Blogger vs WordPress || difference between blog and website

Blogger vs WordPress: As usual, it was a big company in a city, and a lot of employees work in that company and getting a small job from this company. it is very difficult.

But one day there was a terrible accident like lockdown with the company, and the company went into loss, then all employees lost their job. And brother, so many workers where do scratch ass, so sitting in the house started searching for jobs on the internet.

Then he got the idea of ​​online earning in his mind, and while searching about online earning, he came to know about blogging. Blogger vs WordPress, WordPress vs Blogger.

WordPress vs Blogger || difference between blog and website

Blogger vs WordPress || difference between blog and website
Blogger vs WordPress, WordPress vs Blogger.

Blogging, This is such a poor school, where everyone can enter on their own, they can also go out on their own, no knowledge is needed here. anyone can do blogging, and blogging can change any person’s life.

Then people thought, let’s do this, who will work so hard every day, and mark my word, this thinking causes problems.

Then after watching thousands of videos, people enter the blogging field, and first of all create their site, on the blogger, And from here the confusion starts, which platform is best for website building, Because nothing is achieved after working for a long time, then people realize that the platform is the real problem.

And then when searching about the platform on Youtube, they find out about 2 blogging platforms which are Blogger and WordPress. Blogger vs WordPress, WordPress vs Blogger.

And then the problem comes again because WordPress requires hosting, and money is needed for hosting, then again people go to YouTube and search WordPress Vs Blogger, and still don’t understand anything, and complete blogging Life escapes in WordPress Vs Blogger.

And if I talk about WordPress Vs Blogger, there is a lot of difference between the two platforms, so let’s know today, which platform is the best, for website building.

WordPress: Blogger vs WordPress

WordPress is a PHP platform, and because of this you get complete freedom in WordPress, you can do whatever you want with your website. Blogger vs WordPress, WordPress vs Blogger.

For any work just install a plugin and it is done, if you want to add the sharing button, then there is also a plugin for it, if the article has to be designed properly then there is a separate plugin for it, even if you want table Also different plugin is found in WordPress dashboard.

If you are a developer, you can make a very good website using WordPress.

In WordPress you can optimize the article very well, SEO can also do 100%, you can decide yourself what things will appear on your site.

NOTE: If you are a developer, you can make a very good website using WordPress.

In WordPress, you get proper instruction, how to write an article, how to make pages, how to do SEO. Blogger vs WordPress, WordPress vs Blogger.

Also in WordPress you can complete managing your site, such as color, footer sidebars, and most important table content.

Blogger: Blogger vs WordPress

The best thing is that blogger is a free platform, and everything is available here for free from search engines like google.

And this is the reason that Blogger is used a lot, but some people are also Stingy, and start wasting time with the domain in blogger.

Although Blogger is free, but even here a domain is required, but there are many shortages of things in blogger.

Blogger vs WordPress difference between blog and website 2

The biggest drawback of the blogger is that we cannot do SEO properly, cannot focus our article on any targeted keyword, cannot write table content. Cannot write the description correctly, even image cannot be added correctly.

Articles in Blogger only rank for a short time, and for that, we need to do too much hard work.

Sometimes even after writing 1000s of articles in blogger, the website has no value, nor can we sell blogger’s website at the highest price.

The themes you find in Blogger are limited options, and we cannot even customize as per our requirement, The theme will decide how your website will look.

But the best thing is that you can use blogger for a lifetime, that too for free.

Security: Blogger vs WordPress

If we talk about Blogger and WordPress then there is more security in Blogger, because it is the platform of Google, and the security of Google is quite good.

But in WordPress you have to take care of security yourself, you have to use the plugin, and still, the website remains a threat.

But if you get a backup from time to time, then there is no need to worry about your website.

If there is any problem, you can use the backup. Blogger vs WordPress, WordPress vs Blogger.

Ownership: Blogger vs WordPress

If you use blogger, do you know that you do not have the authority of your website, yes all the websites that are in blogger are owned by Google, which means, your site is not yours, you are just as A content writer working in blogger, and sharing your ideas?

And if you make any such mistake which is against the policy of google, then google can delete your site without any information, because the copyright of Is blogging still a thing in 2020? WordPress Blogger the website is inhabited by google.

And hence no movie downloading website is created in blogger.

But WordPress is a content management platform, and that’s why you own it here because you have to pay for everything from Hosting to Domain. Blogger vs WordPress, WordPress vs Blogger.

And this is another biggest advantage that google cannot delete the website which made in WordPress, to do this, they have to contact the site owner first.


At the end, WordPress is 100 times better, but if you just want to create a simple website, you like to write, or you have to create an online diary, where you want to write your daily things, then blogger is very good for you.

But if you want to earn real money for a long time, then my suggestion is that you create a website in WordPress, and if you are looking for hosting and domain cheap price to make a website, then I have given a link, you can buy from there, You are going to get a very good package.

Blogger vs WordPress

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