Best Youtube Category for making Money

04/26/2020 – Youtube Tips – Viswanath

Youtube category: Youtube is a platform from which you can earn millions, but in the present-day everything has changed, every person is sitting at home, some people have lost their money, and in the coming days they have also lost their job, Due to these people targeting on online earning.

People always thinking, how can we earn money sitting at home? So in this post of today, I am going to tell you 5 categories of Youtube, on which you can make a video, and you can earn money by pulsing it on your YouTube Channel.

Best 5 Youtube Category for making Money

Best 5 Youtube Category for making Money:

Competition has just increased on YouTube, and many channels have also been affected, because it has become difficult for them to make videos, for example, those channels which especially make videos on vlogs, it is difficult for them to make videos now.

And as you know that now there is not much money in the field of technology, because people do not want to buy any product right now. So what should you do, should you make a video on YouTube?

And if you create a channel on YouTube, which category will be correct, then stay tuned, you will get the answer of your question on this post.

First of all know which category is affected in the present time, and which one should not make Youtube channels on them.

Vlogs Youtube category:

 As you all know that Lockdown is going on right now, and because of this the whole world is closed, and as such we cannot go anywhere, nor can we record video, for that Youtube channel which Vlogs They create.

Or do Travel, their Youtube channel has been badly affected, and will be in the coming days, so you should not create a Youtube channel in this category.

Best 5 Youtube Category for making Money:

Tech Youtube category :

The business has also gone down due to the recession, the market share has also fallen, so big companies have stopped their production, and people also do not want to buy new things, and the product review for a take Youtuber It matters a lot.

But when the company does not make the product, where will you be able to sell it, and people should also buy it. So you should not create a Youtube channel in this Youtube category.

Best 5 Youtube Category for making Money:

Best 5 Youtube Category for making Money

Many more Youtube channels have been affected, but especially the two categories of channels, are badly affected.

Which youtube Category Right?

First of all don’t think that you should choose which category, you think you can make a video on this YouTube category? If yes then go ahead.

The first category is :

Online earning money

Online earning money: This is such a category that is always going well, and even today it is giving amazing results, and people are searching today, how to earn money from online? If you are aware of this, then you can choose this category, and create your own YouTube channel.

Best Youtube Category for making Money 6

Comedy Youtube Category:

Comedy youtube categories: Comedy has always been going on, it is never going to stop, people say that no matter how much tension I have, I do not stop watching comedy videos, and now I feel boring sitting at home.

So people like this on Youtube Looking for channels that can entertain them, you should also make a comedy channel, but you have to work very hard in it.

Best 5 Youtube Category for making Money:

Best 5 Youtube Category for making Money

Online Course Youtube Category:

Online youtube categories: Right now all schools and colleges are closed, and the kids are resorting to online for reading, you should also make a channel in this category, but you have to give correct information on this YouTube catigory, if you are a teacher, then this YouTube catigory will Right for you, it’s going to be a lot going on right now.

Best 5 Youtube Category for making Money:

Cooking Youtube Category:

Cooking youtube categories: Cooking is also a fashion nowadays, and now women want to learn how to cook at home, and you have time now that you can make this kind of channel, though cooking is not so difficult.

I am also making good food, but for this money is always needed, because to cook food we need different things, for which money will have to be spent, if you have money, then you can get a chance to make a cook youtube channel.

Best Youtube Category for making Money 4

Best 5 Youtube Category for making Money

Health Youtube Category:

Health youtube categories: Due to the virus, everyone wants to know how to keep healthy, how to stay away from diseases, so people try many ways too, and are also searching more on YouTube, so if you know about health, You can create a channel on Youtube.

One thing is that there is not going to be any benefit to making a youtube channel right now, because you cannot make money from it. Youtue has clearly said that due to the lockdown, their staff is no longer working. And there is no option for monetization of your channel right now.

But still, you should make a channel on Youtube now, although you will not benefit from it right now, but you will definitely get subscribers and watch time, and you can apply for Adsense as soon as everything goes well.

Best 5 Youtube Categories for making Money

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