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What is digital advertising and why do you need it? And how you can make digital ads which will attract your users. You are going to get answers to all these questions in this post today, so friends, read this article carefully.

According to Google’s data, 64% of people start shopping after watching videos online, and here Youtube has a big role. 52% of people use social platforms like Facebook and Instagram to make purchases. Digital Advertising.

Importance of digital marketing

importance of digital marketing
Importance of digital marketing (Image credit by – The Daily Website)

The Internet is a place where people exist from all over the world, and it can be perceived as a planet. Everything can be sold on the internet. You just Only need to attract people.

A small business can reach thousands of people through the internet, if things are attractive then people are attracted to it. Digital Advertising.

And for this, you need to be there, create brand awareness, increase leads, and make sales. This is why digital advertising is so important for your business.

But what is digital advertising?

Although digital advertising was not given much importance in earlier times, but in today’s time it has become a business module. Digital Advertising

But still, the question comes into people’s minds: what makes digital advertisements effective? How can help it you to grow your products? So let’s take a look at this question, and know what digital advertising is.

Digital advertising is a banner code that is accessed digitally, which can be interpreted as an image or video, the publisher’s information about the content exists within that code when an internet user clicks that banner, So that code reaches the publisher’s content. via ads banner.

This code can also be added to the URL or email. This is because consumers are spending most of their time on the Internet, so digital advertising is one of the best ways for users to reach their business.

In fact, Google Adsense ads are shown on the most trusted platforms like Youtube, and publishers also spend a lot of money on it.

According to Google, internet users do 3.5 billion searches per day. And 92% of these users click the result which is found on the top page.

And you would be surprised to know that the volume of searches in Google increases by 20% each year. And at the same time, the number of publishers also increases.

Actually, digital ads can help you reach the right people with the right message if an internet user searches a product in Google or in any search engine, So the next moment he starts seeing the same product as ads, which saves the user time as well, And the publisher gets profits from it.

However, in earlier times we used to resort to TV and radio, And this also caused a lot of problems for the publisher, and when we watched TV, we did not like advertising at all.

But today the world has advanced, due to which we can take our business online in just one click.

For this, Google ads is a better option, which is considered best for digital advertising, but in addition, you can use Facebook ad, Instagram ads, etc.

How digital ads work?

Digital advertising works by using Internet-based advertising tools to research, manage, track, analyze, and improve online advertising campaigns.

And by following this system, all the ad networks display advertisements in many websites or videos, which promote the content of the publisher, and it will depend on the publisher how much he pays, and how much publicity he wants for his product, If the publisher pays 100 $, then their business is advertised under 100 $, it depends on the ad network how many users they will reach your ads.

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Digital marketing(Image credit by – The Daily Website)

They do not keep all the money paid by an ad network publisher, through a tracking system an ad network can find out their ads are showing on which platform, and how many times they are shown. With this tracking, they pay to the content provider/Website owner or Youtuber and keep some % with them.

This benefits the publisher, and the ads network and a content provider also benefits in huge amounts.

If you have a website, you can also approve ads on your website, and you can earn a lot of profit from it. But for this, your website should fulfill all the privacy policies of Ads networks.

I have already told in the article about how to get Adsense approval on a website, you can visit it if you want.

The keywords in your website allow you to choose which digital ads are best for your business and customers. a website owner can choose the advertisement for his website, can also block those ads which are not right for his website. Digital Advertising

Why choose an ad?

If you are a website owner, or you have a YouTube channel, it takes a lot of hard work to make your content, and earning the right profit in return for that hard work is very important.

If you have a technology website, then your website should show a technology advertisement, if any other category ads are shown, then no one will click on those ads on your website, and this will not benefit you.

So you need to choose ads, if your website is related to technology, then you can choose Tech ads, and you can stop other advertisements. Digital Advertising

But each type has its own pros and cons as well as different strategies. Those who know how to run a Google advertising campaign may struggle with Facebook ads and vice versa because of these different strategies.

There is a simple advertisement / TV

You have to pay a lot for this advertisement, and you cannot control this advertisement yourself, nor can you see how many times your advertisement has been shown. Digital Advertising

This will depend entirely on the ad network, how often, and where they show your ad. Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is an advertisement that you know where your ad has been shown, and you can also control it because you can see all the data. Digital Advertising

Why is digital advertising important and why you should implement digital advertising?

In digital advertising, you can do it yourself, how your ad will look, and you can change it from time to time, and you can also target your ad to the user.

You can also decide that your ad will appear on the website, you can decide the price of your ad yourself, you can also stop your ad when the time comes.

You can also take a trial first if you use Google ads, then you can make your advertisement online even in the initial days by paying very little.

But social media advertising like Facebook cannot get much profit, I started an advertisement to test it, let’s know what happens then.

One day I uploaded a photo, and after some time a notice came that if you want to make this photo viral then boost your post.

When I boosted my post, it asked for 6$ and claimed that my photo would reach 1000 people.

And I was very happy to think that at least 200 likes came in my photo. And I will show that photo to my friends. when it gets 200 likes.

But after waiting for 2 days, I found that my photo had 12 likes. Which is liked by my own friends, it means my promotion was wested, my money was wasted. That’s why I never believe in social media advertising.

They used this notice for robbery money, but this does not benefit the publisher, in the same way, Instagram is also there, even here you cannot succeed, that is another thing If you pay more in social media, you may see a little bit success in it, but social media platform is not right for a small business.

So I will always recommend Google ads because it is so simple and effective.

Use Google ads:

In Google Ads, you can create 2 types of advertisement modules, which include banner ads, video ads, Skip ads, Non-skip ads.

If you want to show your ad on a video streaming platform, then you have to create video ads, and if you want to show your ad on Websites, then you have to create banner ads.

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Digital marketing – (Image credit by – The Daily Website)

Both advertising categories are powerful and work very well, the price of the advertisement will determine your keyword and your business category, but you can choose the price.

Once your ads are approved, they start appearing in front of the number of users according to your price range. And at the end of the month, the price you set is deducted from your bank.

Google is a search engine where the maximum user exists, and it is the world’s largest trusted search engine, so you should use google ads.

I hope you have received all the information about digital advertising, and if you like this post, then share it with your friends. coz sharing is caring.

Digital Advertising 2021 - Make Unlimited money Best knowledge
Digital Advertising 2021 Make Unlimited money Best knowledge 1

Digital advertising - A small business can reach thousands of people through the internet, if things are attractive then people are attracted to it.

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