Best Way To Create High Quality Backlinks for Website 2020


Create Backlinks: if you are old in the world of blogging, then you must have heard the name Backlinks, and you also heard that it is very difficult to create a backlinks, and you will definitely get the question in your mind, that how to create backlinks? So friends, today in this post, I am going to tell you how to create backlinks, so make sure to read the post carefully.

Best Way To Create High Quality Backlinks for Website 2020


Best Way To Create High Quality Backlinks for Website 2020

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Backlinks are the links that can help your website to rank on Google and other search engine, a high quality backlink proves to be very beneficial for you, backlinks are of many ways, and you must know, which backlinks work Do what type work, and you need which type of backlink.

Backlinks means, there is a link in another website on the article or home page to your website, if any other website links your website on there article or home page, then that link will divert some traffic from that other website to your website, which increases the traffic on your website, and you also get more earnings from that trafic, as well as Google also understand what topic your website is, and it reaches more and more people to your website.

Where to use backlinks?

Many people will have this question in their mind, where should we use backlinks? So friend, you should not think where to use backlinks, you have to use backlinks on your website, you have to use another website, that is to make it on another website.

But friends, you also have to keep in mind that the backlinks are dofollow, otherwise the backlinks do not mean anything to you.

Backlinks are of many ways, and you should know all of them.

Internal Backlinks

Internal Backlinks:
 When you add a link in your post to any other page or article, it is called internal linking. Suppose you wrote an article, and in that article add an image or link to another post in a word, then it is an internal link.

External Backlinks

External Links: This is also similar to internal link, when you add an article or home page link of another site to your article, it is called external linking. This link refers to another website, and the link becomes a dofollow backlink to another website.

Juice Backlinks?

Juice Link:
When a web site page links to your article or homepage, it passes the website Juice link, these link juice helps a lot in increasing the ranking and the domain authority of your site, your website also very much earning, from that way.

No-follow Backlinks?

No-follow Links: When a site links to a web page but set as a nofollow tag for it, that link does not pass juice, although this link generates traffic, but very little, no-follow Links are used exclusively for spam or unrelated sites. They do not play any role in website ranking. just getting some traffic for websites.

Do-follow Backlinks?
Do-follow links: When you link a webpage in your site, it is by default do-follow link. These pass the link juice, and dofollow backlinks are also very beneficial for your website. But it is very difficult to create a dofollow backlink, you can buy them if you want, or you can request the owner of a website, write an article for them, and from there you can create a dofollow backlink.
Low Quality Backlinks
Best Way To Create High Quality Backlinks for Website 2020
Low Quality Backlinks: These backlinks damage your site’s ranking, and such links come from automated sites and spam sites, which exist on the Internet, especially these backlinks come from websites that generate tools. like free generator articles, free backlink creator, html code generator etc.
Anchor Text

Anchor Text:
If you comment on a website, in an article, and in the comment you give a link to your website, the link is an anchor backlink, it is clickable text in the form of hyperlink. They provide relevant information to both visitors and search engines. Also improve your ranking.

There are many websites that allow you to comment, you can create a backlink for yourself by commenting from there. i suggest you to comment on html txt, the text is given below, you can download it.

If you have more backlinks on your website, search engines like Google are making your site faster index and better Crawl.

If you publish quality content on your blog, but your website does not have backlinks, then it can take a lot of time for your content to be indexed in the search engine, and your website rank will be very slow, and result, you will be demotivated somewhere, and you will not even feel like working.

Apart from this, backlinks help you understand your content better, what Google knows about your content especially. Suppose you are writing a content on health, when you add a link related to health in it, all the search engines will be easily understood. That your post is about health.

And the search engine will make your website accessible to the people who want to know about health, and this will increase the value of your website, and you can take advantage of it and affiliate, sell your product, and this There is a greater chance of the product being sold.

Best Way To Create High Quality Backlinks for Website 2020

Increase Brand Awareness

Increase Brand Awareness

When a website author links your content with his content, then his visitors also get to know about your site, but you should note that your content is very good and helpful, only then a website owner will connect your website to their website.

Best Way To Create High Quality Backlinks for Website 2020

Also your website should be looking good, load fast, and for that you should make your website on WordPress, if you don’t know How to build a powerful website, then you can read my other post.

Best Way To Create High Quality Backlinks for Website 2020

It is also necessary to have good hosting to make a good website, although hosting is very expensive, but you can buy from my link, you will Get50% discount by buying from My link.

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Backlinks help you to create a new identity, just as it is important to make an identity in the world of business, in the same way it is important to make an identity in the world of blogging, so that people get to know you, and once your identity is made, Then creating backlinks is very easy for you. Backlinks also play a big role in increasing your identity.

How to create backlinks
If you are a starting Blogger then it is a bit difficult for you to create backlinks, because you do not have any public then, and your website is not popular, so there are many websites here, where you can comment and you can create backlink for yourself.
But I think you should make a powerful back link, and for this you have to write an article for a big website, you can contact those websites, and you ask them to write an article for them. and in that article you can create backlinks.

Best Wy to Create High quality backlinks for Website 2020 4 min

Also you can buy backlinks, here, note that the website from which you are buying backlinks is not a website fraud, you can also take backlinks from your hosting provider’s c panel.

Wikipedia is also a good option for you, you can open one of your accounts, and write an article, and you can give a link to your website inside that article. In the wikipedia you can edit the article and create a backlink.

The second option is, this website gives you the opportunity to write articles for free, you can also write articles here, and create backlinks for your website.

If you have a YouTube channel, you can add your website to your channel and your video description, and from there transfer your traffic to your website, this is the best way to get traffic to your website, and this is a powerful backlinks.

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Friends, you have to write content on your website first, you have to do your work properly, your focus should be on your work, only then all the relationships of blogging will be opened for you, the better your work, the more money you will be able to earn. If your article is not good, then even millions of backlinks will not be able to rank your website.

Best Way To Create High Quality Backlinks for Website 2020

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