Cloud Service is Bad ? Best About Cloud Server 2021

Cloud Service: On hearing the name of Cloud Hosting, the image of cloud starts appearing in the mind, and some people think that cloud service means cloud hosting is a machine that has been made like a satellite in the sky, some people also think that Cloud hosting means satellite hosting.

But actually, it is not true, so today in this article we will know what cloud service is. And why it should be used.

What is cloud-based technology?

Cloud Service is Bad Best About Cloud Server 2021
Cloud Service(Image credit – The Daily Website)

Cloud service does not mean any satellite service, rather it is a server, which is connected with many savers, the server is a special computer, which is connected to the Internet for 24 hours.

I have told you about the server in another article, you can also read it if you want.

Multiple servers together make A cloud service, this service connects to many servers around the world, And the person using it, can use things according to their needs.

For example, if you have a website and you have purchased Cloud service from the USA, but if your website is being viewed in China, then cloud service will use the server present in China at that time, And will share your website better with people.

A cloud service has the power to place things better, if you are a developer, you can enjoy it in a better way.

Apart from this, cloud hosting does not face problems like website crash or downtime, if your content gets spoiled due to some reason, then cloud service can save your content, it keeps a duplicate copy/backup of your content, which can be used when the time comes.

Although you can also create cloud service by yourself, but today there are thousands of companies on the Internet, who provide cloud service, and I think you should buy cloud service from a company, because it is very hard to make and It costs money, and you can get this service from the company for a low cost. Which will save you time and money.

Customers typically subscribe to cloud services under a monthly Billing arrangement, for example, rather than paying for software licenses and supporting server and network infrastructure back fronts.

In many transactions, this approach makes cloud-based technology an operational expense rather than a capital expenditure.

Cloud service is not only used to create websites, Apart from creating websites, it can also be used for making software, creating mobile apps, and serving online.

A direct example of this is Amazon, which has its own cloud server. The name is (AWS).

The use of cloud services is closely associated with common cloud offerings, such as Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

A cloud server can do many things at one time, such as accepting and responding to a user’s request, if you create a website or an app, for that you have to resort to Google or other search engines, and When your website is searched in the search engine, and visited, the cloud server responds to the search taking care of the security.

Cloud Service is Bad Best About Cloud Server 2021
Cloud Service(Image credit – The Daily Website)

A cloud service is more secure than other servers such as shared VPS or Dedicated. Cloud service is more faster than any server and it provides the lite speed of your content.

Cloud servers are also called lite cache servers, if you are using cloud servers for the website, then you do not have to worry about the speed of your website.

Cloud service server is the upgraded version of better technology in the world, which is the most liked by users, I also use cloud service for some of my websites, and this is why our website never goes down, and Cloud server can handle 400 real-time traffics.

Public cloud-based services vs. private cloud-based services.

The number of simple server providers is very large, and each company offers different packages, but some companies distribute their one cloud server to multiple people, and this allows one server to use multiple users, this is called public cloud server.

Cloud Service is Bad Best About Cloud Server 2021
Cloud Service – (Image credit – The Daily Website)

Although some companies sell their servers by giving different server names, I would not like to take the name of any company here, but you should not buy any kind of service from such a service provider, otherwise, you can face many problems.

Note: You can also call a public cloud service as a Shared hosting, which is Speed ​​High. In addition, public cloud service has no meaning.

Public cloud service is also known as cloud hosting, which are provided by different companies, such as Namecheap, Hostinger, Godaddy, and many more, their Cloud server can be used by anyone paying the package price.

In contrast, private cloud services are generally not made available for personal or any other simple tasks.

Meaning you cannot buy private cloud Servers from anywhere, although this service also uses the technology of public cloud service but private cloud services run on an organization’s own infrastructure, it Shared with its own Employe or own Staff in exchange for external users.

It works completely like a virtual machine, which is managed on its own, and you have to decide how many users will use that server.

Web services vs cloud servers:

As I have said, Cloud service can also be used as a Web hosting service, but there is a slight difference in Web service, usually, Web service can be thousands of parts of the same machine, a Web service is a Cloud Hosting services that can only be designed for one thing, and a web hosting is also fixed with its Cinfiger (Disk space, RAM, Bandwidth, etc.)

Cloud Service is Bad Best About Cloud Server 2021
Cloud Hosting – (Image credit – The Daily Website)

Commonly a web service used to create a website or app and its price starts from 1 $ to 10 $ per month.

A good web service company can prove to be more effective for your website like if you use Web hosting of Namecheap, it provides a Next level Performance for your website.

Vertical Cloud Computing:

Virtual cloud service is known as VPS server, in which you can do any work, whether it is Printer service or E-mail service, can be converted as any hosting service.

Is it possible to create a virtual machine?

It takes a lot of hard work and money to build a virtual machine, but if you have knowledge of Coding, then you can convert your PC into a Virtual Machine.

Which service is right for the website?

If you are going to start the website, then my advice is to go with the shared hosting service, this will save your money, but if your website has traffic, or your website is old but it is not ranking. So you should use Cloud service.

When your website or App starts to rank on the search engines, a lot of people start attacking the website, so you have to make a better security structure and for that, you should use Cloud Hosting.

This creates many levels of security for your website which is very difficult to break.

But keep in mind that some hosting company uses the name of Cloud hosting, but their service is not Cloud service. You should use a service from a reputable company.

How much traffic can handle cloud hosting?

As such, if you have your own server, then you should not worry about Traffics. But if you are buying service from a third party company then it will depend on that company how much Bandwidth they provide you.

Some companies hide the service features. And some companies show publicly how much their service can handle Traffics.


Friends, if you have to make a website or mobile app and you are new to this, then you do not need cloud service, because I have realized that during the early days, traffic does not come, nor is your content famous. But if you are a rich person then you can go with Cloud hosting even in the early days.


I hope you will get all the information about the cloud service, if you like this article, then share it.

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