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04/25/2020 – Viswanath – SEO Tips:

Blogger SEO Blogpost: Are you a Blogger, and have tried many ways but your website is not ranking, your writing skill is very good, but your article is not getting traffic, then this article is for you.

Blogger SEO Blogpost | Blogspot For Seo

The most important thing for a website is SEO, (search engine optimization), and where the SEO is being talked about, there are two things, one is on-page optimization and off-page optimization.

But many people have this question in their mind, what is this on-page optimization or off-page optimization, how to they do it? So today I will share with you all the experiences of my life with this article, which you should know.

So first we will talk about Blog Post-on-page SEO, On-page SEO means in this we write the article of one of our Blog Posts for a particular target keyword, or to rank that article. this includes using the headings properly, proper keyword placement, paying attention to the quality of the article.

What do we need to do on-page optimization?

Actually, whenever we write an article, then to index that article in Google, to get it on the first page of Google and for people to like, we have to optimize the article, and this is what we called Page Optimization.

The better our article optimization, the better it will rank on the search engine.

Blogger SEO Blogpost | Blogspot For Seo

Search engine means it is a different type algorithm of any company, meaning if you use Yahoo, then the results that come before you are shown in front of you due to the algorithm, by analyzing any content in reality. Display it in front of people.

Blogger SEO Blogpost | Blogspot For Seo

And if our product is good, then this algorithm will show that product the most, that is why we need to do Blog SEO. If I talk about 2017, then there was not so much competition at that time, and we did not need to do so much Blog Post SEO.

But today, millions of people coming in blogging every day, so I also have to take special care of SEO for the rest of my all Blog Post website.

How to do on-page optimization?

There are many ways for On-Page Optimization, but most people either resort to YouTube, or Google, but let me tell you, SEO is not something that you have to copy or paste from somewhere.

Blogger SEO Blogpost | Blogspot For Seo

You have to learn it by yourself, only then you can completely SEO your Blog Post, to learn you will have to read any post carefully, or else read my post properly.

WordPress SEO :

SEO Optimization on WordPress is quite easy because here it is told through plugins, how you can do SEO Optimization of your post, if your website is on WordPress, you can use Yoast SEO or Rank Math Plugin for your blogpost SEO.

But if you have to do SEO optimization in the right way, then you have to take care of many other things, such as Image, Video Files, Internal Link, Backlink, if you have applied all these things to your post/article, then to rank, your Blog Post Nobody can stop it. Let’s know step by step.

Some Important Tips You Should Know
  1. About Keyword Placement:
  2. Title in keyword
  3. Keyword in permalink
  4. Keyword in the first paragraph
  5. Keyword in the image’s alt tag
  6. LSI keywords in Thought Post
  7. Keywords in headings
  8. 1.5% overall keyword density

Blogger SEO Blogpost | Blogspot For Seo

  • Image optimization:

There are many people who download the image, and upload it directly to their Blog Post, but do you know that this is down speeds up your website, so you should compress those images, if you want You can use any software, otherwise you can use any online website, the website I use is if you want, you can also use it.

Best Blogger Blogspot SEO Tips beginner

But you also have to pay attention that the image of your Blog Post is your own if your image is your own, then it will be indexed quickly on Google or any search engine, then try to make it your own. You can use software like Pixllab to create the image on a smartphone, on a desktop you can use photoshop or any kind of software.

  • Video files:

The file uploading space on WordPress is 252mb by default, if you have uploaded a video Direct to your Blog Post, it will slow down your website, it is better that you upload that video elsewhere, and then  Put on the link to your Blog Post.

You can create a channel on YouTube if you want, or you can also use your Google Drive. to upload videos in your Blog Post.

I think YouTube is the best way, from here you can earn money by monetizing your videos.

Blogger SEO Blogpost | Blogspot For Seo

  • Backlink :

Backlinks are very important to rank any Blog Post, but it is very difficult to create backlinks today, so you can skip this step, but if you want, how to create backlinks for a Blog Post? So you can see my other post, there I have told you in full details about how you can create backlinks for your website.

Best Blogger Blogspot SEO Tips beginner

Blogger SEO Blogpost | Blogspot For Seo

  • Internal link:

Internal Link is also very important for a Blog Post SEO, you can link the link of your website to another post in your new post, this way you will become a backlink to your old post, and your traffic on the old post also Will grow, and Google will also understand what your post is.

A lot of people put a link to another post in your post, it is not going to benefit you if your post is about SEO, then you should give the post link from Internal Link SEO in your Blog Post.

Best Blogger Blogspot SEO Tips beginner

Regardless of how many posts you write, but if people don’t like it then your website will never rank, if people come to your website, and are pressing Back Button soon, then the Bounce Rate of your website will increase.

And Google will fall down your website ranking, so you have to do standard maintenance of your website, feel like your website is a brand, and make it that way.

Best Blogger Blogspot SEO Tips beginner

Blogger SEO Blogpost | Blogspot For Seo

To create a branded website, you have to use a premium theme, which is lite wait as well also mobile-friendly, now there are many themes in the market, you can use anyone, I have written a post about the theme, if you wish, you can read that post.

How to do Blogger SEO?

There is no need to do much on Blogger, you just have to pay attention to your content, here you are not going to have any problem of the image, you can use as many big images as you want, but on Blogger also you must have to do first Some things, such as Theme, Robots.txt, Custom domain, Metadata, Title Description.

Best Blogger Blogspot SEO Tips beginner

  • Theme

The theme doesn’t matter much for Blogger SEO, you can use the free theme on Blogger, but before using the free theme, you must customize it properly, remove the useless things from your website.

Blogger SEO Blogpost | Blogspot For Seo

  • Robots.txt

Add Robots.txt to Blogger website, otherwise, your website will never be indexed on Google, so you must Add Robots.txt on your Blogger website, I have given an example below to add Robots.txt, you can see it.

Best Blogger Blogspot SEO Tips beginner 2

Blogger website SEO | Blog Post For Seo
  • Metadata

To add metadata, you can see the following example below, Metadata helps your website to come up on the search engine, it is the only way to do a Blogger website SEO, which you must use on your blogger website.

Best Blogger Blogspot SEO Tips beginner

without Metadata, Blogger’s website does not rank, in a way it tells Google what your website is about.

  • Word Per Post write?

I have always felt that the article on which Word is more, that article ranks quickly, and the article which has less Word, it is ranked a little late, its biggest example is Wikipedia, whose every post They are very long because they give complete information in one article. Hence their ranking is also often number 1.

Best Blogger Blogspot SEO Tips beginner 7

Blogger SEO Blogpost | Blogspot For Seo

But this does not mean that you start keyword stuffing your post, and keep writing wasteful content, which is people do not like.

  • Blog Post Title:

The title of your Blog Post is an important on-page SEO for your website, a better title of your Blog Post, the more people will click on the link of your post, and the more you will click on your post, That will be your ranking, for that, you should target the keyword on your Blog Post.

Best Blogger Blogspot SEO Tips beginner 4

  • Permalink structure:

The second most important thing is Permalink Structure, which you should set carefully, you must use your target keyword in your Permalink Structure.

Blogger SEO Blogpost | Blogspot For Seo
  • Heading Tags:

As told that you have to use your target keyword in your Permalink Structure, similarly you have to use your target keyword on Heading Tags also if you use H1, H2, and H3 properly, then you will definitely get benefit in rankings.

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