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04/18/2020 – About Us

Hello and welcome to the Daily Website About Us Page, although it is not a requirement of the page, Because I believe that work makes identification, Nothing is gained by showing off, but still, it is a Google policy, and all bloggers should follow this.

So let’s know what is the daily website?

The daily Website

The daily website is a Technology website, where tips about blogging, SEO, YouTube are shared, as well as some Education Knowledge is also shared in this site, this website is created by Mr. Viswanath Dhinda in 2020.

And to tell the truth, at that time, Viswanath did not take any kind of Paid promotion to rank this website in Google or any other search engine.

Vishwanath means that I wanted to prove that only our work can reach us to The peak, where our destination is, but some people said that it is not possible, but today the result is in front of everyone.

Today, more than 30K visitors come to our website every month. You can see the mail sent by Google below.

The Daily Website about us page
Although I have a lot of other websites, but the purpose of creating this website is not to earn money, many people had lost their job in a terrible situation like Lockdown, and all of them had adopted Online Earning, And then there was no one to explain them.

And then I decided to make this website and I knew that after some time people will leave this work because the spirit of the people is like this I think it is human nature, but Our aim is to make one person out of 100 who is successful in Online Earning.

Our website got the AdSense approval on 16/07/2020, it was also the demand of the people, they said that if your website does not have AdSense, then you can’t teach others.

And then I was forced to apply for AdSense, apart from this we have also a WhatsApp group where I answer people’s questions, and that group has also named The daily website SEO.

I had to face a lot of problems for creating this website, but despite this we are still moving towards our motive.
The Daily Website is not just a simple website. Nor is its purpose to earn money, if a person becomes successful in his life by teaching from this website, then our purpose will be fulfilled. And even if the AdSense of this website is closed, If the all earning source will close for this website, it will still continue to help peoples.

If you have any query regrading Site, Advertisement and any other issue, please feel free to contact at thedailywebsiteblog@gmail.com