started blogging, I also think that it would be better to work on that domain which is have so many backlinks, high authority, and thinking that I bought a lot of domains that cost 50 to 60,000, and you will not believe, those domains did not get any benefit for me, Some of the domains have been sold back to me.

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