Blogger Website SEO For Beginners 2020

04/18/2020 – Viswanath – Blogger Website SEO

Hello Welcome To (The Daily Website) Today I am going to discuss an important topic, that is how to do Blogger Website SEO, many people have such a question, how to SEO a blogger’s website, and How to rank it on Google‘s first page?

Because SEO for a website is easy to do on WordPress, but SEO on Blogger is a bit difficult, because there is some limitation on Blogger, you cannot do much customization on Blogger, you cannot write the article so well, the image is also Can not be used correctly, due to which we are not able to make our blogger website completely SEO friendly.

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Blogger Website SEO For Beginners 2020

And the special thing is, how to SEO a Hindi website? This is also a very big question, a lot of people think that it is very difficult to rank a Hindi website, but you must be surprised to know that a Hindi website ranks very quickly on search engine, but it is very difficult to do a Hindi website SEO friendly, and if your blogger website is in English, then it is easy to do SEO, but it does not rank quickly.

Actually an English blogger website is easier to do SEO, but it is difficult to seo a blogger website.

Then what is its solution? In what language should we create our website? Read the post carefully, you will get the answer to all the questions.

The main part of the search engine is the keyword, meaning search query, Due to keywords people reach your blog or website, but the main problem in Hindi blogger website is that people do not search the one keyword, nor do all the people Search in the same way, Because the one keyword has different font, people can search it in any way, suppose I gave a keyword to some people, like (what is android), then people Can search it many ways use any search engine.

        • For en Example:
          • What is android in Hindi
          • Android kya hai

Blogger Website SEO For Beginners 2022

And if you see the search volume of all these queries by keyword planner tool, then you will get different results, but google or other search engine does not rank a post / article for a single query, and for whatever query your Site is ranked, you also have to create content according to the same query.

But in English website, there is only one keyword, like “what is android”, and this keyword cannot be confuses user and the blogger, but there is a lot of confusion in Hindi blog, for the user and also for the blogger.

so these same confusion Due to this, I started doing research about SEO of Hindi blog or English website also, and for this I also create a website, I analyzed many popular and high traffic websites, such as their top keywords and pages, how they keep their blog title, and with this research I know a lot of things.

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Blogger Website SEO For Beginners 2020

And after that research, i use this tips on my website, and You won’t believe, That my website started to rank on some keywords. [You can also use these tips, and create a high traffic website]

You must have heard from many people that you get traffic by social media sharing, but friends, whatever you try, share, refer, in social media, but the main source of traffic is search Engine, I do not say do not share in social media, but it has been my personally experienced, that social media is just a meaningless world, people here prefer those things which have something bad, Nobody get To know good knowledge here.

Blogger Website SEO For Beginners 2020

Even then I joined many groups where there were millions of people, and I used to share my new post daily, but hardly few of those millions used to read my blog post, most of them just went by like post and comment on that page or groups.

So do not spend your time on these useless things, if you want to share your website on social media, then put media sharing buttons on the website, and create a page and group and do enable auto post sharing on it, and Give more time to the SEO of your website, it will come Will most benefit for Future.

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Now let’s talk about SEO, as far as I think, you will know the main factors of SEO, if you don’t know, then I have given a table below, you can see.

List of the English Blogger website SEO :
  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. URL
  4. Breadcrumbs and Navigation
  5. Quality content / Keyword research
  6. Anchor text or interlinks
  7. Image alt tag
  8. Use heading
  9. Robot.txt
  10. Google mobile site
  11. Backlinks
  12. Webmaster submission

Blogger Website SEO For Beginners 2020

List of the Hindi Blogger website SEO :
  1. Select Target
  2. How should the title of the post of Hindi blog
  3. What should be the URL of the post?
  4. Meta Description
  5. Internal link
  6. Comment
  7. Backinks
  8. Forgot keyword research
  9. Mobile Friendliness
Select Target :

More benefit than a website is when a country is targeted through the website, meaning if your website is in Hindi, then more of your visitors will be from India, but if your website is in English, then it is rank In other countries like USA / UK, you will rank higher, and it also benefits you.

As you would know that AD CPC in India is very much Low, and in the outside countries it is a lot more than that, but you should not see how much money your website is making. You have to target the visitors.

But people forget this very soon, and then start putting mixed content on their website, and this makes their website never rank, if you write in Hindi, then you have to write articles in Hindi only. If you write in English, then you have to write articles in English only.

Blogger Website SEO For Beginners 2020


My suggestion is that you write in your language, if you write in your own language, then you will be able to write articles much better, and people will also like your post.

After choosing the language of your website, you must target the country of your blog, for this you can use google webmaster tool, like you can add your sitemap in search console, just go to International target then search traffic in your Search Console, you can Target any country, in addition to buying in your domain, you can choose .com domain, because .COM Domains ranks in all over world.

How should the title of the post :

This is the main problem here of the website, how to choose the title because there is a lot of confusion while writing the article, there are thousands of words of the same keyword, so it becomes difficult to decide which keyword to keep in the Title.

Blogger Website SEO For Beginners 2020 3

So friend, there is no need to panic, choose the two keywords of the topic on which you want to write articles, for this for find keywords you can use Keyword Planner Tool, many tools Which is available for free, like Google keyword planner Tool, Ubersuggest, Keyword research.

With the help of this you target two keywords, and write the article on it, and use the same two keywords in your post Title, so that the chance of increasing CTR (Click through rate) is very high.

Blogger Website SEO For Beginners 2020 5


Blogger Website SEO For Beginners 2020

You can keep your Blog Post title as you want, but you can write your meta title in Hindi, English or any other language. This has two advantages, one, if someone searches in Hindi, then they will reach your website with the help of your Title, and if someone searches in English, they will also reach your website with the help of Meta Description.


Meta Description is very important to make Blogger Website SEO friendly.

Post URL :

URL is one of the most important things of any article and the website, the URL of the article is helps a lot in ranking Blogger website SEO, in English, the URL is easy to set, but it is a bit difficult to set the URL in Hindi, It is not so difficult, you have to write the words correctly, for this I have given an example below, you can see it.

        • Hindi-blog-SEO-how-to
        • SEO-kaise-kare
        • How-to-seo-blogger-website


You try to make sure that your URL is not too long, Google is index 60 characters, so you have to keep your URL short.

Internal link :

Internal link is also very important for blogger website SEO, through it you can
rank your other articles, take backlinks for them, and also reduce the bounce rate
of your website, so whenever you write new posts then use the internal link.

Blogger Website SEO For Beginners 2020


But do not use internal links in much quantity, due to these people leaving your post.

Backinks :

Backlinks are a role for a Blogger Website SEO or any website, but it is very difficult to create a backlink for a website, and so I already have given details about backlink in my other posts, you must read that article, steel After you read this post, you can read my other post That is How to create backlinks, definitely you will get complete information about Backlink.

Keyword research For Blogger website :

Keyword research is also very important for a Blogger website or any website, but the mistakes people make here is, Keyword Placement, people use keyword in English in their English website, but their Hindi English keywords are also used in websites, and this is the biggest mistake, so your website, whether on Blogger or WordPress, will never rank.

If your website is in Hindi, then you should use Hindi keywords in your website, this will make Google understand your website better.

Well, SEO is such a big word, which will never end, but I have told to a great extent how to do a Blogger Website SEO, use it on your website, you can definitely rank your website easily.

Blogger Website SEO For Beginners 2020

Blogger Website SEO For Beginners 2020 4

Advice :

If you do your work properly, if you love your job, then you do not need any kind of SEO, many people say, the theme should be good, should have a good Domain, Plugins, etc, but the truth is, the SEO of your website Is dependent on your work.

I think I have answered all your questions, and you have also liked this article, so share this post, help your friend.

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