Is Computers are bad? || Detailed Information Computer Full form

Computer Full form : Hello Friends Today we know in this article what is Computer & Computer Ful Form and also the parts of the computer.

A computer is a type of electronic device, it contains many programs, a lot of data is also saved in it. The data that we put into it is called instruction and the result resulting from it is called output.

Like if you do a calculation, you have to add 2 plus 4, then what you do is the calculator will take you first, after that, what you will do in the afternoon, well, then the computer that works is your answer. , When we added 2 +4= 6 answers came. In this, we will know everything about Computers and the Computer Full form. Computer Full form

Detailed Information Computer Full form
Detailed Information Computer Full form

In the same way, there are many applications, many videos, and to use all these things you have to use the internet, you need a device to do all these things, this device is so powerful, its name We call computers.

Right now we are talking about computers here and in the name of computers (computer knowledge/Computer Full form) you have made us different and we have written many things about it and are writing continuously, so if you want to read then click here By doing this, you can read previous articles, you will get good information.

The word computer is a Latin word that we call a computer, which means to calculate anything.

Applications are run by computers, if someone is given work, then he should complete the work whether it is hardware work, it is software work, it is math work, it is science work or it is satellite Whether or not doctors work, the need for computers is everywhere.

When was the first computer built?

The analytical engine is believed to have been the first computer built by a man named Charles Babbage. It was built in 1837, with punch cards that read memory and Charles Babbage was the father of computers or also called the father. Computer Full form

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Computer Full Form:

Computer Full Form: Here you have some important and very important computer parts, without which the computer is probably nothing and it will not happen because without these things the computer will not be able to do anything. Very important are entire computers. Computer Full form


Computer parts: It takes software and hardware instructions from the computer and works on it. This is a very important part of computers.

Parts of Computer:

It is a part without which the computer is running, but no work can be done without it, as the name is known, the motherboard is like a mother, which means that it is the heart of the computer. Yes, it is as much as a computer. There are also parts, whether it is your CPU or your mouse or your keyboard, it connects everything.

Detailed Information Computer Full form
Detailed Information Computer Full form


Memory is also very important, it has a datastore, everything you write, which is toe in the power office, then all the files of all the files, all the songs are stored in your everything.

Storage device:

The storage device can be an exam hard drive because A is permanent, the data in it is listed as permanent, which means that it is stored forever. Computer Full form

Input device:

The input device is also very important because it connects to internal data from the computer such that its keyboard can be.

Output Device: Computer Full form.

Any input gives you to the computer, everything you write is from a keyboard or mouse, whatever you instruct, the computer can show an instruction that shows the instructions, it is called an output device.

Types of computers?

Five Basic Types of Computers are:

  • Microcomputer
  • Mainframe computer
  • Minicomputer
  • Supercomputers
  • Workstation


This computer has a very low speed and may have very few datastores. It uses a microprocessor like the CPU. It is built by an 8-bit microprocessor chip such as a laptop desktop personal assistant tablet smartphone.

Mini Computer:

It can have more than 1 person or more than one job simultaneously. It is used in small industries. They are also used by a small company, as you have gone to school, become a small company, they do a lot of work.

Mainframe computer:

It is a good computer, it can work with thousands of data and users at the same time, there are lots of large organizations, very large companies, they use these computers, it is also useful in big business. A lot of data can be stored in it, such as a bank university insurance company is useful for all of them.

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The supercomputer is one of the fastest and most expensive computers, yet you can do a lot of data in this direction at a time, its speed is also much faster than others, it can do a lot of work with very high speed. is. It is not used in normal life, it is mostly used by scientists or it is also used for some research. Scientists make the most use of it. If they have to do some research, some satellites work.

Work Station:

Like a personal computer, speed and storage can be considered between a personal computer and a mini-computer, in this, you can also run the software, if a design has to be made it can also be made, it is also considered a good option. can go. Computer Full form.

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Computer Uses:

In today’s fast-paced world where both computers and the Internet have come, computers are becoming more and more used, without it, you might leave a country, even a small person now in this internet and The computer is joined by both. Without information, this life is probably far away because your computer is useful in everything from buying a home vegetable to going out of the country, so today we will look at some very important things where the computer comes in handy.

  • ATM.
  • Scientist
  • Doctor
  • Teacher
  • Railway
  • Airlines
  • Send money
  • Search Traffic
  • Office work

These are some requirements but there are many more things that come in handy every day.

History of computer:

Detailed Information Computer Full form
Detailed Information Computer Full form

Let me tell you one by one about all the computers that come from the beginning to the present day.

  • Abacus
  • Napier’s bones
  • Pascal in
  • Difference Engine
  • Analytical Engine
  • Tabulating Machine
  • Mark one
  • Computer Generation:
  • First-generation computer (1946 to 1959)
  • Second-generation computer (1959 to 1965)
  • Third-generation computer
  • Fourth Generation Computer (1971 to 1980)
  • Fifth Generation Computer (1980 to present day)

Input Device or Input Device:

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Scanner
  • Joystick
  • Light Pen
  • Microphone
  • Digital Camera
  • Optical Character Reader (OCR)
  • Touchpadouch Screen
  • Biometric Devices

Full form of computer 

Computer Full Form-

  • Commonly
  • Operations
  • Machine
  • Specially
  • Technology
  • Education and
  • Research

Benefits of Computer:

Although computers have many advantages, I would like to mention a few important things.


With the advent of computers, all of us have become much faster than before, now you can do the work we did for an hour, in less than 1 minute, so this speed is very much Fasting so that is a big task. Lost in a very short time.


Earlier we all used to do only one thing at a time. With the advent of computers, we can do many things at one time. If we have to calculate from one to one lakh or crores, we can do it in a few seconds. And we can do other things with it, which we call multitasking


We make mistakes doing some work in computation, but now with the advent of computers, more and more work is done correctly, it is slightly more likely.

  • Computer damage:
  • Overuse of computers also causes damage.

Virus attack:

As you all know that if you run the Internet, there is always a risk of viruses. It is a type of program that only humans make, your data can be in any way to steal your money. How email can come from the Internet or you can install Pen Drive from there, there are many ways through which it can harm your computer right now.

Job loss:

As the Internet and computers continue to grow, job prospects will diminish already, as things like Artificial Intelligence machine learning have started coming in this way, so many robots have started to form, which 10 men work together in one robot. If he does, he is making all our work easier but jobs are getting much less.

New Computer Technology:

Now we know what new technologies can do now and now.

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Robot automation
  • Edge Computing
  • Virtual reality
  • Cybersecurity
  • Blockchain
  • Internet of Things

These are some of the very fast-moving things that many big companies of today are working on, like companies like Tesla and a lot of work has been done and a lot of new things have already arrived. Over time, all the work will go into the hands of these machines, I needed to write this because you understand what is needed today and try to learn more and more computers, understand its programs and work on it because tomorrow What we need is not just our needs.

Conclusion of Computer Full form:

Hopefully, with the information given by us, computer, what is computer, Computer Full Form, and parts of computer, you will all be very happy and satisfied that we have tried to give a piece of correct and complete information. If there is anything left then you can tell us in the comment.

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