Blogging 2021 is no value For News Bloggers

Blogging 2021: Friends if you want to start a website in 2021 , and maybe you want to join blogging because of unemployment and other reasons, and you think that is Blogging is Right choice to earn money ? Then this post is for you.

Today I am going to tell you the real factor of Blogging 2021, so stay on this post, hello guys my name is Viswanath Dhinda, and write a lot of posts everyday to manage my websites, if i delay 1 day then maybe i will lose my ranking.

Although a maximum of my websites are approved by Google news, but that is not enough for permanent ranking, to fix permanent ranking, you need work everyday.

Blogging 2021

Blogging 2021 is no value For News Bloggers
Blogging 2021 is no value For News Bloggers

But there are so many videos available on YouTube, which Title is To earn from Blogging is so difficult in 2021, so is it true? I think no. That’s not true guys.

Look every year Google search results are 1.2 trillion And maximum serches is for Queries, like Software key, Blogging tips, Hosting, Domain, Sex, News and others things.

And according to Google or other search engines, people can not leave search on search engines.

People always want the right information, which is only available on Blog websites, i know nowadays video markets are also growing fastly, but maximum videos on youtube provide misleading information.

So that people start searching on Google, and google provides Best information in front of people, people know Google provides the right information related to their queries.

And Blogging can naver down in future, it’s growing day by day. So if you decide to join blogging, then maybe this is your good choice. 

But you need to work hard and make some investment. Blogging needs so much effort, if you’re interested in writing, if you provide the right information then blogging is for you, and the future of blogging is so good.

How to start?

For start a blog you need some basic knowledge, like how to write, how to make images, how to fix all web problems etc, you can learn from youtube.

This is basic information you can easily done. But choose a batter platform, like WordPress and use a lite cache Theme, you can go with GPL themes and plugins.

Some of my websites are build on GPL themes, and if you need a free theme then go with Generatepress or Astra pro, also you can choose the No.1 Template Genesis Framework.

Don’t think about traffic and success do you job sincerely. You get success in one day. Because Blogging is never end.

So choose a good Hosting and choose a good platform, like WordPress, build a beautiful and simple website, and start earning from online.

To buy Hosting and Domain i suggest you to go with the link below.

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Free Hosting naver gets success, mark my word.

And hopefully you got your answer about Blogging 2021, and if this post is helpful for you then share it.

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