Affiliate marketing Make website 100% free Guide

Affiliate marketing: How are you guys? Friends, do you know how much to earn from affiliate marketing? Everyone runs for Adsense only, but do you know that apart from Adsense, there are many things from which you can earn quite well. in this post i am gonna share with you that How to create free affiliate websites, How to set up an affiliate website?, How do I become an affiliate marketer? so keep reading.

First of all, people always have a question, can we do affiliate marketing without a website? So the answer is no, not at all. If you want to earn money properly from affiliate marketing, then you will need a website.

How to create affiliate marketing website?


Now more and more people understand that affiliate marketing means making money from Amazon and Flipkart affiliate programs. Beyond this, people do not think.

And so competition is the highest in the keyword of Amazon affiliate and Flipkart affiliate websites, How to set up an affiliate website?, How do I become an affiliate marketer?

People are not stupid here, the problem is that they do not want to learn, they do not want to work hard, I do meet many people every day who blogging only for the time-pass, and they join affiliate marketing only because they want to earn money.

Friends, you should know that if only money is to be wished, then first you have to invest something, without investment and hard work you are not going to get anything.

Apart from this, a lot of people doubt whether money can be earned from affiliate marketing.

And in response to this, I am going to give an example of some website, which earns millions only from affiliate marketing, if you wish, the link is given below, you can visit.

free affiliate websites

Successful affiliate website list:


Now after knowing everything, it comes, how to start affiliate marketing?

So first of all, you have to find a topic in which competition is low and searches are High, and you know it, both these things are very important, and you have to choose the topic carefully.

After choosing the topic next step is, do affiliate the product of that topic, means to reach people, all of you must be thinking that by sharing the link, you can reach the product to people, and you can earn money from it, friends, you are wrong Yes, this is not the case at all, if you do this, then your affiliate account may be banned due to invalid click.


How to set up an affiliate website?

Also, people can block you due to sharing direct links, for this you will need a website where you can write about your product, and understand people aslo convince people, and with the help of your affiliate link article Can also share.

Now there is absolutely no way that you can do this with any website, because I have talked to a lot of people, and most of the people working on a free website, or have created such a website. Which takes more time to open.

So what to do?

To create an affiliate website, you will need a hosting and some domain’s, the domain name will have to take your country wise, like .com .in .Xyz .ID .De .online, etc. free affiliate websites, How to set up an affiliate website?, How do I become an affiliate marketer?

Also, a good hosting will be required, which should have at least 20GB of disk space, and that hosting should also have SSL and SSD storage.

Now such hosting is very expensive, if I talk about a good hosting then there are a lot of companies in the market, some companies also resell the other company hosting, which show something else and provide the product something else.

Do not buy from such a Hosting company at all which is resell the hosting and provide in 50Rs or 20Rs, it is better if you go with a genuine company, if you need such good hosting, you can buy from my link also.

Here I Recommend 2 hosting companies, which is really good, and they cost a little more, but if you buy from my link, you will get a little discount.




Affiliate marketing Web design.

Now after buying hosting and domain, now step comes to build a website, and many people make mistakes here, that in the initial days they try to build the website by themselves, due to which the record of the domain gets spoiled. And there are many problems with indexing.

 How do I become an affiliate marketer?

If you do not know how to build a website, you can also buy my service, you can also talk to me, just msg on WhatsApp to talk to me … 9653230179

Or if you want to create a website by yourself, then you will need some things, such as Theme, Plugin, and web designing course.


Chose a batter Theme:

As WordPress is a Php platform, and everything is present here, and people are also able to crack this platform and to make money, some developers make Theme and Plugin in Crack or Nulled Formate and  Sell at very low prices.

And some websites give all these things for free, and people are very happy with this thing, and also use those nulled or crack things on their website, due to which the website of many people becomes Crash, Or gets hacked.

So you should buy the theme from a trusted person, or you can buy it from the original website, the same thing applies with the plugin, you will have to buy the plugin from the official website itself, otherwise, most of the free plugin also works, But there are some plugins that you will have to buy.

Post for you:

But you have come to our website, you will also get some benefit, if you do not have money, if you do not have a theme or plugin purchase, then I promise you that after this series is over, you will get the theme and plugin for free. but till then you will have to share this website with the people. you have to support me.

After choosing the theme and plugin, you will have to create some tagline for the website, which you can also call a description, and it is very important to identify a website.

A tagline is a slogan in a way that makes it easy to have an affiliate website or any other kind of thing, and this tagline makes a website different. free affiliate websites, How to set up an affiliate website?, How do I become an affiliate marketer?

Now you have to think of a tagline by yourself, you can’t copy anyone from anywhere, if you can’t think then from here you should know that you don’t know Blogging, and you are short of talent, and you still need to learn.

Buy my course to learn Blogging.


Make a product list:

Now you have to make a list of products, about which you will write, which you will want to do affiliate, and you have to know every product well, although you already know about the product, but try to know more about it.

Like what is the history of that product, who made it, what is its importance in the future, different Comparison of that product, all these things also you have to learn, then you can get success in affiliate marketing. How to set up an affiliate websitee?, How do I become an affiliate marketer?

Is blogging still a thing in 2020? WordPress Blogger


Join multiple affiliate networks:

Not only is Amazon the only medium of affiliate marketing, moreover there are a lot of affiliate networks, whose products you can sell, and can make a better income than amazon.

Sometimes we also search for a product which is not even present on amazon, for that we have to go to another platform.

Also, The product that is found on is sometimes not even in, so you have to join Amazon’s 2 Affiliate Program.

Apart from this, you will have to join other affiliate programs, whose list is given below. free affiliate websites, How to set up an affiliate website?, How do I become an affiliate marketer?


  • SEMRush
  • Fiverr
  • Shopify
  • WP Engine
  • Bluehost
  • Hostgator
  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • eBay
  • Impact
  • Sage Financials

Recharge yourself:

No matter how well you do it, or how much money you spend, but if you do not keep motivated yourself, then all your work is useless, I am saying all this because I know, More and more of you are blogging for the purpose of earning money or doing affiliate marketing.

I’m sure you guys are still thinking that after this series is over, you will download the theme and plugin, then you will create a website using the methods I have mentioned, then copy the articles from anywhere and earn money from it.

Because you do not have the desire to work hard, as easy as things are, the people try to make it even easier.

Keep yourself in charge, if it is not happening today then it will be there tomorrow, just thinking that we are not getting any result from our work, do not stop working.

Everything has a time, and you have to be patient till the tab.

Affiliate marketing Make website 100% free Guide 2020

I am gonna share with you How to create free affiliate websites, How to set up an affiliate website? How do I become an affiliate marketer? Affiliate marketing. How does affiliate marketing work?

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